Newly Renovated Hotel Indigo HSP is Now Open for Business in Taiwan’s high-tech hub - Hsinchu
Oct 08, 2018

HSINCHU, TAIWAN – Hsinchu city is better known around the world as Taiwan’s Silicon Valley rather than its chic and trendy hotels. However, the city’s hotel and F&B landscape has just been injected with a shot of coolness, thanks to the recent grand opening of the new Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park (“Hotel Indigo HSP”).

Riant Capital Ltd., and its affiliated company Tech Bright Ltd. worked in conjunction with InterContinental Hotels Group (“IHG”) to bring the first Hotel Indigo to Northern Taiwan. The Hotel Indigo HSP represents a new innovation in Taiwan’s hotel sector focused on lifestyle design and service catered to the global business travelers. Through the close collaboration with the world-renowned lighting consultant, UNOLAI Design and uber stylish furniture designer Stellar Works, Riant Capital brought together a world class team to skillfully create this one of a kind Hotel Indigo.

Riant Capital Ltd.’s chairman Mr. Aaron Chan notes “We are extremely proud to have opened Hotel Indigo HSP in just three months, since we took over the property from the previous operator Miramar Hotel. Not only was the hotel opened in record time, but we have also accomplished the rebranding and repositioning of the property with minimum construction work but with a lot of style.”

Catering to the large demand from international young high-tech professionals, Hotel Indigo HSP represents a new generation of business lifestyle hotel for the millennial traveler. The ground floor’s innovative design features a café, bar, games room and restaurant, all of which are specifically designed for today’s modern young business professionals.

Mr. Aaron Chan further adds “Every detail of this hotel was designed with the needs of our customers in mind and nothing was spared in providing our guests with a memorable stay. The smells, sounds, sights, tastes and textures were all carefully selected to enhance the guest’s overall experience.”

The Hotel Indigo HSP is conveniently located adjacent to the main freeway exit and just a few minutes by car from the Hsinchu Science park. The 140-key hotel features 9 executive suites, 12 studios, 78 superior rooms, and 41 standard rooms, all equipped with Sealy mattresses, AVEDA bath amenities, branded high end Bluetooth speakers, and Nespresso coffee machines. Each room also has its own yoga matt in case you wish to follow the in-room yoga programs available via on-demand television.

CHAR bar & bistro, IHG’s flagship F&B concept offers exceptional western dining experience for guests on the first floor of the Hotel Indigo HSP. The 240 ping 4-in-1 F&B concept including café, bar, lounge, and restaurant is the first of its kind in Taiwan and the fourth in Asia following Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok. The restaurant is known for its exquisite cuts, cooking methods, and high-equality steak combined with trendy lifestyle décor. Items offered on the menu include (not often to be seen in Hsinchu items) grain fed quality steak, Normandy fresh oysters and Boston lobsters. The bar offers some of finest craft beers from Taiwan.

The Mayor of Hsinchu Mr. Lin Chih-chien noted while attending the grand opening of Hotel Indigo HSP “Hsinchu has traditionally been known as a technology innovation hub. I hope everyone can visit Hotel Indigo HSP so that they can see Hsinchu has the capacity to innovate beyond the technology sector”.

Thirteen Pioneer Partners Come On Board for B-Secure
Oct 02, 2018

Artajasa and Infinitium unveil B-Secure domestic authentication platform to support secure and seamless e-commerce transactions in line with National Payment Gateway

Jakarta, 27 September 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- B-Secure, the domestic authentication system for online payments developed jointly by PT. Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) and PT. Infinitium Solutions (Infinitium) is unveiled today, alongside the announcement of 13 pioneer partners comprising issuing banks, merchants and Payment Gateway (PG) service providers who have committed to integrate B-Secure into their e-payment services. The event was witnessed by Bapak Pungky P. Wibowo, Executive Director of Electronification and National Payment Gateway, Bank Indonesia.

Of the 13 partners on board, eight are from the issuing banks under ATM Bersama network, namely Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Syariah Bukopin, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN), Bank OCBC NISP, Bank DBS, Bank Bukopin and Bank Papua. Meanwhile, Mimopay, Rumah Zakat and Padiciti are the three pilot merchant partners whereas supporting PG partners are Doku and Faspay. These partners represent key stakeholders within the online payment ecosystem who have shown their vote of confidence in the B-Secure authentication platform.

B-Secure, an end-to-end domestic authentication platform for issuing banks and merchants to process e-commerce transactions, is a complementary infrastructure support to the e-payment ecosystem. It is compatible to be incorporated within the existing ATM Bersama framework with 94 bank and non-bank institutions, and potential of over 107 million cardholders in Indonesia.

“The announcement of B-Secure is in line with the National Payment Gateway (GPN) initiative in promoting easy and affordable cashless transactions for the public, while enhancing customer protection by securing data for each transaction. By providing an authentication platform for domestic transactions that is secure for consumers and banks, B-Secure supports the strengthening of an interconnected e-payments ecosystem that has interoperability and is able to carry out transactions including authorisation, clearing, and settlement. The B-Secure domestic authentication system is a commendable effort by PT. Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis with our partner, Infinitium to facilitate the e-commerce boom in Indonesia,” said Pak Bayu Hanantasena, Chief Executive Officer of PT. Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis.

