Solutions for Trends in Industrial Coating Technology
Jan 18, 2018

Oberboihingen --( ASIA TODAY )-- Improving material and energy efficiency, optimizing quality, increasing flexibility, reducing unit costs and digitalising manufacturing processes – these are a few of the significant trends which are occupying companies with in-house coating operations. PaintExpo exhibitors will present new products and further developments for the implementation of these trends, which also contribute to a sharper competitive edge. The world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating technology will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from the 17th through 20th of April, 2018.

Whether liquid painting, powder coating or coil coating is involved – running processes more efficiently and sustainably, improving coating quality and enhancing productivity are being targeted on the one hand. Changing requirements with regard to product individualisation and digitalisation of manufacturing processes are being tackled on the other hand. Exhibitors at the upcoming PaintExpo, being held at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from 17 to 20 April 2018, will offer a broad range of innovations and further developed products and services for the fulfilment of these tasks. The list of participating companies includes practically all of the sector’s market and technology leaders. “This makes it possible for job-shop coaters and visitors from companies with in-house coating operations to gather comprehensive information about the most up-to-date developments and trends in the field of industrial coating technology. At the same time, corresponding investment decisions can be prepared and implemented which contribute to the firming up and expansion of one’s competitive position within the global market”, reports Jürgen Haußmann, managing director of event promoters FairFair GmbH.

Improving Material Efficiency

Increasing material efficiency is an issue for which the exhibitors present innovative solutions. Attention is focused on application systems both with and without electrostatic charging, which per se permit higher levels of material efficiency. For example, spray guns with electrostatic charging for manual and automatic application of liquid paints will be presented, by means of which significant material savings can be realised. In the case of large automated painting lines, high-speed rotary atomisers – with adjustable spray-jet width as well – permit efficient material usage. And layer thickness can be ideally matched to the object to be painted with devices for contactless, online layer thickness measurement. In addition to material savings, this results in improved coating quality and minimal scrap rates. Optimal alignment of the application system to the object to be painted also has a significant influence on material efficiency. Laser scanning systems are available to this end for liquid painting as well as powder coating, which precisely detect the contour of the object to be coated and automatically compile the object’s shape in combination with the controller using 3D software, correspondingly position the spray gun’s axes and adjust the coating parameters.

A further approach to improving material efficiency involves pigment feeding. Savings are made possible in this regard through the use of systems for, amongst other things, intelligent control of colour changeovers and/or rinsing processes, as well as improved pigment dosing. Generally speaking, electronic monitoring of parameters such as pressure, temperature and output increases transparency, thus making it possible to set up processes more efficiently. Corresponding control solutions will also be showcased at PaintExpo.

As a result of the trend towards greater individualisation, demand for multicolour coatings is continuously on the rise. The goal is to be able to apply coatings without any masking at all, or with significantly reduced masking work and less overspray. An application implemented in the field of aviation demonstrates that this is feasible. It’s used to add decoration to an aircraft tail fin without any overspray through the use of individual droplets. Spray film is another approach which can be applied with a very sharp edge and simply pulled back off again later.

Automation and Industry 4.0

Manual painting work will remain indispensable in the future, but there’s a trend towards the automation of application processes where series painting is concerned. This is being driven by the development of small, low-cost, easy-to-program robots. They permit high levels of reproducibility and process quality, and thus contribute to improved efficiency and a sharper competitive edge for companies with in-house painting facilities.

Beyond this, high-performance manufacturing execution systems (MES) will also be presented as a key component for efficient manufacturing. They network the factory throughout the entire manufacturing process (horizontally), as well as through all process levels (vertically). This permits integrated data acquisition, analysis and graphic display in real-time. If acquired data regarding the condition of the system, the processes and the products are analysed and linked to each other, the systems can also be rendered intelligent and self-regulating by means of knowledge-based algorithms.

PaintExpo’s complete exhibition programme covers coating equipment for liquid, powder, UV, immersion and coil processes, paints and enamels for all processes, application systems, spray guns and atomisers, automation and conveyor technology, cleaning and pre-treatment, drying and curing, environmental technology, pneumatics, compressed air supply and exhaust purification, water treatment, recycling and disposal, accessories, masking, measuring and test technology, quality assurance, identification, paint stripping, job-shop coating, services and technical literature.

Further information and a preliminary exhibitor list can be accessed at

SCHULZ. PRESSE. TEXT, Doris Schulz, (journalist DJV),
Landhausstr. 12, D-70825 Korntal, Germany, phone: +49 (0)711 854085,,

FairFair GmbH, Jürgen Haußmann, Max-Eyth-Str. 19, D-72644 Oberboihingen, Germany, phone :+49 (0)7022 6025510,,

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R+T Asia announces highlights of upcoming 2018 show
Jan 11, 2018

SHANGHAI --( ASIA TODAY )-- From March 20-22, 2018, R+T Asia will return again to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) for its exclusive annual trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates, windows, and sun protection systems. More than just an exhibition, R+T Asia attracts 30,000 professional visitors and over 520 exhibitors, delivering unique exposure to the huge Asian market and many opportunities to expand business.

