Connected Home, Smart Living
Apr 18, 2018

17 April 2018 – The 15th edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), Asia’s largest event of its kind, was held from 13- 16 April at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). A series of seminars was organised during the first three days of the fair, as part of the “2018 Tech Trends Symposium”, including one focusing on smart homes, held on 14 April.

Building the foundation for a revolutionary Smart Home

The evolution of the Smart Home is among the many Internet of Things (IoT) revolutions, according to David Paterson, Sales Director, Connected Home Division, Intel Corporation, one of the Symposium speakers.

But despite its advent five to six years ago, Mr Paterson said the IoT revolution has yet to fully be realised. The foundation for a true Smart Home, he said, remains under construction, with its progress divided into four phases. The most developed stage, connectivity, allows mobile devices to connect with machines such as appliances and lighting through WiFi connections. The second phase is control, which involves using the smartphone, for example, as a smart controller. The third phase is communication, allowing devices to talk to each other by using a single controller for various applications, such as lighting, appliances and entertainment. The main focus of the speaker’s presentation was the final phase – intelligence – which he said is now under development.

Mr Paterson explained that a truly smart home is (1) responsive, in terms of doing what users want, immediately and accurately; (2) perceptive, by recognising who is giving the command and what the user wants, and (3) autonomous, which allows it to anticipate user needs and act on them.

On the subject of industry needs, Mr Paterson said top among them is performance. The broadband network, he said, must be reliable and respond instantaneously. Second, the network must cover the entire home. Third, it must guarantee secure transmission and protection of data, which remains a problem, given the huge amount of data sent to equipment-providers and stored on the cloud. He said that the issue was a major development focus for Intel.

He pointed out that the number of connected devices was expected to double in two years, and that growth will require powerful, affordable broadband access, enhanced in-home connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI) in devices at all levels, to filter the huge amount of data generated daily.

Artificial Intelligence Used in Different Areas

Speaking on the topic of AI development, Liu Weiwei, Sales Director of Smart Service Division, iFlytek, focused on iFlytek’s success in the areas of speech synthesis and translation. Noting the three levels in AI development – computation intelligence, perceptive intelligence, which involves hearing, speaking and seeing; and cognitive intelligence, which involves understanding – Mr Liu said that iFlytek’s translation corpus is based on 140 million sentences and can accurately translate within one second. For now, however, the company still has to rely on human translators to work with machines for higher accuracy. Jargon, in particular, remains a problem in speech recognition.

China’s massive outbound tourism has resulted in fast-growing demand for iFlytek’s translation service. In 2016, 122 million mainland tourists travelled abroad, one third of whom can only speak their native language. The iFlytek translation system can translate more than 20 languages. Chinese travellers can also use the company’s offline mode when there is no Internet available.

In addition, Mr Liu said that iFlytek’s smart doctor assistant was the first AI robot to pass the examination medical students take to become licensed doctors in China, noting that the system works considerably faster than human doctors. He said that this could have a lasting impact on the medical field in terms of reducing costs, improving patient outcomes, and helping people in rural areas.

In the legal field, the company helps stenographers achieve 97 per cent accuracy. Its robots are currently handling customer-service jobs in insurance companies and banks, and Mr Liu predicted that human bank clerks will eventually be replaced by robots.

Helping Businesses Participate in the Smart Home Revolution

Alex Yang, co-founder and COO, Tuya Global Inc, discussed ways businesses can be part of the Smart Home revolution, pointing out that in five years, the smart home industry is expected to become a US$1 trillion market, with 5.28 billion devices estimated to be added annually by 2020. He said Amazon Echo and Google Home had reached 40 million US consumers in only two years, representing more than 10 per cent of the population, compared to the smartphone revolution, which took four to five years to achieve the same level of adoption. “Interest is high,” he said. “But how can we connect with this new business?”

Mr Yang said that business must first make adoption easy. To achieve this, Tuya created a plug-and-play platform to help manufacturers with no know-how, to develop and market smart home products. A company, he said, can develop a mobile app in one hour and a prototype in one day, and be ready for mass-production in one month. The Tuya platform covers all smart-home categories, including appliances, healthcare, security, entertainment. Tuya develops clients’ product and finds a manufacturer for them through its network of more than 10,000 manufacturers in China that works with many OEM and ODM brands. Once the supply chain is ready, the Tuya platform connects with all the best-selling points and is immediately compatible with all devices and products in all languages.

AI and big data-enabled, the platform has natural language interaction, uses sensor data for intelligent control, permits continuous self-learning of user habits, and has face and object recognition.

Tuya is currently expanding globally, with a target for its cloud service to cover 200 countries and regions in the next two years.

How Smart Home Products can Provide Wise Living

Vincent Chow, Senior Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting Hong Kong Ltd, discussed the limited functionality of most smart home products. Being able to remotely switch off home lights via smartphones is not as popular in Hong Kong.

He remarked that the goal of his team at Philip’s was to use interconnected devices to encourage smart living. Initially, his team found that the only consumers buying connected appliances were those who like trying new gadgets. But focus groups have resulted in the development of new uses. For example, a small child who needs to use the toilet at night may not be able to reach the light switch; a remote device solves the problem. Pet lovers may want to turn on the lights to observe their pets remotely. Light-effect notification may be useful for elderly people whose hearing does not allow them to hear a phone or doorbell.