“Authentication is a crucial component in the security aspect of payments to boost debit card transactions in the e-commerce arena. An authenticated payment platform creates confidence and trust to engage in payment services and online debit card transactions among cardholders, merchants and banks. B-Secure with dynamic authentication is a feature enhancement within the payment gateway and switching capabilities of Artajasa, to provide security and convenience of card-not-present payment in e-commerce transactions,” stated Pak Bayu.

“We believe that B-Secure is a game changer for the Indonesian domestic card GPN, as this solution provides flexibility and new capabilities for GPN cardholders to enjoy the convenience of online shopping and securely make payment for services, without the fear of payment fraud and unauthorized charges to their GPN account. B-Secure also enables GPN cards to have similar capabilities as Global Branded Scheme cards in online e-commerce and mobile commerce security. We look forward to enabling secure payments and beyond for the Indonesian market, given Infinitium’s robust technological infrastructure and capacity for transaction volume to ensure optimum up-time,” said Ho Ching Wee, Chief Executive Officer of Infinitium Group of Companies.

As Indonesians become more engaged in e-commerce given the increasing usage of smartphones and internet penetration, B-Secure can galvanise greater adoption of e-commerce transactions using a secure and authenticated platform.

“Cardholders with existing GPN accounts do not need to open a separate account or transfer fund into a separate wallet, instead will now be able to use their GPN card online once the Issuer Banks embark on B-Secure. This is a ready-captive market and we have the economies of scale to move the industry due to sheer volume of the captive market share,” Ho added.

Pak Bayu further commented, “As a big population of Indonesians do not hold credit cards, B-Secure now enables these previously “unbanked” people to carry out Online Debit payment for e-commerce. As for banks and merchants, B-Secure will be a new model for acceptance of payment that offer a better system in terms of security and scheme efficiency.”

Pak Donny Bima Herjuno of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), representing one of the pioneer issuer partners urged for greater participation through industry collaboration in adopting B-Secure. He said, “Indonesia is facing a paradigm shift in the banking and retail sectors, thus having in place a secure and seamless e-commerce transaction system for all parties is no longer an option, but a necessity. By having this platform, it is aligned to the e-commerce roadmap, which aims to promote online payments penetration. B-Secure authentication will enable and equip all stakeholders involved in Indonesia’s e-commerce market towards exponential growth.”

B-Secure, Enabling Domestic E-Commerce Payment
B-Secure is a real-time and online authentication platform for the stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem to securely authenticate and authorise an online GPN transactions across e-commerce and mobile-commerce space.

With Dynamic One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication, B-Secure facilitates a secure transaction cycle among cardholder, bank and merchant in a single process. As a result, the transaction can be completed in real-time and securely benefitting the whole ecosystem:

• Merchants use B-Secure platform to request for authentication and authorisation approval.
• Banks use B-Secure to verify the authenticity of the requesting merchant and authentication the card holder via OTP or other authentication channels such as biometrics.
• Cardholders use B-Secure to enter the OTP and securely complete the transaction in real-time.

B-Secure’s domestic authentication proposition is key to equip all stakeholders in the e-payment ecosystem in preparation for Indonesia’s e-commerce volume growth. Besides generating new revenue streams for issuing banks through the increased usage of their cards for online e-commerce, banks can assure customers that their GPN cards is on par with other Global Scheme cards in terms of security capability for online e-commerce and mobile commerce transactions.

Cardholders can have the peace of mind knowing that their cards are secure with OTP, thereby avoiding unauthorised charges to their bank accounts. They can use their GPN cards to enjoy the convenience of online shopping, and at the same time carry out real-time payment for their purchases.

As for merchants, B-Secure allows them to conduct real-time and secure payment with instant confirmation of approval. This will lead to an increase of sales turnaround and a decreased cost of transactions, besides preventing fraud. Acquiring banks will also be able to generate new revenue streams for accepting GPN online transactions and process GPN payments securely with real-time authentication and authorisation.

- ENDS -

PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) is a pioneer of electronic payment system in Indonesia, founded in February 10, 2000. The Company is principal of ATM BERSAMA which is the largest shared ATM network in Indonesia consist of Banks and non-bank institutions. ATM BERSAMA also connected to other cross border principals such as MEPS from Malaysia and other countries. Currently, 94 institutions have joined with ATM BERSAMA network that connects more than 77.000 ATMs nationwide.

Artajasa also develops and manages bill payments network for various industries such as, telecommunications, utilities, transportation, insurance, multi-finance, and education. With more than 18 years experience in the payment system development, the company is expanding its services for providing integrated payments solutions, including delivery channels, electronic money, payment instrument solutions and beyond. For more information, please visit

PT. Infinitium Solutions (PTIS) is the subsidiary company of Infinitium Group of Companies. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, PTIS is established in year 2008 and operates as the Sales and Technical Support Centre to service its local clientele.