R+T Asia’s networking initiatives bring visitors and exhibitors together during the show. Educational summits and conferences feature international experts, prominent exhibitors, and leaders from trade associations and the media. Special international hosted buyers also generate unique networking opportunities. No other event offers such exposure to this huge market and so many opportunities to expand business.

Textile Pavilion

As a new highlight for 2018, R+T Asia introduces Yuhang Home Textiles Association from Yuhang District of Hangzhou. This association seeks to become the world's high-end textile brand to capture the strong demand for home textile products. The N5 pavilion will feature Chinese-style fabric, fabric for kids, fashion & modern fabric, and luxury Europe and American style.

InnovAction travel to Stuttgart

Now in its 14th year of joining forces with the R+T mother show in Stuttgart, R+T Asia presents InnovAction, a special display that features noteworthy new products, including nominees of the R+T Stuttgart Innovation Prize. The InnovAction showcase of products can be viewed both online before the show and during the fair in a special exhibition area, InnovAction Hub.


The show’s International Window and Door Summit (IWDS) brings speakers from InnovAction prize in Stuttgart, too. The theme for the 2018 summit is “Think bigger, think better.”

The sun protection systems section of IWDS features hot topics, the smart home, and a discussion on sun shading solutions when it is combined with the whole building. IWDS’s door and gate section will present two discussion panels: New safety aspects and solutions for doors and gates and the relevance of thermal insulation of doors for the planning of new buildings.

Materia Exhibition

Materia is the leading global network for innovative materials, stimulating innovation for better, more sustainable, and high-quality built environments. This year’s theme is “Must-Have Materials,” showcasing a mix of special materials for interior and architecture.

Featuring at least 250 new materials, the exhibition shows modern and innovative versions of multifunctional, smart, original, sustainable, and beautiful materials. Innovations includes metal mesh for sunscreens, paper made of cacao, a 2.5D printed surface, thermochromic plastics, translucent wood, textiles made from tree bark, and wallpaper made from herbs.

To learn more about R+T Asia 2018, go to http: //

Press Contact:
Elena Aguado | Phone: +86 21 6195 6088- 561 | Fax: +86 21 6195 6099 |

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CBD-IBCTF Set to Return to Shanghai on March 21-23, 2018 with Larger Scale
Jan 08, 2018

SHANGHAI, Jan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on its success in 2017, the China International Building Decoration Fair (CBD Fair) will return to Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from March 21-23, 2018, with more than 400 global enterprises.

CBD-IBCFT (Shanghai) is an extension of the original CBD Fair in Guangzhou, which is the world's largest building decoration exhibition. In 2017, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) covered an exhibition area of 390,000m2 with 916,013 participants during its run from July 8-11. This March, CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) will bring together all top-tier brands of the building and decoration sector, including Suofeiya, WISION and PIANO across an area of 80,000m2.

Highlights of the fair will include:

  • Publicly listed enterprises of Customization
  • Smart Home products varies from Smart Locks to Smart Hanger Systems
  • Leading brands of Full-home Customization from South China
  • Rising Premium Remodeling brands from Yangtze River Delta
  • Top Wooden Doors enterprises from Beijing
  • High-end Doors & Windows blooming here

    This year, CBD-IBCFT (Shanghai) will unveil cutting-edge technologies in intelligent locks as well as smart hanger systems from top brands, including Samsung and TENON.

    "With the size of the global smart home market estimated to reach US$ 122 billion by 2022, it's the biggest growth area for the home decoration industry, and presents many crossover opportunities with the electronics and high tech sectors," said president Liu of the CBD Fair. "We hope that our guests will find new product ideas and partnership possibilities at the fair."

    CBD-IBCFT (Shanghai) 2018 will also gather top-tier home decoration brands, not only the leading ones from South China, but also those rising from the Yangtze River Delta. Exhibitors will bring their latest and most comprehensive products and share their concepts with participants.

    In addition, Wooden Doors will display their premium remodeling products at this year's fair. Manufacturers including TATA, Holtz and Kaimo, the most famous enterprises from Beijing, showcase together with top brands originated from Yangtze River Delta. They will demonstrate new technologies, bringing the home decoration industry into the modern era, enabling buyers to explore home decoration concepts in a new, immersive way.

    About the CBD Fair

    Founded in 1999, the CBD Fair is hosted twice per year. CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) is hosted by the China Foreign Trade Centre and the China Building Decoration Association.

    Source: The China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair

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    Key Manufacturers Gather at Taiwan International Boat Show 2018
    Jan 05, 2018

    The "Taiwan International Boat Show 2018" (TIBS 2018) will be held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and the Horizon City Marina from March 15–18, 2018. The show is co-organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and the Kaohsiung City Government, implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), and supported by the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA).

    The most professional boat procurement platform in Asia

    Based on the latest global order report by Showboats magazine 2017, Taiwan is the fifth largest exporter of yachts up to 6,196 inch in length. According to the customs statistics, Taiwan is the biggest yacht manufacturing country in Asia. With such a strong industry support, TIBS 2018 will likely draw more than 25,000 visitors from local and around the world. In addition, the show will use boat yards and incorporate an exhibition area at the Horizon City Marina.

