SMM: Maritime Sector Shows Strength and Innovative Power
Sep 07, 2018

Today, Friday, is the final day of SMM 2018. The trade fair brought together around 50,000 industry visitors from more than 120 countries, once again highlighting its importance as the leading international maritime trade fair. Under the motto "Trends in SMMart Shipping", the fair focused on digitalisation and ‘green shipping’ this year. Featuring a total of 2,289 exhibitors from 69 nations, and five accompanying conferences, SMM more than met the industry's high expectations, setting new standards for internationality and innovation.

Hamburg, 07/09/2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Thirteen halls covering a total of 93.000 m2 exhibition floor: SMM has again demonstrated in impressive ways that it is rightly called the biggest and most important trade fair of the global maritime sector. Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, is highly pleased with the outcome of the four-day event: “SMM 2018 was a full success, not only for us as the organisers but also, and especially so, for the exhibitors and visitors. We again welcomed the Who's Who of the maritime world to our exhibition halls this year, and we have seen again that there is nothing that can replace the person-to-person interaction between the key players of the sector. We successfully addressed the shipping community’s most pressing issues, delivering fresh impetus for the future." Aufderheide was also extremely pleased about the fact that Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), was able to attend SMM. Lim participated in the SMM opening ceremony at the Hamburg City Hall as well as the opening press conference and was a guest speaker at one of the special conferences where he explained the environmental agenda of IMO.

Furthermore, SMM 2018 welcomed 15 business and 12 political delegations from Germany and other countries.

The digital revolution – a maritime reality

It was not by accident that the organisers of SMM had chosen the motto "Trends in SMMart Shipping": Digitalisation is one of the key drivers of the industry, along with environment protection. Many exhibition stands gave evidence of this, frequently using touchscreens, simulators and virtual reality goggles to make their innovative technologies more tangible for visitors. "This year you can really see the digital revolution entering the maritime sector. SMM is a great place to meet up with this," said Frank Coles, president of Transas Group, a Wärtsilä company. Other exhibitors agreed: "As the digital revolution becomes maritime reality, SMM 2018 has proved to be the ideal opportunity to launch the ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control dynamic positioning (DP) system as part of the journey towards autonomous shipping," explained Mikko Lepistö, Senior Vice President at ABB Marine & Ports, PG Digital Solutions. "All of our major customers are here, and the organisers of SMM have worked tirelessly together with our team to make this possible."

Hamburg hosts the maritime world

SMM reflects the entire value chain of the maritime industry: From lube oil filters offered by the specialist Bollfilter to the signal horn by Zöllner through to Furuno's radar system and a ship engine manufactured by the global market leader, MAN Energy Solutions, the diversity of exhibits was breath-taking. The fair's roughly 50,000 visitors were able to choose Theme Routes guiding them to specific exhibitors, including the new Cruise & Ferry Route. Interior design for ships, and in particular, cruise ship cabin design, was especially popular this year: “Being here is extremely valuable for us. We had countless great conversations with partners from around the world," reports Thomas Töpfer, CEO of RReinhold & Mahla.

New business contacts, new products, new strategies

The opportunity to network is something both, exhibitors and industry visitors appreciate particularly at SMM: "Attending this fair every two years is a must for us since it is here we can meet up with all our partners and customers in one place," said Jan-Christoph Lötzsch, Director After Sales & Service at Raytheon Anschütz.

New products, new people, new strategies – SMM was once again the industry's top platform for presenting novelties to the world and negotiating deals. "Rolls-Royce Power Systems, with its core brand MTU, is developing at an aggressive pace, transforming from an engine manufacture into a provider of integrated solutions. There is no better platform two showcase that than SMM, the leading trade fair of the maritime sector," said CEO Andreas Schell.

Innovation was also a key theme at the Siemens stand. "To us, SMM is always a good way to gauge the mood in the market and look for new trends and topics," said Matthias Schulze, Executive Vice President Marine at Siemens. Alfa Laval for the first time presented an especially powerful ballast water management system to its customers at SMM. "Customers are especially interested in products addressing the new environmental regulations," stressed Klaus Maak, Divisional Manager Marine MidEuropa.

As always, many great business deals were finalised at SMM. For example, GEA announced an order from P&O Cruises for its innovative industrial refrigeration technology. Other exhibitors likewise expressed their satisfaction about major new orders. For example, the classification society DNV GL reported having been contracted to supervise and classify a 2,750-TEU containership newbuilding project at the Chinese shipyard Huangpu-Wenchong (HPWS), and the ship propeller manufacturer MMG seized the day to deliver the world's biggest containership propeller on occasion of SMM.

Successful debuts

An event that received plenty of attention was the "Maritime 3D-Printing Show Area”, something that had never been seen at a maritime trade fair before. "3D printing is a technology that really catches on, and our conversations have been going very well," summarised Lina Harms who represented the Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland, one of the partners of SMM. SMM was again complemented by high-profile conferences covering specific topics such as digitalisation (Maritime Future Summit), environment protection (Global Marine Environmental Congress), ocean research (Offshore Dialogue) as well as security and defence (Maritime Security & Defence). With an attendance of more than 500 guests, the response was excellent. Another grand premiere at SMM 2018 was the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum, which had prepared a multifaceted programme featuring renowned speakers.

There is a great demand for young talents and skilled experts in the maritime sector. This is why SMM hosts the Maritime Career Market (MCM) as a job exchange and a platform highlighting career and training opportunities within the industry. The Career Forum, a series of presentations about maritime professions and careers, was another first at this SMM.

