ABB Beijing Drive System marks its 20th year with cutting edge product
Dec 31, 2014

Dec 30, 2014 (China Knowledge) – ABB Beijing Drive Systems Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of ABB Group, Switzerland-based power and automation technology giant, marks its 20th anniversary with its impressive launch of its first locally-researched and made medium-voltage drive product known as the ACS580MV.

As a versatile general-purpose drive that tailored specifically for the Chinese market, the product fully factored in the domestic standards and specific requirements from voltage level to the protective designs to work and operation in all work environment.

Pauli Järvinen, head of ABB Discrete Automation and Motion Division, North Asia and China, says that ABB will continue to provide high efficiency and energy-saving products, technology and services to meet customers' growing demand for energy conservation and emissions reduction products.

Drives have a huge development potential for energy-saving in the industrial sector, it can achieve 30% to 50% energy- saving by controlling the speed and torque of motors and this could greatly improve industrial energy efficiency.

In earlier 1994, ABB started to introduce imported drive products and technologies into China to help its customers to improve production efficiency and achieve energy saving goals. As of today, ABB has sold a total of 3 million drive products in China, which were widely used in the country’s key construction projects, including the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Beijing Olympics stadium and the Dianchi Lake Water Supply project.

ABB has 2 others in Beijing E-Town, a triple-A industrial park. These are ABB High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd and ABB LV Installation Materials Co., Ltd.

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