    Get strongly support by renowned Taiwan exhibitors

    Top Taiwan yacht and boat builders including Horizon, KHA SHING, ALEXANDER, NOVA MARINE, DYNA CRAFT, CADCAM MARINE and international yacht brand agents like AMAL YACHTING and PRINCESS YACHTS have already signed up to exhibit at TIBS 2018. Other key exhibitors comprise Taiwan manufacturers of yacht/boat parts and accessories, namely, ATECH COMPOSITES, MARINE MART, ANEWPOW, MARINEER(Volvo Penta, Garmin, Humphree), CAPITAL MACHINERY(Caterpillar), HIMAN TECH DIESEL(MAN) and MARINE CENTRE ASIA(Raymarine). These exhibitors and more will use 1,000 booths on land and boat yards to display quality yachts and boats, parts and accessories, and related marine technologies and water recreation services.

    Brand New Highlight: Outdoor Lifestyle Zone

    The 2018 exhibition not only includes 7 exhibition areas: Yachts and Boats, Equipment and Accessories, Water Sports and Recreation, Maritime Service, Luxury Corner, International Pavilion and Marina Display but also a brand new outdoor lifestyle zone. The brand new outdoor lifestyle zone will display diving supplies, camping supplies, camper van, fishing tackle and outdoor activity equipments. The show will build the new all-round outdoor life space through gathering the Yachts & Boats and Outdoor Lifestyle Zone. We welcome related companies all around the world to participate in the show. Taiwan International Boat Show 2018 is poised to showcase the leisure marine industry from all angles and demonstrate to visitors the joy of ocean recreation.

    To sign up for "Taiwan International Boat Show 2018", please contact the nearest TWTC overseas branch: . For more show information, please check out the official website:

    Press Contact:

    Wendy Lee, TAITRA Exhibition Department

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    Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018 announces its show theme THINKLIGHT Embracing Changes
    Dec 12, 2017

    GUANGZHOU --( ASIA TODAY )-- The 23rd edition of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), the most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia, is set to take place from 9 ‒ 12 June 2018, at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China. Thanks to the positive response from the industry, the “THINKLIGHT” show concept will return and continue to develop at the 2018 show under the theme of “Embracing Changes”. As the lighting industry continues to undergo its digital revolution, thoughts are now turning to how lighting can expand its scope by becoming fully connected and a ‘smartʼ device.

    Commenting on next year’s show theme, Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, said: “Digital lighting has well and truly arrived. The question we as an industry face is how do we tackle these changes and continue to shine? GILE has always aimed to serve as a platform that gathers the lighting community together. We want people to recognise the potential of light and to explore lighting that is sustainable and contributes positively to our well-being.”

    As a trusted platform among industry experts worldwide, GILE showcases the latest technologies and products from the leading brands and also organises a wide-ranging concurrent event programme to address current trends and topics in the lighting industry.

    The transition to an LED future

    More than 100 years ago, the first flickers of the lighting industry arose with the innovation of electric lights. While the lighting community has progressed in leaps and bounds since then, game-changing technological advances in the industry have been relatively few. Fluorescents, HIDs, low-pressure sodium and MR16 lamps have been turning points in the industry, but the rise of LEDs has been revolutionary.

    GILE 2018 will be at the forefront in showcasing how the introduction of LED technology has changed the lighting industry from analogue to digital. Being not only recyclable and possessing a long lifespan, LEDs are also easily integrated with controlling devices, leading to the significant development in connected and intelligent lighting technologies.

    The combination of LED lighting technology with concepts such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and big data has led to the emergence of many new application fields. Discussions within the industry today revolve around how lighting can expand its scope and become integrated into our day-to-day lives. For lighting vendors this entails a shift from selling light bulbs to selling a service that is based on IoT connectivity. New market segments such as automative LEDs, small interval LEDs, horticultural lighting, poultry lighting, UV LEDs and IR LEDs are beginning to receive more attention from the industry.

    By not only welcoming the leading lighting exhibitors from China and around the world but also through delivering a comprehensive fringe event programme, GILE 2018 will explore the latest industry developments and present a number of new talking points for the industry. A series of high quality speakers will be announced in the lead up to the show.

    LEDs and the IoT community – increasing intelligence beyond illumination

    Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibtion is where the industry comes to showcase its latest cutting-edge products and technologies and smart lighting will once again be a key product sector at the 2018 show. Integrating network connectivity and intelligence into LED-based luminaries helps form the backbone of smart buildings and cities and makes the vision of IoT feasible. This booming sector of the market is expected to generate revenue of US$4.5 billion by 2026 according to recent research undertaken by the industry.

    Increasing intelligence beyond illumination is being taken a step further with ‘semantic lightingʼ, a form of lighting that connects the physical and digital worlds. This revolutionary concept of lighting can adapt intelligently to different users, tasks and environments and can essentially become aware of what it is illuminating. In addition to semantic lighting, human-centric lighting is also becoming more widespread. Helping to relax, alter moods and even to assist in getting a better night’s sleep, human-centric lighting is changing the very way in which lighting is perceived and its role in humanʼs everyday lives.

    Over 85% of exhibition space is sold out as well-known brands confirm their participation

    The fair’s comprehensive nature covers the production, technology and application sectors of the lighting and LED industry from components and equipment to packaging and applications. With seven months to go, over 85% of the exhibitor space for the 2018 show has already been booked and the fair has once again secured the participation of many globally recognised brands.

