Why You Need to Spend Time on Your Email Campaigns
Jun 15, 2017

Bettering your email marketing campaign does not mean you need to increase your marketing budget. Instead, you need to spend more time and effort on your data collection and quality of content. You can spend all the money in the world, but if your data is faulty or your content is poorly contrived, your efforts and money are wasted. These are the areas in email marketing you need to dedicate your time on.

You should only send personalized emails to your customers. Making your emails relevant improves 2.5x more click-through rates and leads to 6x more sales. You can collect relevant information by asking your customers to fill in a sign-up sheet; you can then segment your findings based on each demographic. Sending relevant, segmented email campaigns via automation can generate 320% more revenue.

Spending the time on generating personalized content makes for happier customers. 74% of consumers become irritated when they receive an email that is irrelevant to their preferences. This can damage your brand’s reputation and make you less trustworthy.

The above may seem costly; yet, there are many email marketing services who can offer package deals including all the tools necessary to create an effective marketing campaign. Instead of money, spend sufficient amounts of time and effort on your campaigns.