Big Data and Small Players in the Internet of Vehicles

Dr Lawrence Poon, Principal Consultant, Hong Kong Productivity Council, focused on the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). He said that by 2020, it was estimated that 90 per cent of cars would be connected to the Internet, potentially making the IoV industry a Rmb250 billion market, especially since the Chinese mainland government has introduced many new IoV-friendly policies.

According to Dr Poon, the IoV involves mainly big data analytics for convenient living, creating an entirely new ecosystem. He said that IoV has room for small players, such as app developers, to enter the supply chain, since automotive engineers are not generally good at software. He said that the industry needs new blood, including start-ups and SMEs that can provide creative solutions that the big automotive companies cannot.

Dr Poon mentioned a few examples of how to make the most of IoV technology, including voice and image-recognition sensors that collect information and issue accident and traffic jam alerts.

For vehicle manufacturers, the IoV can help with product evaluation, providing enhanced reliability, he said. As an example, he noted that the Tesla car has 7,000 battery cells in a single car, which can be connected remotely to a back-end server to monitor the cells.

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Asia Intelligent Security Technology Forum (AIST) to outline roadmap for smart city
Apr 17, 2018

GUANGZHOU --( ASIA TODAY )-- The 2018 edition of Guangzhou Public Security Technology will gather more industry leading experts than ever before, as it hosts the Asia Intelligent Security Technology Forum (AIST) for the very first time. The highly anticipated forum will cover key topics relevant to the security industry in China and add an extra dimension to the trade fair, which is set to take place from 9 – 12 June at the China Import & Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China.

Co-organised for the first time by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Limited, the show will kick off amidst a positive outlook across China’s security industry. Over 200 manufacturers and solution providers of safety and security technologies are expected to attend the show, alongside more than 10,000 visitors representing the governments public security departments, system integrators, as well as research and development bodies.

Government initiatives and technological advancement favour industry development The recent upward trend in the security industry has been caused in part by growing investment through China’s Belt and Road initiative, which has greatly boosted the region’s infrastructure since its implementation in 2013. This has in turn created significant business opportunities specifically for the security industry and its stakeholders, especially those in the safe and smart city sectors.

At the same time, developments in IoT technology are also having deep implications for the security industry. Improved video surveillance systems to recognise video inputs, for example, have created new avenues for IoT applications in security systems. Meanwhile, the application of deep learning technology in security monitoring systems is also becoming increasingly feasible. This allows security systems to automatically analyse live videos, as well as to process masses of video monitoring data through artificial intelligence, significantly reducing time and error rate.

The combination of these numerous prosperous market forces is expected to contribute to a significant upscale in China’s security industry. In fact, the market is expected to reach RMB 961.3 billion by 2022 and achieve an average annual CAGR of 9.81% by 2022 .

Asia Intelligent Security Technology Forum (AIST) Reflecting these market trends and integrated solutions will be top scholars, experts and professionals from leading enterprises in the security industry. They have been invited to speak at this year’s AIST Forum during Guangzhou Public Security Technology. The event will serve as a platform for security technology experts, manufacturers, engineers, standard setters, industry departments, the Guangdong provincial construction unit and more, to exchange ideas and interact with each other with regards to the future of the security industry.

Just some of the most noteworthy topics to be discussed will include: ‘the rise of AI as a force for revolutionising the security industry’, ‘a comprehensive analysis on Guangdong’s urban multi-dimensional security protection construction’, ‘smart city solutions across multiple industries’, and ‘transforming traditional communities into smart communities’.

The forum is jointly organised by the Guangdong Public Security Protection Technology Association, Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, Messe Frankfurt New Era and a&s Media. In addition, a&s Media will organise the a&s Ten Innovation Award to acknowledge the contributions of the innovators in the industry.

For more information about the Asia Intelligent Security Technology Forum, or the 2018 edition of Guangzhou Public Security Technology, please, or contact Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd on +852 2802 7728.

With ten events, Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading organisers of trade fairs and congresses for the expanding international field of civil security. These platforms provide optimum opportunities for gaining a foothold in dynamic growth markets all over the world. Presently Messe Frankfurt organises events in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. Further information

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Suprema launches the BioLite N2 at ISC West 2018
JCN Newswire
Apr 16, 2018

SEOUL, KOREA - (ACN Newswire) - Suprema, a global leader in biometrics and security, launched the BioLite N2, a mullion-type access control and time attendance terminal featuring the world's most advanced fingerprint technology with a rugged IP67 weatherproof structure, at ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas.

BioLite N2 is designed for both enterprise access control systems and time attendance applications, combining Suprema's industry-leading technologies with innovative features. Loaded with a powerful 1.2GHz CPU and massive 4GB memory, BioLite N2 achieves incredible matching speeds of up to 20,000 matches per second, accommodates up to 10,000 users and provides instant matching results with minimal lag time.

For reliable operation under harsh conditions including outdoor installation or temperature extremes, BioLite N2 features a rugged IP67 structure and a class-leading operating range of -20 degrees ~ 50 degrees Celsius, or -4 degrees ~ 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The device also features an illuminated keypad and a high-contrast GUI for better visibility under various lighting conditions.

BioLite N2 provides exceptional performance and accuracy on dry finger skin, particularly in the winter season when humidity drops. With its recent advances in image processing and sensor technology, the company's current 2nd generation fingerprint terminal yields up to 5 times greater accuracy on dry skin or under cold weather conditions than competing units (in terms of false rejection rate).