In Indonesia, Infinitium has an established portfolio in authentication system and payment gateway services. Among the suite of product solutions by Infinitium are the bank payment gateway (BPG) and recurring payment system (RPS) for acquirers and merchants, Infinitium e-Mall and Infinitium Mobile eXperience (IMX). The Infinitium Integrated Mobile Secure solution (Infinitium IMS) is currently used by 22 local issuer banks to serve their credit card and debit card users in Indonesia. For more information on Infinitium, please visit

For further press information, please contact:

ARTAJASA media contact:
Mutiara Prima Putri
Marketing Communication
Tel : +62 812 9900 0350
Fax : +62 21 2917 7001
Email :

INFINITIUM media contact:
Brenda Tan
Integrity PR (Malaysia)
Tel : +60 16 834 8945
Email :

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Cremation Diamonds: An Innovative and Profound Way to Honor the Deceased in Australia
Sep 20, 2018

Cremation diamonds are a unique tribute compared to storing ashes in an urn

The most difficult part about grieving the loss of a loved one is being able to find the perfect sendoff that celebrates their life on earth and their legacy altogether without the bereaved feeling like they are attaching a price to their loved one. Specialist cremation diamond companies are providing a post burial alternative that’s fast gaining popularity in Australia due to the element of uniqueness in commemorating the deceased.

Cremation Diamonds: A Shift towards New Technology in the Australian Funeral Industry.

HPHT technology apparatus used in cremation diamond creation
Whereas cremation diamonds are synthetic diamonds that are created in laboratories from the carbon content of the cremated ashes or hair of a deceased, natural diamonds are formed at elevated temperatures and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 km in the Earth's mantle over a billion years.

Cremation diamonds can be created due to the carbon composition in the human body. This differs from case to case, therefore expert vendors like the Swiss LONITE with a branch office in Sydney, Australia have to first determine whether the cremated ashes or hair of the deceased contain enough carbon to be turned into a cremation diamond; about 200g of ashes or 10g of hair are required.

Cremation diamonds are born in the lab by recreating the conditions in the formation of natural diamonds with an HPHT technology over a period of 6 to 9 months. The ashes are put in a custom container called a crucible and then heated to over 5000F so that all elements except carbon can oxidize. The temperature is raised further so as to turn the carbon into graphite which is then placed into the core along with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal. When the core goes into a specialized diamond press capable of creating extreme tension, the pressure is adjusted to about 800,000 pounds/square inches. During the last stretch when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays about 2500F so that the diamonds become solid resulting in rough crystals that are cut and polished into cremation diamonds.

Most of the countries in the Asia Pacific region like China and Japan have a well-developed and modern funeral industry today, allowing the bereaved to have as many post burial alternatives that fit their desires such as cremation diamonds. This post burial alternative is changing the way people view death through providing lasting solutions to some of the pitfalls in the traditional burial methods such as;

Scarce and expensive burial plots. The average cost of a funeral in Japan is around $23,000 and these prices continue to skyrocket by over 50% every year; a case in point the Aoyama cemetery in Tokyo which charges $100,000 for a traditional burial compared to the Ashes into Diamonds cost which ranges from $1,600 to a little over $17,200.
Storing cremation urns in columbaria has also become expensive over the years. These warehouses also known as columbaria contain special mourning areas where the bereaved can swipe a card with the deceased’s location; a robotic arm retrieves the urn from the vault and delivers it to the mourning area, complete with somber music, flowers and video screens showing photos of the deceased. Ruriden Columbarium which houses over 2045 LED lit Buddha statues costs $7,379 including maintenance. This is also relatively expensive compared to the Ashes to Diamonds cost.

A diamond is a precious stone consisting of a clear and colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance; Cremation diamonds eternalize your loved one into a unique tribute that lasts for generations within the family as a legacy.

Cremation Diamonds: Factors to Consider Before Ordering your Gem

Color of the cremation diamond and the choice of cuts: The Naturally amber color of cremation diamonds comes from the life element Nitrogen that makes up 3% of the human body whereas the color blue comes from the boron content. Purely Colorless cremation diamonds are created by removing nitrogen and boron from the carbon prior to making a cremation diamond from the ashes. The cremation diamond can be ordered rough, unpolished and darker with a natural feel or it can be polished with a cut of your choice i.e. Princess, Radiant, Asscher, Emerald, Heart and Brilliant. Brilliant is the most popular cut style in Australia.

Carat size of the cremation diamond: Diamonds are measured in carat (ct). One carat equals to 0.2 g (200 mg; 0.007055 oz) thus sizes of the cremation diamonds range from 0.25ct to 1.00ct. This affects the Ashes to Diamonds cost and the period required to grow the cremation diamonds.

Cremation Jewelry to frame your cremation diamond: Framing your cremation diamond gives it a new look that celebrates the persona of departed lost loved one. Any type of jewelry can be customized depending on the metal of your choice such as gold, silver and platinum from the vendor that created the cremation diamond or an independent establishment. The most popular choices in Australia are pendants, rings and earrings.

Grading and certification of the cremation diamonds: Expert vendors deliver the cremation diamond with both a certification of origin and a process analysis report documenting and proving scientifically that the cremation diamond originates from the ashes of the deceased. The production records, laboratory data, chemical analysis and physical factors can be re-verified and validated by any independent certification and quality control institute like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI) which are the most reputable.

Some of the renowned cremation diamond companies around the world providing a wide range of products and services include;

ALGORDANZA: The company is located in Switzerland with laboratories in Domat/Ems in the region of Graubünden. Their cremation diamonds come in various cuts such as Asscher > Brilliant > Emerald > Princess > Radiant > Heart and rough. The cremation diamond sizes are available between 0.3ct and 10. ct and the ashes to diamonds cost starts at A$ 4,757 for a 0.3ct rough diamond. Algordanza only offers blue cremation diamonds.

