Singapore Passport Ranks Best In Asia For Visa-Free Travel
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Mar 29, 2017

Singapore’s passport remains to be widely accepted globally, reaching its highest at rank 4 on this year’s Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index against a global trend of decreased travel freedom.

The number of countries and territories that Singapore passport holders can travel to without a visa has remained unchanged from last year at 173, putting the nation on par with seven others, the UK, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway.

Singapore is now the highest-ranked Asian nation, breaking a tie with fifth-placed Japan whose passport allows visa-free entry into 172 nations and territories. However, Japan has lost visa-free access to one country.

The next best-ranked passports in terms of restriction-free traveling in Asia are South Korea (world rank 7), Malaysia (world rank 13) and Hong Kong (world rank 20).

Germany (visa-free access to 176 countries) and Sweden (175) retained their first and second positions, respectively, followed by Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, sharing rank 3.

The bottom three are Pakistan (28 countries), Iraq (27) and Afghanistan (24).

In total, the index, which was produced with the International Air Transport Association, considers 219 countries and territories.

Within Southeast Asia, the ranking is as follows:

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