"The new BioLite N2 is designed to provide the best reliable fingerprint matching performance in any environment, including outdoor installation and extreme weather conditions. As is common with Suprema's other 2nd generation fingerprint IP readers, BioLite N2 provides up to 200% faster matching speed than its predecessor BioLite Net, and easily outperforms competing products," said HC Kim, Director of Global Business at Suprema.

At the show, Suprema also showcased its latest range of centralized access control devices including the CoreStation access control unit, fingerprint readers, RFID/keypad readers and the updated BioStar 2 with access management software.

To experience the latest Suprema products and technologies, please book at the link below or visit the Suprema booth (#28065) at ISC West 2018.

About Suprema Inc.

Suprema is a leading global provider of biometrics and security. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema continually designs and develops industry leading products and solutions. Suprema's extensive range of portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules. Suprema has worldwide sales network in over 130 countries and is one of the world's Top 50 security manufacturer in its turnover (ranked in A&S's Security 50, 2010-2017). For more information, please

Andy Ahn
Head of Marketing, Suprema Inc.

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Company JCN Newswire
Contact Tiara Liu
Telephone +81-3-5791-1821
Asia's Largest Spring Electronics and ICT Fairs Open
Apr 13, 2018

13 April 2018 – Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the International ICT Expo opened today and continue through 16 April at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), featuring more than 3,500 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions. The two fairs showcase the latest electronics, cutting-edge technology and ICT solutions from around the world.

The HKTDC has organised more than 180 buying missions, comprising over 13,000 representatives from 9,500 companies to visit the two fairs. They include major global importers, distributors and retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart from the United States, Canadian Tire from Canada, and Carrefour from France.

With innovation and technology driving social development and economic growth, as well as improving quality of life, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau said there is keen demand for new high-end technologies and products in the global market. “The Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo are both must-go annual exhibitions for the industry, which help foster many business cooperation. Since last year, the HKTDC launched a dedicated Startup zone to provide a platform for new start-ups to present ideas to global buyers and potential investors, grasping business opportunities and exploring overseas markets,” said Mr Chau.

Startup zone helps start-ups go overseas
Located at Halls 3FG concourse, the Startup zone gathers 110 start-ups from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and the United States to present innovative technologies to global buyers. Some of the creative products include: a smart eyeshade with special sensors that capture the user’s brainwaves during sleep and selects music to play via a mobile app based on the user’s mood (Booth: 3CON-B15); a smart LED lamp with a patented air-purification technology (Booth: 3CON-B16); equipped with a 360° 3D scanning feature, a printer that uses light emitted from smart devices to print 3D designs in open air, allowing users to see the printing process (Booth: 3CON-B23); and electronic socks made for babies to monitor the infant’s vital signs such as blood oxygen level, heart rate and body temperature (Booth: 3CON-B18) (Zone details:

To help start-ups gain exposure and meet potential investors, a series of start-up themed events, including Smart Launch sessions, pitching sessions, media pitch day and investment matchmaking sessions have been organised in collaboration with start-up accelerators and incubators, including Angel Investment Foundation, Backer, Hello Reporter, Hong Kong Business Angel Network, HSBC, Incu-Lab, Jumpstart magazine, Qianhai International Liaison Services, StartHub and Techstars. Sharing sessions and mentoring sessions are also being staged, where successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, start-up accelerators and incubators share entrepreneurial insights on market promotion, finding manufacturing partners, and crowdfunding.

Asia’s largest spring electronics trade fair
As Asia’s largest spring electronics event, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) this year features some 2,950 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions, with new exhibitors from Canada, Denmark, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. Key electronics production centres, including the Chinese mainland, Korea and Taiwan, have set up group pavilions. One of the highlight zones, the Hall of Fame, is showcasing more than 605 internationally renowned brands, including Bourgini, Desay, Greatwall, HKC, Latitude, Roadrover, SKROSS and Polaroid.

Back by popular demand, the Tech Hall returns this year at Halls 5FG with four thematic zones: Connected Home, Robotics & Unmanned Tech, Virtual Reality, and Wearable Electronics. Some of the latest electronic products on show include: a low temperature robot capable of operating at -40°C that was showcased at the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games (Booth: 5G-B27); a smart switch from a Hungarian exhibitor that can be attached to wires of electronic products, allowing users to turn off the electric supply via a mobile app (Booth:5F-F07); and Tesla (Booth: 5F-G02), which is participating in the fair for the first time to showcase their latest electric vehicles. Visitors can learn about Tesla's all-electric powertrain, Autopilot system and sustainable energy solutions. Tesla also offers test drives on a special route starting from the HKCEC.

The Spring Electronics Fair once again is featuring the Small Orders zone, where more than 200 showcases offering about 2,000 products, are available in minimum order quantities of between five and 1,000 pieces. The zone works in synergy with the online transaction platform ( to provide a comprehensive sourcing experience for buyers.