LONITÉ: The Company is of Swiss origin with its headquarters located in downtown Zürich, Switzerland with various existing branches in major cities like Berlin in Germany, London in the UK and Buffalo in the State of New York, USA among others. Their cremation diamonds come in sizes of 0.25ct to 1.0ct but can be customized above 1 carat. LONITE has 6 different cremation diamond cuts; Brilliant > Princess > Radiant > Asscher > Emerald > Heart that come in 5 different colors; naturally amber, red, blue, greenish yellow and purely colorless. Their ashes to diamonds cost start from A$ 2,164 and can go up to A$ 23,258 depending on the characteristics of the gem. It is also possible to personalize your cremation diamond with a custom-made cremation jewelry from LONITÉ.

Heart in Diamonds: HID is a UK-based company with a laboratory located in Europe. Their cremation diamond colors are available in white, blue, orange yellow, deep red and yellow green. Their cremation diamonds sizes range from 0.015ct to 2ct in 3 available cuts; brilliant, radiant and princess. Their ashes to diamonds cost start from A$ 1,015 to A$ 22,920. HID also offer a provision for Family Plans which makes it easy to create cremation diamonds for multiple family members and at an affordable cost.

LIFEGEM: The Company is based in Chicago, USA. Their cremation diamonds are available in colorless, blue, red, yellow, and green in sizes ranging from 0.15ct to 2.0ct. The cremation diamond cuts include round, princess or radiant and the ashes to diamonds cost ranges from A$ 2,705 to A$ 32,463. Lifegem also have a provision for Family Plans to create cremation diamonds for multiple family members at an more affordable price.

Cremation Diamonds as a Safer Environmentally Friendly Funeral Alternative in Australia

Cremation diamonds are a unique tribute compared to storing ashes in an urn
The process of creating cremation diamonds is ecologically safer compared to traditional cemetery burials. Besides releasing 10% more carbon dioxide than a cremation ceremony on the long term, cemetery burials are one of the largest forms of pollution in Australia and the rest of the world at large; through regular tomb maintenance, the embalming fluids released during the embalming process and the coffin material which collectively pollute the ground waters. However, cremation diamonds creation starts with a cremation ceremony which only requires a one-time gas release as the body is being cremated after which the ashes are then kept in an urn for most of the time.

Cremation diamonds are a more honorable way to pay tribute to the deceased as opposed to simply storing their ashes in an urn forever. Diamonds are a beautiful gem that not only ensures that the legacy of your loved one lives on but also act as a tribute to the beautiful life they lived.

Other environmentally friendly alternatives like memorial trees (Planting a tree in memory of the deceased), green cremation (a process that uses water and potassium hydroxide to reduce the body to its basic element of bone ash), or ashes into a reef (this combines a cremation urn, ash scattering, and burial at sea into a permanent environmental tribute to life) are also becoming popular in Australia due to the increasing need to reduce the long time effects of environmental degradation.

With the fast changes in technology and the rise of innovations in Australia, people are more interested in finding new and improved options that are uniquely customized to fit their description of a perfect send off for a departed loved one. Cremation Diamonds allow for the bereaved to design every last detail of their gem to include as many tributes to the life of the deceased as possible thus making it an easy alternative for most Australians.

AppsFlyer partners with Weibo to create Social Marketing Value Measurement System
JCN Newswire
Sep 10, 2018

SINGAPORE - (ACN Newswire) - AppsFlyer, the world's leading mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, has announced a collaboration with leading Chinese social media platform Weibo. The partnership aims to improve the accuracy of digital advertising monitoring, and provide Chinese digital advertisers and media companies with a more comprehensive and effective digital advertising measurement standard.

Weibo, an integrated social media platform that connects mobile internet users, has a substantial database of 392 million active monthly users; 93% of whom are mobile users. With the aid of Weibo's extensive data, this partnership will give advertisers a more in-depth understanding of user behaviors and preferences based on Weibo interest tags, allowing businesses to define their internet demographics with greater precision.

With its social marketing value becoming more apparent and its corporate client base growing to over a million, Weibo has collaborated with AppsFlyer to create a social marketing value measurement system to help advertisers and media companies assess the returns of their social marketing campaigns more accurately; gaining clearer insights into the values that social marketing brings to a brand. The system will also further optimize Weibo's advertising business.

AppsFlyer is a world leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, with extensive industry experience and best-in-class technology, service and support. The partnership between the two giants of the tech world will enhance the marketing value of the Weibo platform and help promote positive developments in the social marketing space.

AppsFlyer already helps marketers obtain real-time data on marketing activities carried out on Weibo's advertising platform. By assessing the number of clicks, average revenue per user (ARPU), lifetime value (LTV), new app installs, and other metrics, AppsFlyer establishes a complete lifecycle analysis for mobile app marketers. This helps them better understand existing and potential customers, expand their marketing capabilities, and achieve maximum return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, AppsFlyer's independent and transparent solutions allow mobile marketers to get more actionable insights from their data, as well as better evaluate their marketing activities on Weibo's channels. This results in an improved customer experience and a more effective execution of marketing decisions.

This new partnership will also help global developers and app marketers gain access to the massive Chinese market, which might have been more of a challenge in the past. Accurate data on app activations, and better marketing analytics will enable them to better measure and optimize their LTV and ROI across Weibo's platforms.

