The shortlist is out! Preliminary judging results from the Golden Pin Design Award
Jul 20, 2018

Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- The preliminary selection of the Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award is complete, and the shortlist of entrants progressing to the secondary selection is announced. The Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Call for Entries received a total of 2,932 entrants from 21 countries and regions, including Taiwan, China, HK, Macau, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. For the first time, the award received entries from designers in Turkey, Belgium, Hungary, Mexico, and Poland.

The Golden Pin Concept Design Award received a record number of entries this year; 4,640 bold and innovative concepts from designers in 23 countries and regions. For the first time, entrants came from South Korea, Indonesia, Hungary, France, Austria, Serbia, and Cameroon. This year sets a new record for the number of entries, which signals the awards’ growing reputation all around the globe. This also marks the first time ever that the award has received entries from an African design company.

Download the 2018 Preliminary Selection Shortlists:

Golden Pin Design Award 2018
The Product Design category exhibits a wide variety of design trends. Many bring cultural influence into design, for example the ‘LING’ pendant light, designed by SEED LIGHTING DESIGN CO.,LTD. Inspired by the chic, patterned metal grilles found on balconies and windows in Taiwan, LING is a harmonious mingle of minimalism and nostalgic design. The glow of copper and brass elegantly intersects the glass and metal lampshade. The embedded LED light source of this adorable lamp is complemented by an internal reflection, creating an impressive double ambience from just one single fitting.

Another successful entrant from the Communication Design category is ‘DynaFont King Gothic’ designed by DynaComware Taiwan Inc. DynaFont King Gothic was created as an answer to digital displays. Modern design aesthetics were painstakingly infused into digital fonts to produce simple, clean, and clear strokes for reading on smartphones and small displays, such as wearable devices. The King Gothic font family features six weights and 14 languages that are all digital medium-friendly, ushering in a new era of font design.

From the Spatial Design category, ‘CTS Ocean Spring Showing Center’ is designed by Taiwan DAE International Design Career Company. In the distance, the mountains are hidden and the stream is murmuring nearby, surrounded by clean water and green trees. Art glass is adopted in the interior design to complement the beautiful, mountainous scenery. The floor grilles are arranged symmetrically, drawing on the beauty of order. At the center is a column of space, which exhibits a graceful atmosphere.

In the new Integration Design category, designers show their care for the environment, for example ‘The Return of Pennu-2018 Yilan Green Expo’ designed by HaoRih Creative Studio. The curatorial theme is all about problems in the marine environment. The theme is presented as an installation built from marine debris in Yilan’s Dongshan River Ecoark, on the northeast coast of Taiwan. Visions of an ocean flooded with plastic garbage, the story of rescued turtles in Yilan, and discarded fishing nets, are all presented through an interactive exhibition.

Judges’ Comments
21 design professionals were invited to the Golden Pin Design Award preliminary judging round. The jury members were each assigned to one category based on their profession. The categories are Product Design, Communication Design, Spatial Design, and Integration Design.

Yu-Jui Chou, Director of KEV Design Studio (Product Design category), praises the overall performance of entrants in this year’s award. He finds there are more and more startup companies developing products related to IoT and AI. Also, designers show care for the needs of children and elderly people. Michelle Lin, COO of Ciirco Inc. (Communication Design category) says, in addition to design aesthetics and skillful execution, her first consideration is whether the work can touch people.

Huang Hsiang Chuan, Editor in Chief of INTERIOR Magazine (Spatial Design category), finds that works from different regions show different spatial compositions due to customs, habits, and language differences. In terms of color, Taiwanese interior designers tend to be more cautious, favoring gray, white, and black. However, interior designers from Singapore, which is a multi-racial and multi-cultural country, tend to favor bolder and brighter colors. According to Huang, the Singaporean interior design style is not recognizably Singaporean, rather it demonstrates the country’s diversity.

Ocean, CEO and Curator of INCEPTION CULTURE & CREATIVE CO., LTD. (Integration Design category), feels that a lot of the entries demonstrate excellent planning, as well as comprehensive attention to design and space, which shows that the concept of integration is increasing in value among designers. He believes this is an important phenomenon. In judging, he cares mostly for creative thinking.

Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2018 — Judges’ Comments
21 design professionals were invited to the Golden Pin Concept Design Award preliminary judging round. The jury members were each assigned to one category based on their profession. The categories are Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Spatial Design, and Packaging Design.

Civi Cheng, Art Adviser at KEYSTONE DESIGN (Visual Communication Design category) says, regardless of the form or scale of the work, the market potential, the influence on future society, and even the forward-looking nature; style and material development is his main focus. David Wang, Founder of bod design corp. (Product Design category) proposes, whether the entry proposes a new design concept and shows concern for people, society, the environment, and life, is an important consideration in his selection.

Frankie Fan, Design Director at MOXIE DESIGN INC. (Spatial Design category), senses that spatial design is gradually shifting away from the discussion of form and style, to a focus on problem solving and technological innovation. Along with environmental issues and the development of space in aging civilizations, he is also interested in the creation of cultural learning and experience through technology. Entries that exhibit such characteristics attract his attention.

Chi-mei Chang, Honorary President of Taiwan Graphic Design Association (Packaging Design category), finds that this year’s entries are generally good in terms of design aesthetic and integrity, however, most are simply extensions of the visual communication element in design. She is disappointed that there are very few outstanding performances in terms of packaging structure, and points out that it is a shame to see so many focused on visuality alone.

Golden Pin Design Award 2018 — Timeline
• Secondary Selection:
• Overseas event: Mid- August.
• Taiwan event: September 6.
• Final Selection: September 20.
• Best Design Award Ceremony: November 29.

Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2018 — Timeline
• Secondary Selection:
• Overseas event: Mid-August.
• Taiwan event: August 24.
• Final Selection: September 21.
• Best Design Award Ceremony: November 29.

About the Golden Pin Design Award Group
The annual Golden Pin Design Award is the longest-running international design award that celebrates products or projects expressly created for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities, offering entrants an unprecedented opportunity to prove their prowess in the world’s largest market.

The Golden Pin Award Group is comprised of two international awards — the Golden Pin Design Award, the Golden Pin Concept Design Award — and the Young Pin Design Award for students in Taiwan. The Golden Pin Design Award Group is executed by the Taiwan Design Center and organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Ministry of Economic Affairs acts in an advisory capacity.

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