iTutorGroup Empowers Women Entrepreneurs in China Through the Extreme Tech Challenge
Nov 27, 2016

SHANGHAI & BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ten pre-selected Chinese female entrepreneurs pitched their businesses in the first round of The Extreme Tech Challenge competition in Beijing, China. iTutorGroup joined this event as a global anchor sponsor and partner.

The Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) is one of the world’s largest startup competitions, with Sir Richard Branson as its anchor judge and CES, global consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, as a strategic partner for the semi-finals. Hundreds of startups from around the world compete to be selected into XTC Finals hosted at Necker Island on February 2, 2017 where the top three finalists get to pitch to Sir Richard Branson.

This year’s XTC competition is the first year to open up to Chinese female entrepreneurs which brings a lot of excitement into the startup ecosystem. Jake Chan, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel of iTutorGroup, who was one of the judges of XTC competition in Beijing, explains why this contest is so relevant to iTutorGroup.

“Ever since we started our company, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit has been a crucial part of our DNA. We built this firm as a global company from day one and believe that diversity across cultures, gender, ethnicity and religion is essential to build a collaborative and innovative work environment. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to support female entrepreneurs for the sake of our society, economy and environment. At iTutorGroup, innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity are the three values we cherish and treasure the most which is why we are so eager to support initiatives like XTC.”

Jake continues: “What strikes me at this event is the strong leadership potential I see among competing female founders. Many of them had to fight their own battles in life which is why they are so strong today. They are a great example of success and inspiration to our society and especially to young girls who have similar aspirations.”

Among the 10 contestants, Hosby, Merak, BestSign, Next Dress and Patsnap were selected into the top five. Mid-January, judges will announce the winner of XTC China who will be eligible to go into the XTC Finals in Necker Island.

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