    Of the leading brands gearing up for the 2018 show, Mr Tom Jory, Vice President of Illumination Marketing of returning exhibitor Luminus, remarked on why GILE is a must-attend event. “Through GILE we are able to connect with our customers and see them all in one place. I have witnessed more and more international visitors over the years and we consistently meet a lot of our target visitors.”

    Regarding recent event developments, Ms Lucia Wong added: “We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the international and domestic lighting communities. With their support, the fair has achieved its ambitious aspiration of becoming the industry’s foremost platform for the exchange of market intelligence, technical innovations and ground breaking designs in Asia. We have chosen the theme of “THINKLIGHT: Embracing Changes“ because we believe that with the power of modern technology, the possibilities of light have reached a new dimension.”

    The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition runs concurrently with Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology. Both are a part of Messe Frankfurt’s Light + Building Technology fairs worldwide, headed by the biennial Light + Building event which will take place from 18 – 23 March, 2018, in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Messe Frankfurt also offers a series of other light and building technology events worldwide, including the Shanghai International Lighting Fair, BIEL Light + Building in Argentina, Light Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building in Russia as well as Light India, the LED Expo New Delhi, and the LED Expo Mumbai in India.

    – end –

    Media Contact
    Callum Wiggins
    Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd
    Tel: +852 2238 9941

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    SPS - Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou Industrial Robotics and Machine Vision Zone reaches sold-out status for 2018 show
    Dec 01, 2017

    Guangzhou, China --( ASIA TODAY )-- SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou (SIAF) will open its doors from 4 – 6 March 2018 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China. SIAF continues to be the ideal business platform and one of the most important trade shows for industrial automation in South China. Over the years, the fair has consistently reached new heights and the upcoming edition promises to be no different. Since the show opened to exhibitors for booking earlier this year, the fair has already confirmed the participation of more than 350 reputable industrial automation solution suppliers from across the world. Recognising the importance and future growth prospects of the South China market, exhibitors are ready to present their latest industrial automation technologies at the show.

    In response to the enthusiasm from exhibitors for the 2018 edition, booth space within the Industrial Robotics and Machine Vision Zone ‒ which has expanded to occupy the whole of Hall 2.1 ‒ has already sold-out. Close to 60% of the hall is occupied by exhibitors who have attended for more than two years, including Adtech, ATI, Chelic, Cognex, Daheng, Einuo, Estun, Harmonic, HELUKABEL, Huoban, Karming, Logen, Longshen, Qinchuan, Tamasec, W-Robot, YSR and others.

    A number of global brands confirm their first attendance

    With the fair making a concerted effort to focus on growing demands in the global market, a number of first-time participants have also confirmed their presence at the Industrial Robotics and Machine Vision Zone bringing a diverse array of solutions and products to the international and domestic manufacturing communities. Brands including Desoutter, Han’s, Intelligent Eyes, KEBA, Nabtesco, Universal Robotics and many more are set to showcase their latest industrial robots, components, research and development platforms, software, machine vision and intelligent solutions. Among the confirmed exhibitors are the following highlighted product and solution providers:

    • Universal Robots (Shanghai) Co Ltd
    The Denmark-based company is currently one of the world’s most acclaimed industrial robot manufacturers. Precision movements and easy operation are the robots key traits which set them apart from their competitors. They are able to increase productivity and simplify manufacturing procedures to ensure safer working environments. Designed to revolutionise the manufacturing industry, the robots are each developed specifically to meet the requirements of their users.

    • Shanghai Nabtesco Motion-equipment Co Ltd
    Shanghai Nabtesco Motion-equipment is a precision cycloidal gearbox manufacturer from Japan. Its flagship product is the RV precision cycloidal series. Known for its build quality and proven performance, Nabtesco’s precision equipment provides high torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and very low backlash.

    • KEBA Industrial Automation (Shanghai) Co Ltd
    Established in 1896 and headquartered in Austria, KEBA specialises on the development on complex control and operation automation systems. They currently focus on two main business sectors in China, including their KePlast series which optimises automation solution for injection molding machines as well as their KeMotion series which provides total solutions for the automation of robots and machines.

    For 2018, the fair organisers have once again partnered with the Guangdong Association of Automation to present the Guangdong Robotics Pavilion. As Guangdong province is one of the most important manufacturing hubs in South China, the Guangdong Robotics Pavilion will promote the region’s innovative industry developments and leading brands.

    Booming market of advanced machinery and robots in China driven by intelligent manufacturing trends

    The market for industrial robots continues to grow in China, with Guangdong province at the forefront. The region not only has the largest demand for robotic products but is also home to many domestic robotic manufacturers. According to research conducted by Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, one in every five industrial robots is developed and manufactured in the province. In 2016, the manufacturers within the region produced a total of 60,000 units which accounted for 45.2% of China’s total industrial output. With the introduction of the ‘Made in China 2025’ plan and the growing popularity of smart manufacturing, Guangdong province will continue to be a leading powerhouse for developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art industrial robots in the years to come.