"We are delighted to have this unique opportunity to collaborate with Weibo Advertising," said Wang Wei, AppsFlyer's Country Manager in China. "Not only is this another successful foray into the Chinese market for AppsFlyer, it is also a rare opportunity for mobile app marketers, both global and locally in China. Our comprehensive, unbiased and independent reports will complement Weibo's excellent social assets, giving businesses a deeper understanding of specific marketing behaviors and improving the overall value and performance of their campaigns."

AppsFlyer: technology is found on 98 percent of the world's smartphones, making it the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics. With Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap Inc., Tencent and 4,000+ other integrated partners, and clients including Alibaba, HBO, Waze, Skyscanner, Activision and 12,000+ leading brands worldwide, AppsFlyer has 15 global offices to support marketers everywhere. To learn more, visit

Weibo: is a leading social media platform for people to create, share, and discover Chinese-language content. Weibo has developed, and is continuously refining, its social interest graphic recommendations engine, which enables its customers to perform people-to-people marketing, and target audiences based on user demographics, social relationships, interests, and behaviors; to achieve greater relevance, engagement and marketing effectiveness.

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Company JCN Newswire
Contact Tiara Liu
Telephone +81-3-5791-1821
DB Schenker Delivers Asian Games 2018 to Audiences Around the World
Sep 03, 2018

Orchestrating the logistics by Air and Ocean to broadcast the biggest multi- sports event for the biggest region in the world from Indonesia

(Jakarta, 3 Sep 2018) --( ASIA TODAY )-- Logistics experts at DB Schenker from across the Asia Pacific region have been working hard behind the scenes to transport broadcasting equipment to Indonesia, so that audiences at home around the world are able to support their country athletes live on television during the 2018 Asian Games.

With the grand finale of the Games, which has to date attracted the attention of millions of viewers worldwide, broadcasted on Sunday night, DB Schenker will now handle the pickup and re-export of broadcasting equipment to the originating countries.

Early 2018, PT Schenker Petrolog Utama (SPU) and DB Schenker Sports Events Germany were appointed by the International Games Broadcast Services (IGBS) to handle the temporary importation and re-exportation of broadcasting equipment for the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

Asok Kumar, CEO of DB Schenker in Indonesia said, “With thousands of athletes from over 40 countries in Asia representing over 4 billion people, the task of delivering the Games Live back to the supporters and audience is absolutely vital. With our global network and extensive experience in managing freight and logistics for International sports events like the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, the FIFA World Cup and soon, we are proud and honored to be involved with the 2018 Asian Games, helping to deliver the games experience back to all the supporters back home.”

As the main forwarder for broadcasting equipment, SPU was responsible for freight transportation via air and ocean, managing customs clearance, temporary warehousing and sorting activities, as well as trucking transportation and delivery to broadcasting compounds in more than 40 sports competition venues.

With fully chartered cargo airplanes and many commercial flights that successfully landed between early July and mid-August at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, SPU has carried more several hundred tons of broadcasting equipment owned by IGBS and other independent broadcasting companies from all over the world. This includes equipment that had been used for the World Cup in Russia earlier this year.

Several shipments were also delivered through ocean freight to the Jakarta International Container Terminal. In major international sports events such as the Asian Games, time constraints are a common challenge faced by logistics companies. The SPU team in Jakarta overcame these challenges through close collaboration with its DB Schenker counterparts from other parts of the region, including Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Hong Kong.

Commenting on the event, Robin Dreke, Department Manager Fairs & Exhibitions, Relocations, Events and special Traffic Indonesia said, “The Asian Games athletes, event organizers , spectators , and fans watching the games at home, can look back at another outstanding sporting experience. Every major sporting event is unique, and we are proud and grateful that we could be part of the biggest s porting event in the region, pushing ourselves to provide the best logistics support possible. We thank all our partners for their great commitment and cooperation.”

# # #

Ridha Fajar Dwi Putra (Mr.) Marketing Communications PT Schenker Petrolog Utama (SPU) Tel. +62 21788 43788

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Thai Tips - 5 Features Of Thailand's Serviced Offices
Aug 29, 2018

Thailand is in the midst of recovering from a season where a dark cloud covered much of the economy. Since its sharp downturn a few years ago, the country is making a slow comeback, and while growth is a little slower than other countries in the area, Thailand business is preparing for an upturn that will continue into next year. In anticipation of this, many in the business community are hopeful that this growth will translate into opportunities for private ventures.

These opportunities extend to foreign business interests as well. Those looking to do business in Thailand’s growing economy might find the whole process of setting up shop in a different country overwhelming, in addition to having to look for suitable office space. Of the various types of fit-outs, businesses used to the traditional office space but needing budget-friendly options should consider the serviced office for a few reasons.

Continue reading to find out more information on the various features of Thailand’s serviced offices


The serviced office is affordable simply because the leases provide businesses with fully-furnished space, usually, in a corporate building. While your office does share the floor with other businesses, your overhead every month is much lower than it would be if you leased a conventional office and then had to fit out the office with equipment, furniture, utilities, and internet services. Take a look at Servcorp’s offices at to see what is typically included in a package. This streamlining of office services makes it much easier for businesses to budget on a monthly basis.

