New Airlive camera with video analytics
Jun 30, 2014

Airlive is introducing a new 5 megapixel box-type PoE IP camera (BC-5010-IVS) with video analytics, and with flexible options for lens, outdoor enclosure and wireless adapter.

Airlive's new 5 megapixel IP camera BC-5010-IVS is housed in a classical box-type shape with a new low-lux sensor and a new video processor, designed to ensure that the images produced are crisp and smooth, with a maximum resolution of 2592 x 1920 pixels and a minimum required ambient light level of only 0.2 Lux. An interesting innovation on the AirLive BC-5010-IVS is the possibility to easily upgrade with the wireless module, which can be plugged in to a common USB connector already provided in the BC-5010-IVS’s body.

The BC-5010-IVS IP camera is equipped with a friendly user interface developed by Airlive and called 'SecurSense'. This is designed to bring an even easier operation with a larger number of controlled functions and improved compatibility with different web browsers. Moreover, with the built-in six IVS functions, the BC-5010-IVS is capable of face detection, face recognition, Imotion detection, trip wire, object counting and E-fence.

Customers do not need to purchase extra IVS software to enable them to analyse the video and the BC-5010-IVS can auto send statistical reports to a control centre for anaysis. IVS is an excellent solution for use in public places such as airports, stadiums, border crossings, offices, shopping malls, and other buildings.

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