The HKTDC has organised a series of events during the fair period featuring industry experts discussing the latest industry development and product trends. At the “2018 Tech Trends Symposium,” held on the first three days of the fair (13-15 April), representatives from renowned brands such as Microsoft, Intel, HTC, Philips Lighting, iFlytek and professors from local tertiary institutions, will examine hot topics such as applications of artificial intelligence and robotics, smart home, wearable electronics, and virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) (Event details:

Smart City: The Way of the Future
Running concurrently with the Spring Electronics Fair, the ICT Expo features more than 600 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions showcasing solutions in information, communication and technologies that help enterprises to optimise operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Under the theme “Smart City: The Way of the Future,” this year’s Expo debuts a Smart City zone to showcase solutions for smart mobility and logistics, smart living and intelligent control system. Exhibitors include Alicloud, Cisco, Microsoft, NEC, ZTE, Hong Kong Airport Authority, members of the Smart City Consortium, the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Hong Kong R&D Centre for LSCM Enabling Technologies (LSCM), Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Centre (APAS) and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI). The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) is also presenting the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint at the zone, mapping out Hong Kong’s development plans for the next five years (Zone details:

Exhibitors are showing a wide range of the latest technologies and solutions, including a social robot designed for the elderly with dementia or requiring companionship (Booth: 3G-B20), a smart street lamp (Booth: 3G-A08), a robotic effector system for label affixing (Booth: 3F-G08), and a palm fusion biometric access control system (Booth: 3G-B08).

The Smart City Seminar Series features industry experts exploring such topics as Internet security, Fintech, developing smart business through IoT applications, how disruptive technology is driving smart city development, smart mobility and logistics, smart home trends and electronic ID (Event details:

The SME IT Clinic continues to provide complimentary professional consultation services on ICT solutions to help SMEs enhance business efficiency. The winners of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018, organised by the OGCIO, are also showcasing their products and solutions at the fair.

Enhanced fair websites to facilitate year-round sourcing
To encourage suppliers to use online-to-offline (O2O) promotion, the HKTDC has enhanced the sourcing function of its trade fair websites by launching the year-round “Exhibition Online” platform. Apart from featuring fair updates and the latest industry sourcing information, the platform allows suppliers to connect with worldwide buyers anytime, while buyers can source industry-specific products from dedicated fair websites. The Exhibition Online platform is an online extension of the physical exhibition to facilitate business discussions between suppliers and buyers beyond the fair period.

The HKTDC’s e-Badge initiative, which was well-received when launched last November, has been introduced at the Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo, and will gradually be introduced to most of the HKTDC trade fairs this year.

Media Enquiries
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Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 Opens Door to New AV Opportunities
Apr 12, 2018

With a line-up of big-name exhibitors, the highly-anticipated inaugural edition of Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 is the ideal platform for AV professionals to enter the exciting Western China market

Beijing – 12 April 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Capitalizing on rapid technological developments in Western China, the inaugural edition of Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 offers AV professionals the chance to extend their business into the economically dynamic region.

The show, a premier showcase of Pro-AV and Integrated Experience technologies which will be held from 5-7 September 2018, is being organized for the first time. Visiting AV professionals – including AV consultants, systems integrators, manufacturers of AV equipment, systems and solutions, manufacturer’s representatives and rental or staging contractors – can grab the first mover’s advantage to not only engage in building up meaningful networks during the show, but also discover clients, generate new leads, expand their business footprint and gather first-hand market intelligence about the many opportunities available in this untapped region.

Western China is on a pathway of remarkable growth, and the show has already drawn a growing list of big-name exhibitors including Epson, Extron, Intel, Bose, Yamaha, Leyard, AOTO and HongHe.

Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 is also well-supported by the Sichuan and Chengdu government as well as local industry associations, which welcome the debut of the show as a launchpad not just for the latest technological innovations, but also for the birth of exciting partnerships, collaborations and investment opportunities. Supporting organizations include the Sichuan Provincial Economic & Information Commission, the Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs and the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition. Supporting associations include the Sichuan FPD Industry Association, Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance Taiwan and China Hotel Association Wisdom.

Swift Ascent of Western China

With support from the China government which has earmarked Western China as a technological hotspot, the region is growing so fast it has been predicted that it would produce 25 percent of China’s total ICT output by 2025.

Already well on its way there, Western China is a key IT and ICT center in China. Major well-developed ICT parks in the region include the Chongqing Jinfeng Electronic Information Industrial Park, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and the Guiyang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area.

The latest and most ambitious initiative is the development of the Tianfu New Area which was officially launched in 2011. Covering 1,578 square kilometers, the smart city is a testbed of innovation-driven development and new technologies built around nature, so it is an ideal place to live and work.

The nod to the environment reflects a similar evolution in the development of culture and entertainment in Western China, as aspirations shift to a higher level.

Not surprisingly, Western China has attracted numerous Fortune Global 500 companies which have spotted the potential for high growth in the region. Indeed, both Chongqing and Chengdu are each home to over 300 such companies.

In this landscape of development and government-supported expansion, opportunities are ripe to meet growing demands for innovation, particularly in the provision of new AV experiences.

Explosive Growth in the Belt and Road Initiative markets

Rising in parallel alongside Western China is the anticipated explosive growth in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) markets. BRI - spearheaded by China President Xi Jinping in 2013 to create a linked community across Asia, Africa and Europe - signals the start of a tsunami of economic opportunity as it will allow businesses to access an estimated US$21 trillion GDP and 4.4 billion people spread across 65 countries.