One of the greatest features of the serviced office is the fact it is much more affordable to conventional leases. This is important because in many of Thailand’s business districts office rents are high. Additionally, those unfamiliar with the area might find themselves having to research zoning and renting laws to gain the advantage. In the end, a more convenient, budget-friendly solution is the serviced office.

Office Amenities

Included in a serviced office plan are the same amenities you would find by leasing a regular office. For one, businesses do not have to worry about staffing an information or reception desk because many of these plans come with support staff. Additionally, serviced offices provide businesses with some of the best in IT services. As a business occupying space in their buildings, most of your IT needs are taken care of by professionals.


Another feature of serviced offices in this country is that most tend to be located close to business districts, which are usually characterised by high rents. The serviced office places you in proximity to businesses in more affluent areas. In terms of image, the serviced office can provide your outfit with reasonably-priced office space in a prime business location.


Another feature of the serviced office is that it provides your business with room to grow. If your business in Thailand grows substantially, you have the option of modifying the lease to reflect your business’s new needs, and this can be done relatively quickly with no downtime for your business. For perspective, in a standard relocation situation, businesses would need at least nine months to successfully orchestrate moving from one location to another.

International Offices

Finally, look for fit-outs that have international offices. For example, Servcorp, one of Thailand’s leading office providers, has offices around the world. These offices typically provide businesses with access to conference and meeting room space. This benefits your business in that it provides you with a place to work regardless of where you are in the world.

Finding Your Space In Thailand’s Office Landscape

The serviced office can do wonders in this landscape where you really have to know the terrain to avoid entering into disadvantageous deals. Your serviced office provides you with a one-stop shopping experience that removes the hassles associated with initiating your office set up. In saving both time and money, you can focus on being more productive at work.

Must-Have Audio and Video Accessories under Rs. 5,000
Aug 28, 2018

We all keep looking for better ways to our entertainment and most of us are fond of listening to audios and watching videos on the devices that can enhance the level and quality of movies, songs, etc. undoubtedly market is flooded with many accessories, but you can’t buy any of them until the accessories are sold by Amazon. Amazon offers many such devices that you may go with without any hesitation. You can even apply Amazon India Coupons to get concessions instantly on your purchases. Following is a list of many such audio and video accessories under Rs. 5,000.

• Pen Camera Player with Audio Video Recording by Insasta

The pen camera player device is available for just Rs. 399 and you can increase its memory up to 16 GB if you feel the need but there is no inbuilt memory. The device has a USB Digital Video Recorder with an expandable Micro SD Card Slot and it works very well to be used as a USB drive. You can never miss buying such a super compact camera player at the minimal prices.

• Terabyte Mini UP Scaler Video Converter

The mini video converter is available for Rs. 599 on Amazon India. You do not need to install any drivers. It is one of the portable and flexible devices. You just have to plug it on and play the video. It consumes considerably low power but it does not have a power adapter. The device supports NTSC and two standard formats of TV.

• Boya Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone

The microphone comes with 20ft Audio Cable and it is available for Rs 999. It has a few features like a clip-on mic to be used on smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders, computers etc. the device has an amazing sound and gives super cool presentations and video recording experience. It has an omni-directional condenser microphone with the low handling noise. The order will include a label clip, a foam windscreen, and comes with 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter.

• Extension Cable, RCA with Connector Jack Plug Extend Video Audio Wire by MA RCA

The extension cable is just for Rs. 279 and it is made in India. The device further has a branded MX connector and has a digital cable for the perfect signal through any distance. The device gives 90 percent shielded digital cable along with a foil wrap and emits amazing sound with less noise or disturbance. It is the most flexible cable that can withstand up to the 360-degree rotation. You can extend your existing cable for home theatre and speaker, or DVD, and TV using the extension cable by MA RCA.

• Rewy Neckband Bluetooth Wireless Sports Stereo Headset with Microphone for all Smartphones

The wireless headset is listed for Rs. 399 on Amazon and it offers high-rated sound with modern audio features with the enhanced bass response in HD Voice and the compatibility with aptX for the unbelievable listening experience with the rich and authentic sound for any kind of music with a crystal-clear voice calls. The device is compatible with any standard Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, or other media devices.

• SeCro RCA Jack Connecter Audio Video Adapter

The adaptor is available for Rs. 159 which is friendly to pocket. It further has a triple RCA cable coupler for the best quality and constituent Videos. You can use this Adapter by joining two A/V stereo and a component video or the RGB cables. The coupler is a perfect fit for connecting to any RCA cables to use as a long cable. This adapter is also suitable to be used as a gender bender.

• LCD full HD Monitor with LED Reverse Camera by AMSIK

The camera has a feature of Bluetooth for the input of Video and Audio. It is of 7-inch and is available for Rs. 2,599. The device supports Bluetooth, MP5, and FM transmitter features. It is known for working perfectly in the camera, DVD, STB, VCD, satellite receiver of cars, and other video equipment. The device is seven inches long with TFT LCD widescreen and a rear view mirror monitor.

• Audio Video 2RCA Cable 3.5mm Aux Jack

The audio-video device is available for Rs. 2,045 on Amazon and entails the amazing features. The device is designed and built keeping in view the fragility of LCD, LED, and PLASMA TV screens. The device is appropriate for 32 to 55" LCD, LED, or the Monitor TV. It has the integrated cable management and a clip of steel.