    Furthermore, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government is targeting to increase the production and application of industrial robots by 20,000 units to a total of 80,000 units within 2017, worth approximately USD 9 billion. With more intelligent manufacturing products in the market, the Chinese government is encouraging the digital information, food processing, medical, construction and metal working industries to adapt smart manufacturing solutions by introducing attractive subsidy schemes to aid with the manufacturing facility conversion. For brands looking to tap into the Chinese market, SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou remains a top choice for meeting target and qualified buyers.

    SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou is jointly organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation, Guangzhou Overseas Trade Fairs Ltd and Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH. Associate sponsors are the Guangdong Association of Automation, the Guangzhou Association of Automation and the Guangzhou Instrument and Control Society.

    Additionally, the 2018 show will be held concurrently with Asiamold - Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition. Asiamold focuses on additive manufacturing, moulding and 3D printing technologies which all make use of industrial automation technology. Exhibitors will no doubt benefit from the business opportunities presented at the two fairs.

    For more information about the 2018 show, please, or email

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    Eric Chan
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    SPS - Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou 2018 returns next March and receives keen interest from exhibitors
    Dec 01, 2017

    Guangzhou, China --( ASIA TODAY )-- SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou (SIAF), the premier hub for intelligent automation solutions in South China, will hold its 2018 edition from 4 – 6 March at China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Being a sister event of the world-renowned SPS IPC Drives from Nuremberg Germany, SIAF will showcase a wide variety of products from its related sectors including robotics, machine vision, sensors and measurements, connectivity systems, drives systems and control technologies, bringing a one-stop marketing and knowledge exchange opportunity to the Chinese industry.

    Mr Louis Leung, Deputy General Manager at Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, expressed his optimism for the show: “I am thankful for the industry’s valuable support and we will take this as an encouraging sign for the progress of SIAF. In 2017, we welcomed a record 795 exhibitors and around 65,000 visitors from around the globe while we also organised over 100 talks on industrial automation-related topics. Looking forward, with the government’s ambitious ‘Made in China 2025’ policy that aims to intensify manufacturing breakthroughs across the country, I am confident that both the automation industry and SIAF will continue to thrive.”

    As of July, the industry has shown a keen enthusiasm for SIAF and about 300 businesses have confirmed their participation already. Interestingly, the Sensor/Measurement sector has seen the biggest growth so far with a 50% surge in booked exhibition area compared with this time last year. Some of the confirmed brands in attendance within each sector include:

    Baumer, Controlway, Balluff, IFM, SICK, Autonics, Pepperl + Fuchs, CONTRINEX, HANYOUNG NUX, FLIR, Captron, M.D. and more

    Robotics and Machine Vision:
    YASKAWA Shougang, Murrplastik, ATI, Helukabel, Samick, Harmonic, Logen, Einuo, Longshen, w-robot, KEBA, Daheng, Karming, Huazhou, Metron, kastoe, Gfocus, Intelligent and more

    Integrated Automation and Intelligent Factories:
    Qinchuan Machine, Tianjin Geneuo Technology, Harmontronics Automation Technology and more

    Concurrent programme gathers influential speakers to highlight development trends in Industry 4.0

    Held in parallel to the exhibition will be two key concurrent events; “Industry 4.0 Seminar” and “Smart Industry Solutions Seminar”. The former will focus on innovative breakthroughs within industry automation while the latter will concentrate on its practical applications and utilisations.

    Received to great acclaim during last year’s show, the segment “Dialogue with hidden champion’s series” will return for the 2018 edition. Leading experts in the automation sector including Dr Du Pinsheng from Phoenix Contact, Dr Xiao Weirong from B&R Automation and the General Manager of Beckhoff, Mr Liang Liqiang are all confirmed speakers at the conference. They will share insights on new industry trends, market opportunities and future challenges.

    SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou is jointly organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation, Guangzhou Overseas Trade Fairs Ltd and Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH. Associate sponsors are the Guangdong Automation Association, Guangzhou Automation Association and Guangzhou Institute of Scientific Instrument.

    Additionally, the 2018 show will be held concurrently with Asiamold -Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition. Asiamold focuses on additive manufacturing, moulding and 3D printing technologies which all make use of industrial automation technology. Exhibitors will no doubt benefit from the business opportunities presented at the two fairs.

    For more information about the 2018 show, please, or email

    – end –

    Eric Chan
    Tel. +852 2238 9972

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    Simultaneously lubricating, cooling and cleaning with CO2snow Marked increase in productivity of machining processes
    Nov 28, 2017

    By using CO2 as a process coolant, the cost-efficiency of machining can be significantly improved. With its quattroClean system, acp has developed a solution suitable for use in serial productions. Among other things, it increases productivity by around a third when machining workpieces made from PEEK and aluminum. A further advantage is that components and machines stay much cleaner.

    In recent years, the use of CO2 as a coolant for machining processes has become much more popular as an alternative to conventional cooling lubricant concepts. One of the reasons for this is the higher rate of material removal, which increases productivity and also reduces tool wear and the associated downtimes. The so-called cryogenic cooling method with carbon dioxide therefore decreases production costs. With its quattroClean snow jet technology, acp – advanced clean production GmbH offers a cooling system that has proved its worth in serial productions. It can also be integrated into CNC machines and machining centers at a later stage.

