Beijing and Hebei to co-develop China's Cloud Computing Valley
Sep 27, 2015

Sep 25, 2015 (China Knowledge) - The Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and the Hebei Provincial Government has announced that it will co-develop a mega cloud computing base in Hebei. A province about 10 times the area of Beijing it offers extensive land resource to the land-scare capital.

A big push to integrate some parts of Hebei is a major decision of Beijing's plan to move out heavy and labor intensive manufacturing to its neighboring cities there. One such project is the construction of Beijing's cloud computing industrial park to Zhangbei county in Zhangjiakou city of Hubei Province.

The industrial park, which is currently under construction, will offer cloud computing services to high-tech companies in Beijing, especially those in the city's high-tech Zhongguancun Science Park.

At present, the Zhangbei Computing Center has attracted 7 projects worth a total investment of RMB 80 billion, among these are Ali Cloud Data center and Shanghai Data Port. Both have already started operation. Meanwhile, domestic and foreign IT companies, including Taiwan's technology giant Foxconn and the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei, have also reached a preliminary cooperation intention with the cloud computing industrial park.

Beijing and Hebei will tap on each other strength to push forward the construction of the cloud computing infrastructure. Both governments will offer preferential policies to attract talents and professional in this field, said Zhang Boxu, director of Beijing Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

Just few years ago the capital saw the launch of China Cloud Computing Industrial Park in Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park but restricted by land allocation of just 3 km sq. This park consists of Baidu's cloud computing center and cloud computing system equipment manufacturing. There are also cloud computing R&D facilities, Japan's KDDI data center and China Telecom Beijing's data center, among which the Baidu cloud computing data center has 100,000 servers for its new generation of mobile communication cloud service.

It is reported that the cloud computing industry has attracted more than RMB 20 billion in investment, and attracted about 200 such companies. With the participation of these companies, the Industrial Park has formed a cloud computing industry cluster integrating the hardware manufacturers, data centers, platform operators and cloud service outsourcing providers.

Meanwhile, Beijing E-Town continues to focus on the construction of China's e-commerce hub as well as development of Internet of Things and upgrading of traditional industries to adopt internet technology. Over time Hebei will benefit from the extension of these companies due land-scarce and environmentally-protected capital.