• Qualtos Portable 2. 5" Full HD Car DVR Vehicle Camera and Video Recorder

The device is available for Rs. 1,149 with a unique adjustable Design that offers Automatic ignition to start the recording session. It has a low light compensation technique that ensures amazing video recording quality even in low light areas. The company gives one-year replacement warranty to the buyers. The device and the facility by Qualtos are available all over India.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers under $100
Aug 28, 2018

We are always looking to get the best music experience while partying or at any functions. Also while watching our favorite movie; we can never opt to compromise on the voice quality. The media industry keep on manufacturing such great products that can let the buyer have the ultimate experience. Amazon is also offering the list of many such Bluetooth or Wireless speakers that can be availed at concessional prices using Amazon Coupons.

• Captcha LED Mini Portable Wireless Stereo with Bluetooth Speaker

The device comes with Mega Bass Headphones with inbuilt Mic For Xiaomi Mi MaX and it is available for $5.40 on Amazon. The design of the device is unique and it is portable as well as convenient to use. It can be carried easily and you may enjoy the music with any hassle and at any time and places. The device has a large capacity battery that provides a long-term usage of the device with extra bass performance.

• Bluetooth Capsule Speaker with FM

The speaker is available for $7.12 on Amazon and it is100 percent well-suited to Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker System with any Smartphones or any other Bluetooth qualified devices. The product comes with compact speakers and you can enjoy loud and crystal clear sound using it and the enhanced bass technology in speakers gives the best music experience. The portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has a sleek and a compact design that can fit into a bag or a purse.

• Trovon Wireless Bluetooth Receiver with Jack Stereo

The Bluetooth audio music receiver adapter is available for $4.26 and can be used in the Cars that too with a hands-free kit that is compatible with all Android and iOS Devices. The device is simple to connect it to your speaker or headset to any qualified device. It immediately transforms the speaker or headset into the advanced wireless Bluetooth speaker or headset. The device is compatible with home stereos or speakers in cars and also supports the iPhone, Android phone, and other smartphones with Bluetooth adaptability.

• Portable Stereo Bluetooth Pill Speaker

Get surrounded by the sound and amazing HD Audio experience using Captcha portable stereo with a Jack in mobile phone or Car Mp3 speaker and iPod as well. The product is available for $7.83 on Amazon. The device supports the wireless music and you can stream your music via the advanced Bluetooth Technology that ranges to more than ten meters. The battery standby is good with 2.5 hours of complete charging. The iPod is designed with the cleverish look of compact size that is portable and easy to carry even in a pocket.

• Trovon Wireless Bluetooth 4.0

The device has Anti-Lost and Anti-Theft Alarm system and the device has a GPS tracker to locate and trace the lost item. The product ranges from $3.55 on Amazon. The tracker technology has a remote control connecting to your smartphone camera for ease. The Bluetooth device uses low energy and the product works amazingly via the racing app. Also, the tracker provides an advanced last seen pin-drop on the map to extend the help to recover the lost product and look for the cars in parking site. It comes in a compact size with a lightweight design along with the low energy consumption with the effective range which is up to 25m.

• Artis Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM Card Reader

The portable Bluetooth device has a Mic and led light technology which is available for $12.82 on Amazon. It has an advanced wireless speaker which comes with an FM Radio, TF Card Reader, and a Mic to use it for hands-free calling. The premium metal body of the speaker is having the dynamic sound effect to enhance the experience with crystal clear and amazing sound playback and quality. It has up to 10 meters operating Range and the device lasts up to 3 hours after playback. It further has 20 hours of standby time and is rechargeable. The 400mAh battery is best for extended usage.

• Artis Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The device comes in a wide range from $15.53 on Amazon. It has the wireless Bluetooth speaker system with additional USB input as well as FM Radio and Aux In-support. The dynamic sound effect is emitted with crystal clear sound letting you enjoy the moments to the best. It has up to 4.5 Hours stand-by of playback with a soft touch body. You can operate the device even at a distance of ten meters.

• Philips Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth device by Philips is available for $17.83 with an anti-clipping function for the loud, amazing and distortion-free music. It has the built-in rechargeable battery to be used for music playback. The device comes with the battery backup of up to six hours.

Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash

iQor Expands in Iloilo, Philippines
Aug 27, 2018

ILOILO, Philippines--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, announced today that it has broken ground in Iloilo, Philippines on construction of its newest contact center. This is iQor’s second location in the Iloilo region to meet demand from clients in its growing ecommerce and retail verticals.

iQor opened one of the first English-speaking contact centers in the Philippines in 1999. Since then, the company has grown to more than 22,000 employees in the country spanning 11 facilities throughout Dasmariñas, Davao, Iloilo, Talisay, Bacolod, and Clark. Last year, iQor opened a 2,500 contact center in Santa Rosa, Philippines that is now at full capacity.

“We are seeing an accelerated demand for our customer care services in our ecommerce and retail verticals,” said Gary Praznik, iQor’s CEO. “From its level of education, to its inherent understanding for all things digital, the talent in Iloilo is incredibly equipped to take on the role of handling increasingly complex customer interactions across multiple communication channels.”