    Reliable cooling thanks to non-wearing circular two-component nozzle
    The quattroClean system works with liquid carbon dioxide, which is generated as a by-product from chemical processes as well as from the generation of energy from biomass, thus making it environmentally neutral. It is transported at room temperature to the non-wearing circular two-component nozzle. The CO2 only transforms from a liquid to a solid state in the form of fine snow crystals as it leaves the nozzle. The crystals are then bundled by a circular jacketed jet of compressed air and advanced to the process zone at supersonic speed. The temperature of the medium at this point can be as low as 78 °C. On the one hand, the patented technology with the jacketed jet ensures a constant pressure and consistently good cooling results. On the other hand, only the quantity of carbon dioxide needed for the desired cooling effect is supplied.

    Dry, residue-free machining
    The fact that solid-state carbon dioxide sublimates at room temperature makes this a dry process. Consequently, chips are clean and dry as well as fully recyclable. Dry machining also means that workpieces and machines stay much cleaner. In many cases, there is no further need to clean workpieces after processing. Depending on cleaning requirements, a cleaning module can be integrated quickly and efficiently downstream of the machining process. A further advantage of cooling with CO2 is that parts, for example for medical products, are machined free of contamination. The low temperature also minimizes the risk of a workpiece deforming. Finally, no costs are incurred either for maintenance, care or the disposal of cooling lubricants.

    External cooling prevents icing up and facilitates retrofitting
    In contrast with other solutions, cooling takes place externally with the quattroClean system rather than through the tool. The non-abrasive and non-toxic jet of snow and compressed air is easy to focus and can be directed exactly where it is needed in the defined process zone around the cutting edge, chips and tool. For this, the CO2 nozzle “travels” with the tool.

    Among other applications, the quattroClean system is used in serial productions to lubricate, cool and simultaneously clean machined implants and medical components made from PEEK. Another serial application is in metal processing.
    Here, the system is used to cool tools when machining parts made from aluminum. In both cases, productivity could be stepped up by over thirty percent by cooling with CO2 externally using the acp system.

    Compact and targeted control
    Thanks to its modular concept, the quattroClean system from acp can be easily adapted to customer demands and has a very small footprint. Process parameters, such as the volume flow for compressed air, or the quantity of carbon dioxide required, can be optimally adjusted to the application concerned.

    The duration of the jet for both process parameters can also be modified separately. This high degree of flexibility enables the system to be used for completely new applications, as well as for applications which were unsuccessful with standard systems.

    acp – advanced clean production GmbH,

    Editorial contact partner:
    SCHULZ. PRESSE. TEXT., Doris Schulz, Journalist (DJV)
    Landhausstrasse 12, 70825 Korntal, Germany
    Phone +49 (0)711 854085,,

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    ShanghaiTex 2017 Grandly Unveiled Textile for Smarter Future
    Nov 27, 2017

    The 18th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (hereinafter as “ShanghaiTex 2017”), the prime biennial event of the industry is unveiled today (27 November) at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai, PR China.

    Based on the sound achievement accumulated in the previous editions, ShanghaiTex 2017 will extend its success to some cross-boundary technology segments. The show consolidates traditional textile manufacturing industry as well as leveraging the innovative textile technology for buyers to preview the future industry trend. A series of technical seminars, product display and design competition will be held concurrently to facilitate industry players to grasp the opportunities lying in the textile industry. ShanghaiTex 2017 covers 9 exhibition halls with an exhibition area exceeding 100,000sqm, accommodating over 1,200 exhibitors from 26 countries and regions to present world-class textile machinery and the latest technology. The exhibition hall was crowded with visitors from around the world on the first day. It is expected to have over 60,000 professional trade visitors and buyers in attendance for this fruitful textile feast this year.

    The Organizer of the exhibition guided industry VIPs around the halls to view the advanced technology & machineries on display, including Mr. Wang TianKai, Chairman of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation, Mr. Gao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of China National Textile And Apparel Council, Mr. Cao JiaChang, Chairman of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel, Mr. Yang JiChao, Vice-Chairman of China National Textile And Apparel Council, Mr. XuYingXin, Vice-Chairman of China National Textile And Apparel Council/Executive Vice President of The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT, Mr. Duan XiaoPing, Vice-Chairman of China National Textile And Apparel Council, Mr. Liu HaiTao, President of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation, Mr. Ye MaoXin, Vice-President of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation/General Manager of China Textile Machinery (Group) Co., LTD., Mr. Chen XingQiang, Vice-Chairman of China Textile Machinery Association, together with more than ten provincial textile associations from all over China and distinguished guests from certain textile industry clusters.

    Renowned Exhibitors Displaying Their Cutting-edge Technology at 7 Theme Zones
    ShanghaiTex 2017 covers 7 theme zones, including “Knitting & Hosiery Machinery Zone”, “Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Zone”, “Spinning & Techtextile Machinery Zone”, “Weaving Machinery Zone”, and “Spare Parts and Accessories for Textile Machinery Zone” etc. with full range of professional exhibits. Visitors can explore wide applications from the view of different lifestyles, stimulating innovation and inspiration on textile products, technology applications as well as production solutions.

    Other than the traditional "Knitting and Hosiery Machinery Zone", a special “Sports Textiles Technology Zone” is also located in halls W1 and W2, in response to the fitness boom and to explore the high value-add brought by the expanding sportswear market. Leading Chinese and international enterprises including Groz-Beckert, Santoni, XinGang, JinLong etc. are aiming to bring the latest industry development and market opportunities to all industry buyers.