Richard Tan, Executive Director of InfoCommAsia, organizer of Chengdu InfoComm China 2018, said, “The Western China market by itself is amongst the most dynamic and fast-growing in the world today and can drive business growth for years to come. But as it also links to BRI markets and opportunities, a footprint in Western China could mark the start of a future path of stellar business growth. Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 is a show for market leaders to take the lead in a newly-developing and rapidly-expanding marketplace.”

The inaugural Chengdu InfoComm China 2018 runs from 5-7 September 2018 at the Western China International Expo Center. The next Beijing InfoComm China, in its 14th edition, will take place from 10-12 April 2019 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Beijing InfoComm China 2018 runs until 13 April. Find out more about the Show

InfoCommAsia Pte Ltd is the region’s preeminent organizer of tradeshows for the Professional AudioVisual (Pro-AV) and Integrated Experience industries. Through industry-leading shows in China, India and Southeast Asia, InfoCommAsia connects global and regional Pro-AV and Integrated Experience purveyors as well as end-users across industries with the most important markets of Asia Pacific.

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Beijing InfoComm China 2018 Opens with Action-packed Showcase on the Future of Business
Apr 11, 2018

Visionary Business Leaders and Decision-Makers Met over 350 and International Exhibitors, and Benefited from Firsthand Encounters with Business-transforming Professional AudioVisual and Integrated Experience Solutions

Beijing - 11 April 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Beijing InfoComm China, Asia Pacific’s premier exhibition and conference for Professional AudioVisual (Pro-AV) and Integrated Experience solutions, opened today at the China National Convention Centre, Beijing. Running till 13 April, the 13th edition of the Exhibition and Summit continues to set new benchmarks, solidifying its reputation as the region’s biggest showcase of its kind, with over 350 local and overseas exhibitors – 56 of whom are participating for the first time – and a record number of new-to-World and new-to-Asia products and solutions being launched.

THE EXHIBITION: Action-Packed Showcase of Ground-breaking Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, VR/AR, Networked Audio over IP, Digital-Analog Hybrid Audio Systems, and smart technology are some of the game-changing technologies that are being presented and demonstrated by over 350 exhibitors.

Beijing InfoComm China continues to attract strong international participation with representation of more than 70% of the showfloor being global brands from Asia, Europe and the United States. They add diversity and vibrancy as they bring new solutions and perspectives on the future possibilities for businesses in a digitally-driven world.

The under-one-roof showcase of a wide array of Pro-AV and Integrated Experience solutions leveraging these technologies is a compelling reason for businesses and practitioners to visit the Show.

DAY ONE VISITORS: Industry and Business Leaders who Appreciate the Importance of Future Marketplace Knowledge

Judging by the buzz in the exhibition halls, along with support coming from members of collaborating industry trade associations – including China Information World, Guangdong New Energy Vehicle Industry Association and Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance Taiwan – the 3-day show is poised to attract another strong visitor turnout.

“The technological landscape is evolving very rapidly and many businesses are having difficulty grasping its impact and adopting appropriate measures to navigate the disruptions,” said Richard Tan, Executive Director of InfoCommAsia. “InfoComm China has become the focal point in the Asia Pacific Pro-AV ecosystem, uniquely placed to facilitate businesses in their sourcing and adoption of the right technologies and solutions to transform their business models for sustainable growth.”

THE SUMMIT: Expert Insights into Changing Technological Trends and Impact on Business

Held concurrently with the Exhibition over the three days, the Summit is the educational platform of the Show, and complements the display of hardware and solutions on the exhibition floor. The Summit attracts industry luminaries who deliver presentations on Pro-AV developments, trends and critical marketplace issues as well as opportunities that Pro-AV solutions present. It also attracts collaborations with industry associations and media in organizing conferences pertinent to businesses in the respective industries.

Collaborators for the 2018 Summit include China Information World, Guangdong New Energy Vehicle Industry Association and Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance Taiwan. The close to 60 free-to-attend learning sessions include the keynote presentation at the opening ceremony delivered by Mr. Cheol Kim, Asia Marketing Director, Retail Solutions Division (RSD), Intel IoT Group.

Over the next two days of the Summit, delegates can look forward to insightful sessions by more industry leaders.

Day Two (12 April)

  • Deep Understanding of Interactive Learning Space by Zhang Ye, Technical Sales Manager, Extron Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • Smart Classroom Makes a Leap - Construct a Highly-efficient Education Environment by Jerry Hung, Vice President, BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Embracing New Experience on Portable Wireless Video Service by Emma Huang, Trainer, SZ Reach Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Forecast on Pro-AV Distribution Technology by Leo Li, Founder & CTO, DigiBird Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Exploration of Interactive Design of Data Visualization by Halley Han, CEO, Ventuz China
  • How to Eliminate Audio Feedback in Meeting Rooms by Kane Zhang, Asia Pacific Senior Applications Engineer, Biamp Systems
  • Decrypting HDCP and EDID by Xiaozheng Lu, President, Luxi Electronics Corp

    Day Three (13 April)

  • The HDBaseT Installer Expert Program by Louis Zhang, Technical Expert, HDBaseT Alliance
  • In-depth analysis of CobraNet, Dante and AVB port redundancy by Kane Zhang, Asia Pacific Senior Appcations Engineer, Biamp Systems
  • 4K, 8K TV, HDMI 2.1, Video Trend and Application by Xiaozheng Lu, President, Luxi Electronics Corp


    As the technological landscape continues to evolve, the way communities are organized and the way people learn, live and consume services will change in tandem. It is thus imperative for businesses to leverage technology to further efficiently and cost-effectively deliver products, solutions and services; and to meaningfully engage and excite their audience.