Nicknamed the “The Heart of the Philippines,” Iloilo is an economically booming province that remains one of the most vibrant regions in the country. iQor opened its first Iloilo center in 2016 providing customer care, technical support, and chat services.

iQor was recently recognized for its commitment to the business community and job creation, earning first place awards for Best First-Time Nominated Company and Best Company of the Year Outside National Capital Region, presented at the 12th International ICT Awards in March 2018.

To pursue an opportunity at iQor Philippines, please visit To learn more about growing your career at iQor, please visit:

About iQor

iQor is a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions. With 45,000 employees in 18 countries, we partner with many of the world’s best-known brands to deliver aftermarket product and customer support solutions that span the consumer value chain, from customer care and receivables management to product diagnostics and repair services. Our award-winning technology, logistics, and analytics platforms enable us to measure, monitor, and analyze brand interactions, improve business processes, and find operational efficiencies that lead to superior outcomes for our partners across the customer and product life cycles.

Media Contact:
Marilou Vergara

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4 HKTDC August Fairs, Chinese Medicine Conference Conclude
Aug 20, 2018

20 August 2018 – Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 29th Food Expo, the 10th Hong Kong International Tea Fair, the third Beauty & Wellness Expo and the fifth Home Delights Expo, as well as the International Conference of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products which is jointly organised with the Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association Ltd, concluded successfully today. The four HKTDC fairs attracted a record number of nearly 2,100 exhibitors and drew 510,000 visitors.

Targeting trade buyers, the Food Expo’s Trade Hall and the Hong Kong International Tea Fair opened from 16-18 August. “The HKTDC organised over 100 buying missions from 27 countries and regions to visit the exhibitions and source products. The atmosphere at the events was great, and a large number of trade buyers reported satisfactory results. The Food Expo’s Trade Hall attracted more than 21,000 trade buyers, an increase of 3.5% compared with last year,” said HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau.

Ideal Business-matching Platform Creating Trade Opportunities

The Food Expo’s Trade Hall gave international buyers a one-stop sourcing platform. Sheik Rajena, the Regional Director of Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co. Pte Ltd from Singapore, said they had already placed an order with a Chinese mainland supplier for a shipping container of confectionery worth in excess of US$100,000. “Negotiation is underway with an Iranian exhibitor for a container of dried figs worth about US$120,000, and with a Hong Kong exhibitor for a variety of chocolates with an estimated value of US$150,000.”

This year, Thailand’s Department of Industrial Promotion organised a Thailand pavilion at the HKTDC Food Expo for the first time, bringing in 16 food producers. One exhibitor has received an order from a Singaporean buyer for a container of crispy chicken sticks. Another company secured orders for three containers of food from Japanese and Korean buyers. The responses were very encouraging.

Jerzy Szostek, a buyer from Poland, visited the Tea Fair and talked to more than 30 Chinese mainland tea suppliers at the fair. He planned to buy five to 10 containers of green tea and black tea a year from his favoured suppliers.

Beauty & Wellness Expo: Korean Products Sold out at “K-Beauty Expo Hong Kong” Pavilion

The third Beauty & Wellness Expo ran from 16-20 August. This year, the HKTDC teamed up with the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) for the first time to launch a “K-Beauty Expo Hong Kong” pavilion under the theme of “Stylish K-Beauty”. The pavilion featured a wide variety of products from 45 Korean brands, which were greatly welcomed by consumers.

Timothy Park, Overseas Business Manager of Manseok Tech Co. Ltd from Korea, said: “Since Hong Kong is a good market for Korean skincare products, we are participating at the Beauty & Wellness Expo for the first time. We hope to expand into the Asian market through the expo, to collect valuable customer feedback about our products and to look for distributors. Through the HKTDC’s business matching service, we have met with a few distributors from Hong Kong who are very interested in our products. Consumers also like our products; the oxygen moisturising cream and eyelash curlers were sold out at the expo. We estimate our sales at the five-day expo would reach HK$100,000.”

The concurrent Home Delights Expo was also welcomed by the public. ITSU World (HK) Limited participated as a first-time exhibitor this year, and its Operations Director Hei Ho noted: “We already sold more than HK$150,000 worth of massage chairs on the first day of the expo and we expect our sales turnover to hit HK$1.2 million by the end of the expo. The expo is a good place to promote our brand and do business.”

Pilot Food Container Lending Service and Cooperation with Charities in Food Waste Collection

To promote “plastic-free” living, an on-site food container lending service was pilot-run at the Food Expo this year. Visitors could borrow a reusable food container with wooden utensils at a cash deposit of HK$20, and reclaim the deposit by returning the used food container when leaving the fairground. The service was run jointly by the HKTDC, NWS Holdings Limited and social enterprise BottLess, with the wooden utensils sponsored by Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited.

“We are pleased to see positive responses from visitors to the food container lending service. Despite being a trial run this year, it has effectively raised environmental awareness among the public. Some visitors even brought their own utensils and food containers in support of the cause,” said Mr Chau. “We will learn from this year’s experience and will hopefully expand the scale of the lending service with enhanced promotion next year, bringing across the message of ‘waste reduction at source’.”

The HKTDC continued to cooperate with “food rescue” charities, Food For Good and Food Angel, to collect and recycle packaged edible food and food waste at the fairground, and to invite exhibitors to donate food to needy communities after the fair.

Media Enquiries

This media release was distributed by Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) on behalf of the HKTDC. For further media enquiries, please contact:

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