    The "Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Zone" and “Digital Printing Machinery Zone”, located in halls W3, W4 & W5, also gathers industry leading exhibitors, including Fong’s National Engineering, Mouvent, Reggiani, Atexco, JiLong, Yoantion, YingYou etc. Focusing on small batch production in the customization trend, this sector will unleash green and sustainable solutions for flexible production.

    The “Spinning & Techtextile Machinery Zone”, located in halls E1 and E2, brings together the industry leaders, such as China Textile Machinery, Savio, Truetzschler, Pacific Mechatronic Group, HaoChang etc.

    The “Spare Parts and Accessories for Textile Machinery, Testing and Auxiliary Equipment Zone ”located in halls E3 and E4, have also gathered representative exhibitors such as Guangye, Jingda, Bosch Rexroth, Contitech, Changshu Textile, YongXuSheng etc.

    Must-Attend 9 Concurrent Events & Experience 3D fitting
    To enrich the experience of our valued buyers, the organizers of ShanghaiTex 2017 have prepared a series of splendid concurrent events with different industry organizations, renowned exhibitors as well as university professors. The thematic conference topics include Sports Tech, Smart Production, Eco-Denim and Digital Print, which enable visitors to learn about the latest textile technology and grasp new business opportunities.

    2017 Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacturing Forum was held on November 27th, the opening day of the show, at Doubletree by Hilton Shanghai-Pudong (No. 889 South Yanggao Road, Pudong, Shanghai). At the theme of "Smart Textile Manufacturing Innovation and Development", the forum discussed certain hot topics like textile intelligent manufacturing status and trend, the applications of textile intelligent manufacturing etc. Five reports were delivered this afternoon, which are: "Development Trend of Modern Textile Intelligent Manufacturing" by Mr. Zhu XianMin, chief engineer of China Textile Machinery Association; "Analysis of the Demand and Development Path of Robot Technology for Textile Processing" by Mr. Chen Ge, vice-president and professor of Donghua University; "Intelligent Spinning Solution" by Mr. Zhang YanSheng, general manager of sales company in China Textile Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.; "Big-data-driven Framework for Intelligent Textile Manufacturing" by Ms. Zhang Jie, Dean of College of Mechanical Engineering, Donghua University and "Finding Your Way to Industry 4.0: Optimizing the Production Line" by Mr. Mark Harrop, CEO of WhichPLM Ltd.

    The “Textile Industry 4.0 Form” was successfully held today (27 November) at hall E1, which gathered international experts to discuss the latest smart solutions for textile industry. Another show highlight, the “Smart Factory & C2M Experience Zone”, is also located at hall E1, which showcased a 3D fitting bus. Numerous visitors have experienced the fast 3D body scanning technology on the bus, which took only a few seconds to measure their body sizes for producing a perfect fitting business shirt.

    Another seminar, “The Sports Bra-ology” was also held today to pose some challenges that many lingerie brands are facing and shared how industry players can overcome these challenges. Mr. Notes Luk, visiting lecturer from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has shared his rich experience on intimate apparel industry with a focus group discussion on sports bra wearing experience. They gave constructive advices on comfort, support, shoulder strap design and function, indicating the broad prospects of the lingerie market.

    One of the exhibitors, Xin Gang Textile Machinery, has showcased their innovative R&D product—double needle bed wrap knitting machine, which is 2-3 times faster and efficient than other congeneric machinery. Many on-site visitors have witnessed its first publish on the first day of ShanghaiTex 2017 (27 November) at booth W2B18.

    As the digital printing competence center of the Bobst Group – Mouvent has made its first public appearance in China during ShanghaiTex 2017, showcasing groundbreaking digital textile printing solutions at booth W5G01. There was a press event today (27 November) to present its latest generation digital textile printer TX801 at their booth. Mouvent is dedicated to exploring, creating and delivering the future of digital printing, interested visitors are welcome to meet with their expert team at ShanghaiTex 2017.

    To cater for the show highlight of sportswear, digital printing and smart production, there will be “The Evolution of Sports Shoe Tech” (29 November), “Digital Printing Trend Forum – Conclusions and Innovation” (29 November) and “Smart Textiles Innovation Forum” (28 November) to showcase the latest developments in smart textiles and inspire the industry with innovative ideas on high-growth potential market segments.

    Following events will be held on 28 November:

    Two technical forums at E1-M11: Combing and Spinning.
    “Buyer's Forum : MARKS & SPENCER- Plan A 2025” and “ECO-Denim/Finishing Forum”, will be held at hall E1 to discuss the latest green solutions and sustainability with industry players.

    "Sports Arena" at hall W1 will showcase smart textile technology, sportswear etc. during the show period. There will also have a catwalk performance cooperated with renowned exhibitors Santoni, Chemax, Cixing, Regianni and Antelope to demonstrate future technology trend.

    The "Wearable Technology X Textile Design Competition", cooperated with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Zhejiang Sci-tech University and wearable technology company Antelope, has lasted 7 months and attracted 21 worldwide young designers from textile, fashion, electronics, engineering and other related fields. The final assessment and award ceremony will be held at ShanghaiTex 2017 on 28 November, the shortlisted participants will be invited to present and showcase their work on-site to worldwide textile industry insiders. Visitors can attend the presentation at hall W1 Sports Arena to experience the integration of technology, fashion and creativity.