    Pro-AV and Integrated Experience technologies are critical nodes and important interfaces throughout the entire supply chain. Through its central position in the Pro-AV and Integrated Experience ecosystem, InfoComm China continues to play a critical role in helping businesses understand and adopt technology applications to enhance sustainability.


    InfoCommAsia Pte Ltd is the region’s preeminent organizer of tradeshows for the Professional AudioVisual (Pro-AV) and Integrated Experience industries. Through industry-leading shows in China, India and Southeast Asia, InfoCommAsia connects global and regional Pro-AV and Integrated Experience purveyors as well as end-users across industries with the most important markets of Asia Pacific.

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    Innovation and Technology take centre stage at the most advanced edition of Intermach 2018
    Apr 10, 2018

    BANGKOK, April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The current trend of smart automation and data exchange in manufacturing is high on the agenda for the latest edition of INTERMACH, taking place from 16-19 May 2018 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre. The Government of Thailand aim to turn the Kingdom into an intelligent production hub and are seeking suppliers of smart solutions to lead the manufacturing sector into Industry 4.0. INTERMACH 2018 will provide a showcase of a full spectrum of innovative new technologies, cutting edge materials and emerging capabilities to help companies accelerate growth and drive efficiencies.

    New to the 35 edition of INTERMACH 2018 will be the region's first ever Smart Automated Production Line, showcasing a complete industrial automated solution featuring leading brands such as Mitutoyo , Fanuc, Tungaloy, Siemens. This exciting feature will only be unveiled at this year's show and will demonstrate how machine intelligence will fuel the forth industrial revolution and revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Mr. Sanchai Noombunnam, Deputy Managing Director, UBM Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that the feature would provide an excellent immersive experience for those wishing to see how technology could address the current challenges such as labour shortages. "Visitors will be able to see firsthand the groundbreaking new developments in the industry and speak to those early adopters on how implementing smart technologies impacts operational value and increases productivity", he revealed.

    New to INTERMACH 2018 will be the unveiling of the world's first "Progressive Bending Robot", a showcase of three bending machines by Bystronic as well as a Yaskawa robot functioning via a smart operating system. In addition, visitors to INTERMACH 2018 will also be able to see the fastest 3D printer in the world which is also 10 times cheaper than its competitors as well as a live demonstration of a Virtual Reality (VR) System that simulates a live factory environment. "Nowhere in ASEAN are such pioneering technologies able to be experienced all under one roof," said Noombunnam.

    INTERMACH 2018 will partner with MTA 2018 and will host 10 National Pavilions from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and China, as well as leading technology suppliers from 45 countries. INTERMACH 2018 will be co-located with SUBCON Thailand 2018, ASEAN's Largest Industrial Subcontracting and Business Matching Event which has quickly become ASEAN's most important industrial subcontracting exhibition for the procurement of industrial parts.

    INTERMACH is the leading manufacturing event of the year and a must for industry professionals. The event provides complete solutions for the upstream to the downstream manufacturing chain. The show will be held between May 16-19, 2018 at BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangna.

    For further information please contact:
    TEL: +66-2-036-0500 ext. 723 FAX: +66-2-036-0588

    Source: UBM Asia (Thailand)

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    Spring Lighting Fair Opens Today, Smart Items in Focus
    Apr 06, 2018

    6 April 2018 – The HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) opened today and continues through 9 April at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), featuring more than 1,350 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions. Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the fair welcomes new exhibitors from Canada, India, Macau and Malaysia. The Chinese mainland’s Jiangmen, Henglan, Zhongshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association, Shunde and Gaoyou are represented by group pavilions.

    The HKTDC has organised 61 buying missions comprising close to 4,000 representatives from some 3,000 companies. These include Jakob Maul from Germany, Globe Electric from Canada, Samsung Electronics from Korea, Meinhardt Group from Singapore, Index Living Mall from Thailand, ZTE and e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and from the mainland, Westwing from Russia, and Laiting S.A. de C.V. from Mexico.

    Four new zones enhancing sourcing experience

    Four new zones have been introduced this year to facilitate sourcing, including Horticultural Lighting, Residential Lighting, Technical Lighting and Urban & Architectural Lighting. With the rising popularity of indoor agriculture, many indoor gardens and plant factories are using LED lighting to assist plant growth. To meet the expected growing demand for related products, the new Horticultural Lighting zone showcases a range of grow lights for both professional production and household use. Among them is an LED modular grow light developed by Hong Kong exhibitor Titans Industries (booth: 1C-D01). Emitting a spectrum with energy level similar to that of sunlight, the product promotes the growth of plants and crops in indoor agriculture. The other three new zones have been launched to optimise the categorisation of products at the fair. Other highlight zones include Decorative Lighting, Commercial Lighting, and Advertising Display Lighting, featuring a wide range of lighting products, technologies and solutions to cater to the diverse needs of international buyers.

