Taiwan Fisheries & Seafood Show is back in November with more business opportunities
Jul 30, 2017

The 3rd edition of Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show (TIFSS) is back with abundant opportunities in the fishery, aquaculture and seafood sectors. From November 9 through 11 of 2017, TIFSS will open its door at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center to buyers and general public from local and abroad.

Fishery products are one of the chief exports of Taiwan. Taiwan is renowned for its deep sea fishing and aquaculture breeding methods. In fact, Taiwan is a leading producer of pelagic fish, with an annual production valued at more than US$1.2 billion. Taiwan is endowed with a unique geographic position and ocean currents that help it to breed hundreds of farmed species and to rank 6th globally in the export of frozen marine products.

Taiwan's great diversity of food tastes has always been the backbone for growth in the food industry. In fact, the value of food consumption annually exceeds US$33 billion. Taiwan's demographics in terms of income and education make it one of the best trial markets for international businesses. And the agility of food producers allows them to produce in bulk or in small quantities and sizes.

The exhibiting areas include

  • Fishing Equipment & Technology
  • Aquaculture
  • Seafood & Value-added Seafood
  • Processing Equipment
  • Fishery Services
  • Local Government & Academia
  • Oversea Exhibitors
  • Marine Biotechnology

    TIFSS' highlights are

    1. Taiwan's exclusive fisheries and seafood show
    2. Exhibit Area Covers the whole fishery industry.
    3. Show appeal with international multi-channel marketing campaigns
    4. A hub connects Asia-Pacific and ASEAN Markets.
    5. Scout Asian agents & swap ideas with fishery technology manufacturers

    Exhibit Profilie

    Fishing Equipment & Technology

    Aerospace, Oceanic, Weather Use Instrument

    Fish Finder

    Fishing Navigation System & Telecommunication Technology/

    Fishing Net & Rope

    Fishing Net & Parts

    Fishing Nets Making Plants

    Fishing Tackles & Parts Fishing Vessel

    Marine Mobile Radio Equipment

    Ocean Fishery

    Pelagic Fishing

    And more!


    Animal Foodstuff Grade Additives

    Aquaculture Management & Technology

    Aquaculture Net Cage

    Aquatic Breeds

    Aquatic Feeds and Additives

    Auto-Control Equipment for Aquaculture

    Feed Processing Machinery

    Fish & Shrimp Feed

    Fishery Farming

    Heating and Thermo-Control System

    Pathology Analysis/Pollution Control

    Prevention and Cure of Aquatic Disease


    Sea Food Seedlings

    Water Purifying and Sterilizing

    Water Test and Analysis Instrument

    Fishery Medicine

    And more!

     Seafood & Value-added seafood

    Acrossocheilus Paradoxus

    Aquatic Products Freezing

    Canned Seafood

    Chanos, Milk Fish


    Fish Balls

    Frozen Abalone

    Frozen Crabs

    Frozen Eels

    Frozen Lobsters

    Frozen Prepared Eels

    Frozen Prepared Food

    Frozen Shrimp

    Hot-Air Dehydrated Seafood

    Mackerel Pike/Pacific Saury

    Other Sea Foods

    Prepared Shredded Cuttlefish

    Rachycentron Canadum

    Sea Food Fresh or Chilled Frozen Seafood

    Seafood Processing

    Taiwan Tilapia

    Tuna and Bonito

     Processing Equipment

    Automatic Material Handling Equipment

    Automatic Packing Machines

    Comprehensive Utilization on Fishery


    Electric Fish Scale Removing Processing

    Fish Ball Making Machine

    Fishery Handicraft

    Flake Ice Maker Defrost Equipment


    Fresh-Keeping Tech and Equipments

    Ice Making Machine

    Notching Machine

    Ocean transportation and Storage

    Packaging Plant System

    Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Equipment

    Refrigerating Cabinet /Plant

    Rotary Vacuum Quick-Freezing Moulding Machines

    Sterilize Equipment

    Yarn Steaming, Setting & Moistening Machinery

    And more!

     Fisherty Services

    Logistics Services, cold Chain Logistic Management / Systems

    Aquatic Resume

    Fishery Products Inspction and Ceritification

    Sports Fishing


    And more!

     Marine Biotechnology

    Fishery bio-products

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