    Professional Buyers Gather at this Biennial Textile Event
    ShanghaiTex 2017 has been widely supported by professional buyers from textile industry around the Globe. Over 70 industry associations and enterprises have confirmed or intended to attend, including China Cotton Textile Association, China Filament Weaving Association, Hangzhou Textile Industry Association, Jiangsu Textile Popular Color Association, Shanghai Home Textile Association, Henan Textile Industry Association, Zhejiang Seamless Weaving Industry Association, Taiwan Textile Federation, Thai Weaving Industry Association (TWIA), Association of Thai Textile Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing Industries (ATDP), Association of Garment, Textiles, Embroidery and Knitting (AGTEK), Vietnam Cotton and Spinning Association (VCOSA), Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile & Weaving Association, Malaysian Textile Manufacturers Association(MTMA) and Indonesian Textile Industries Association(API) etc. Worldwide delegations from Korea, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan will also visit and do business at the show.

    Furthermore, ShanghaiTex 2017 is highly supported by many renowned sportsand apparel brands. Marks & Spencer, Nike, Li-Ning, Triumph, Decathlon, ANTA, Li & Fung, H&M, C&A, Under Amour, VFC, TUMI etc. are coming to visit and purchase onsite.

    About Organizer
    ShanghaiTex is sponsored by Shangtex Holding Co. Ltd, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council and China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Chamber of Commerce; and is organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Shanghai Textile Technology Service & Exhibition Co. Ltd. and Shanghai International Exhibition Co. Ltd.

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    Glasstech Asia 2017, Southeast Asia's Glass Hub Returns to Singapore
    Nov 27, 2017

    November, 2017 Singapore --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Glasstech Asia series returns to Singapore, after eight years, for its 15th presentation. Reputed as the 'Glass Hub of Southeast Asia', Glasstech Asia 2017 held concurrently with Fenestration Asia 2017 from 22 to 24 November 2017, provides regional industry players with a deeper insight to the glass manufacturing, processing, products and materials sectors. It serves as an excellent platform for industry players globally to tap into the growing Southeast Asian market. This preferred sourcing platform for architectural glass and processing needs will also gather regional experts in the glass industry to present the latest in glass technology and innovation, and also to discuss the developments and challenges faced by the industry.

    The flat glass market size will surpass USD 130 billion by 2024, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Flat glass is extensively used in the construction industry replacing conventional bricks, wood and stone. A positive outlook towards growth in infrastructural spending for building airports and residential buildings coupled with strict amendments regarding use of eco-friendly building materials is set to drive this industry’s growth. The industry worldwide has invested in strong R&D expenditure to formulate novel products with additional benefits including high insulation, strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency, chemical resistance and safety supported by technological innovations. This is expected to drive growth of the flat glass market over the forecasted timeframe.

    Industry Showcase
    Glasstech Asia 2017 organised by the Singapore Glass Association (SGA) and Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd (CEMS), is an international exhibition for the architecture and building industries showcasing technologies, products and services by the glass industry worldwide. Fenestration Asia 2017 is the second edition of the international windows, doors, skylights, curtain wall and facade technology exhibition. Spanning over a gross exhibition area of 10,000 square metres, the event will host over 200 exhibitors from 15 countries and is expected to attract over 5,000 visitors and trade professionals here and in the region.

    A Learning Hub
    Glasstech Asia 2017 will host two conferences, the ‘Glass Processing Conference 2017’ and the ‘Asia Façade & Glass Conference 2017’ involving delegates from all sectors of the architecture glass industry. The conferences are timely considering the upcoming introduction of a new framework by the end of 2017 by local authorities to ensure that buildings are easy and safe to maintain, and that the facade maintenance regime are to include proper maintenance, regular inspection and remain properly secured.

    Glasstech Asia 2017 is supported by the Building & Construction Authority, Singapore Green Building Council, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, United Architects of the Philippines (Singapore Chapter), Work Safe & Health Asia, Flat Glass Alliance of the Philippines Inc, Australian Glass & Glazing Federation, Indonesia Flat & Safety Glass Association, Malaysia Glass Association (Persatuan Kaca Malaysia), National Glass Association, Philippine Chamber of Glass & Aluminium Industries Inc., Flat Glass Alliance of the Philippines Inc., Safety Glass Processors Association of Malaysia, Taipei Glass Commercial Association, Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, Thai Plate Glass Industry Association and the Vietnam Glass Association.

    - End -

    About CEMS Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd
    Established in 1980, CEMS is a regional organizer with a global perspective. A key player in the Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE) industry in Singapore, CEMS has vast knowledge and experience in organizing and managing exhibitions, conferences and other special events for government agencies, associations and private enterprises, with business activities spanning across many countries in ASEAN including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines, China in North Asia, and India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the South Asia. In October 1997, CEMS achieved the distinction of being the first professional conference and exhibition organiser in Singapore to obtain the ISO 9002 certification. For the past decade, CEMS has formed strategic partnerships with both local and international players to achieve mutually desirable goals in the MICE industry.

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