    The Hall of Aurora continues to be the spotlight of the show, showcasing an extensive range of high-quality lighting products and technologies from more than 200 renowned brands, including Tuya Smart, MLS Co, TCL and TE-Connectivity. Tuya Global Inc (booth no.: 1C-E02), an exhibitor from the mainland, showcases a Bluetooth mesh light bulb that can connect with up to 120 other light bulbs to form a Bluetooth mesh network for wireless control. Using Bluetooth mesh technology, the network can operate as steadily as traditional electronic circuits while its remote-control functions can be expanded to match those of other wireless control systems. The Smart Lighting & Solutions Zone returns to the fair to showcase the latest smart and remote-control lighting systems, accessories and fixtures. An exhibitor at the zone, Hong Kong’s Delight Power Products Ltd (booth no.: 3D-C08), presents a smart control with patented constant current reduction LED driving technology that enables lighting products to emit stable and comfortable light.

    The fair also features a myriad of other unique products, including an eye-catching portable lantern with stereo speaker (booth no.: 1E-D01), a snow falling projector that can project realistic snow scenes both indoors and outdoors (booth no.: 1C-B09), a multifunctional smart pole that serves as a weather station, LED display and Wi-Fi hotspot at once (booth no.: 1D-E14), and an astronomically inspired, Amazon Alexa- and Google Home-supported LED light bulb (booth no.: 1B-C16).

    Insights into smart lighting trends and industry developments

    With the growing prevalence of the Internet of Things (IoT), governments around the world are keen to promote smart city development, bringing smart lighting into the limelight. Besides the Smart Lighting & Solutions Zone, smart lighting was in focus at the Asian Lighting Forum 2018 held today (6 April) as a highlight of the Spring Lighting Fair. Representatives from such professional organisations as Bluetooth Special Interest Group, CREE, Microsoft, Philips, OSRAM and the Hong Kong Highways Department attended the forum to discuss everyday applications of smart lighting, connected lighting and IoT, as well as the latest technologies and industry outlook.

    A conference on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Lighting will be held tomorrow (7 April), featuring AI experts from Alibaba AI Labs, iFLYTEK, JD Smart, ZTE, Tuya Smart and YEELIGHT. They will explore ways AI can help enhance the experience of smart lighting. Seminars, product launches and buyer forums will also be held throughout the fair period to facilitate exchanges and business matching among industry players.

    Hong Kong’s total exports of lighting products exceeded HK$1.3 billion in the first two months of 2018, after growing 2.6 per cent year-on-year to over HK$9.7 billion in full year 2017. Various markets recorded satisfactory performance, including the United States, the Chinese mainland, the Netherlands and Thailand.

    Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition)
    Date: 6-9 April (Fri-Mon)
    Venue: Hall 1A-1E, 3B-3E, HKCEC
    Hours: 6-8 April (9:30am-6:30pm) | 9 April (9:30am-5pm)
    Product Highlights:

    Media Enquiries
    For media enquiries, please contact the HKTDC’s Communications & Public Affairs Department:
    Sam Ho
    Tel: (852) 2584 4569

    Aluminium China 2018 marks new industry chapter following positive performance indicators
    Apr 02, 2018

    SHANGHAI, CHINA --( ASIA TODAY )-- This year’s Aluminium China exhibition and conference in July will provide a platform for China’s rapidly changing and expanding aluminium industry and showcase new state-of-the-art processes and products. Since the launch of the ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy more than two years ago, China has made great strides towards becoming the world’s leading manufacturing hub. And it is against this backdrop that the Chinese aluminium industry is shifting its focus from speed to high- quality growth and gearing up for technological advances, driven by demand from global industries such as aerospace, automotive, building and construction, transportation and consumer durables. The success of this strategy is demonstrated by Chinese company Nanshan Aluminum that has started manufacturing high-end aluminum materials for Boeing and Airbus.

    Aluminium China 2018 will focus on global innovation and put the spotlight on aerospace and automotive materials and new processing technologies, along with innovative, smart and green manufacturing trends, helping to open up a new chapter in the aluminium industry.

    With overcapacity easing and strong environmental protection measures put in place in 2017, domestic and international aluminium prices have risen sharply, causing demand for new facilities and the need to recover capacity, which currently lies idle. In 2017, China’s electrolytic aluminium output was 36.5 million tons, representing an increase of 12.2%; while downstream processed output, including aluminium sheets, extrusion, foils, wires, powders and casts, was 38.2 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 8.5%. At the same time, aluminium consumption has continued to rise, thanks to new emerging markets.

    According to Reed Exhibitions China, the organiser of Aluminium China, this year’s event will feature a larger exhibition area than in 2017 and the number of trade visitors is expected to surpass 20,000. International visitors will come mainly from Southeast Asia, with Thailand providing the largest contingent. Reed is working with the Thai government, industry associations and other bodies to invite industry spokespeople to join discussions on industrial policy, in-depth analysis of the aluminium processing and consumption market, as well as putting the spotlight on topics such as the impact of new tariffs imposed on aluminium imported to the US.

    Aluminium China 2018 will play its part in boosting industry growth as the event continues to attract more and more industry leaders. Confirmed exhibitors include leading local giants such as CHALCO, Zhongwang, Weiqiao, Nanshan, Conglin, Nannan, Zhongfu, Nanping, Lufeng, Mingtai, Mingde, Fenglu, Yunhai, Yuhang, and Hesheng. International players like UACJ, Constellium, Danieli, Pyrotek, Tenova, Fronius, AP&T and Panasonic will also be there.

    The event takes place in the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from the July 11 to 13, 2018. Collocated with Aluminium China this year will be Lightweight Asia 2018. This event will feature advanced lightweight auto materials for whole vehicles and automotive parts and combine a one-stop procurement platform for lightweight auto solutions with insights into advanced processing technologies.

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    Ms. Diana Wang
    Tel: 010-5933 9209
    Official Website:

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    Breaking the Record Unprecedented International Scale in 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo
    Mar 28, 2018

    Smart City Summit & Expo, Asia’s largest annual smart city tradeshow, will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan, March 27 to 30. Jointly organized by Taipei City Government, Taiwan Smart City Solutions Alliance, Taipei Computer Association, with government support from Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the four-day event will feature networking opportunities and educational seminars. More than 120 city governors and municipal officials are expected to attend the event. Around 300 delegates and representatives will be brought along to take part in the 2018 edition of Smart City Summit & Expo.

    SCSE is a comprehensive business-to-business tradeshow for smart cities industries. This year, the fifth edition of SCSE is expected to host 1,200 buyers from over 50 countries. Compared to last edition, the number of municipal officials and representatives grew by an impressive rate of 120%, while business buyers grew by 18%. The 2018 SCSE features 210 exhibitors, 1,050 booths, as well as 63 forums and panel discussions, representing a 6.67% increase compared to last year. The event is expected to attract some 16,000 conference participants and 30,000 exhibition visitors, including an impressive number of international retailers.

    The 2018 edition is characterized this year by the theme of "Building Smart Cities on the IoT". As cities around the world are aware of the huge potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), building more liveable, sustainable, and more efficient cities by transforming infrastructures with Internet of Things (IoT) solution is becoming a reality.

    Smart City Summit & Expo intends to elaborate on the same topic as last year to further develop ideas on building smart cities based on the Internet of Things.

    Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 will include 4 features:

    1. The exhibition will showcase best innovative practices accelerated through cross-industry and cross-domain collaborations.
    To set up a bigger stage for IoT innovations accelerated by cross-industry and cross-domain collaborations, this year’s exhibition will feature “Smart Healthcare Expo,” “Intelligent Building Expo,” and “Future Education Expo”. The vision is to turn SCSE into Asia’s largest smart city platform.

    Smart Healthcare Expo (SHE) will feature:

    1. Hospital Superintendents Conference: the conference event brings together more than 60 hospital directors from prestigious hospitals to discuss about international cooperation on healthcare services in Asia-Pacific and the experience exchange of smart hospital. Taiwan’s Smart hospital development. The participants will also be attending Declaration on International Cooperation in Smart Hospital.

    2. Healthcare Interactive Pavilion: experience the interactive technology in healthcare. Healthcare Interactive Pavilion showcases various simulations of Smart Hospital applications, from general wards to operating rooms and Intensive Care Units and across care teams, inviting global suppliers and industry leaders such as Tatung Medical Healthcare Technologies Co., Qisda, Advantech Co., MiTAC Information Technology Corp., ASUS Life Corporation, iMedtac Company Limited to present innovations through hands-on, interactive demo-stations.

    3. Intelligent Building Expo (IBE) will feature innovative applications which centred around community centers and smart homes. Asia Pacific Smart City and Intelligent Green Building Forum will feature high-profile keynote speakers travelling from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and China.

    4. Future ED) will showcase applications of digital educational platforms applied in elementary schools as well as a panel discussion with invited speakers, including school staffs, school principals and teachers from Southeast Asian countries.

    2. Discover an increased international exchange of new approaches, ideas and insights
    This year 12 major cities are going to set up their city pavilions, including Kyoto, Japan; Catalonia, Spain; and cities from the UK, France, Australia, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Mongolia. For Taiwan’s key pavilions, county and city governments including Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hualien and Yilan are setting up their independent pavilions. Taiwan’s Asian Silicon Valley project also invited 7 counties and cities to set up joint theme pavilions, creating a total of 15 highly anticipated theme pavilions for the event. Counties and cities will demonstrate some of the best smart city projects initiated by Taiwanese local governments. Among them, the Taipei City Government will exhibit with a scale of 42 booths as the biggest city vision theme pavilion.

    3. A new space for business matching program will be set up
    Registered attendees and overseas buyers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers attending Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 will be able to enjoy the benefits of a new business matching space. The matching area being set up provides a business platform for buyers and sellers to make relevant connections and facilitate meetings, ultimately allowing them to maximize their networking opportunities at the event. Business visitors will have a chance to meet potential business partners from more than 50 countries across the world - from the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Russia, and many more, in addition to many more signing up for the matching services. The organizers designed the business matching program, made special arrangements, and set up an area for networking, meaning a step toward in creating opportunities for new development and infrastructure in building smart cities.

    4. Global Organization of SMARTCITY -GO SMART Pre-launching Ceremony
    To promote the exchange of experience in the construction of smart cities in various cities around the world, and experiment with the idea of creating cities as living labs, Taipei City is inviting cities such as New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, as well as cities of Japan, South Korea, Russia, Australia, UK, France, Greece, the Czech Republic, El Salvador to jointly organize and attend a "Global Organization of SMARTCITY." -GO SMART initiative Pre-launching Ceremony. The signing event attended by honorable guests will kickstart the initiative. The alliance will be entering into a preparation stage and hope to go into operation by next year before the 2019 edition of SCSE takes place.

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