Maritime industry shows optimism

All in all, the general mood has clearly improved, compared with the year 2016 where the effects of the shipping crisis were still felt very strongly: For example, as the four-day SMM came to an end, Trond Rolstad Paulsen, Sales Manager Sensing & Digital Solutions at the Norwegian technology company Kongsberg, summed up his impressions: “It's very good this year, very well visited, especially on the opening day. People seem to have a positive mindset and appear willing to invest." Bernard Meyer, CEO of Meyer Werft, one of the world's leading cruise ship yards, arrived at a similar conclusion: "It was once again an outstanding show of the maritime industry." It is heartening to see the sector's economic situation being assessed in much more positive terms than in recent years.

The next SMM will take place from 8 to 11 September 2020 in Hamburg.

For further information as well as high-resolution photos and footage from SMM 2018, visit

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Innovative solutions for fine cleaning, digitalization and services Effective fulfilment of changed demands in part cleaning
Sep 04, 2018

Filderstadt / Monschau Apart from the particulate cleanliness of industrial components, the removal of film-type contaminants is moving ever more sharply into the focus. The digitalization of cleaning systems also plays an increasingly important role. Addressing these altered requirements in part cleaning, Ecoclean will be presenting diverse new developments at this year's parts2clean (Hall 3, Stand B 31), including some live displays and forward-looking service solutions.

Manufacturing processes such as coating, adhesive bonding, sealing, painting, welding or even heat treatment call for very clean part surfaces.

Even minimal residue of film-type contaminants – e.g., oils, greases, metalworking fluids, corrosion inhibitors, preservatives, mould parting agents – and other auxiliary production compounds have a quality-impairing effect.

For the ultra-fine degreasing treatment that commonly follows wet chemical cleaning with a solvent or aqueous medium, Ecoclean (formerly Dürr Ecoclean) has developed an innovative solution. It permits an additional low- pressure plasma cleaning step to be performed in the working chamber of the wet cleaning system. By means of this combination cleaning cycle, the free surface energy that is key to optimum adhesive strength can be raised from 60 to 80 mN/m in virtually one single process. At the upcoming parts2clean this breakthrough will be presented by way of example on an EcoCcore solvent-based cleaning system.

Another innovation at the cleaning equipment manufacturer's booth will be an automated compact application carrier for diverse uses in the partial cleaning and activation of metal and plastic workpieces. Depending on the objective, this lean platform can be fitted with plasma, EcoCsteam, laser, CO2snow jet or EcoCbooster technology for integration into a production line. It can thus be employed to perform various tasks – e.g., in the electromobility, supplier industry and medical equipment segments – efficiently using a partially dry process.

When it comes to fine and ultra-fine cleaning, e.g., in the optical industry, precision mechanics, medical equipment making and machine tool production, the ultrasonic cleaning systems made by UCM AG, a member company of the SBS Ecoclean Group, shine with diverse advantages at both the machine and process technology levels.

Over and beyond these highlights, an innovative cloud-based solution for the digitalization of cleaning systems will be exhibited. It is designed to deliver optimized process reliability, plant availability and overall equipment efficiency. This digitalization solution is also capable of generating an batch- or part-specific end-to-end documentation of equipment and process conditions of the kind required in the aircraft, medical equipment and automotive industries. To the plant operator, it thus yields a range of value-adding benefits that include improved productivity and superior production planning.

Another prime subject at the Ecoclean booth will be forward-looking service solutions. On the “Service Island”, experienced after-sales support staff will provide information on aspects such as predictive maintenance, tailor- made service concepts, trainings for customer employees, and equipment modernization / adaptation.

Hall 3, Stand B31
Ecoclean GmbH, 70794 Filderstadt, Germany, UCM AG, 9424 Rheineck, Switzerland

Photo Caption: Ecoclean_Nass-Plasma
Image source: Ecoclean GmbH

By adding low-pressure plasma cleaning to a wet chemical cleaning system, film-type contamination can be minimized for unsurpassed cleanliness.
Image source: Ecoclean GmbH

By adding low-pressure plasma cleaning to a wet chemical cleaning system, film-type contamination can be minimized for unsurpassed cleanliness.

About SBS Ecoclean Group
The SBS Ecoclean Group (formerly Dürr Ecoclean) develops, produces and markets forward-looking machinery, systems and services for industrial part cleaning and surface treatment applications. Its globally leading solutions help companies around the world in conducting efficient and sustainable manufacturing to high quality standards. The client base comes from the automotive industry and its suppliers in addition to a broad range of market sectors ranging from medical equipment, micro technology and precision devices through mechanical and optical engineering to power systems and aircraft industry. Ecoclean's success is based on innovation, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, closeness to the customer, diversity and respect. The Group employs a workforce of approx. 800 at its 12 sites in nine countries worldwide.

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SMM 2018: Leading international maritime trade fair launches with high-profile guest speakers
Sep 04, 2018

At today’s opening press conference of the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, political and business leaders discussed current challenges facing the shipping industry. The focus of the debate was on the 0.5per cent sulphur limit for ship fuels which will take effect on 1 January 2020, and the industry's goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping in half by the year 2050. Roughly 2,300 exhibitors and the extensive conference programme accompanying the trade fair will deliver answers to the industry's complex questions. Roughly 50,000 visitors are expected to attend. SMM is open to the international industry audience from today until Friday 7 September.

Hamburg, 04/09/2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- A press conference featuring a panel of highly distinguished speakers opened the leading international maritime trade fair today.
The expert panel included:

• Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO):

• Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS);

• Frank Starke, Global Product Manager Medium Speed Engines, Caterpillar; and

• Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, which organises SMM.

SMM an important driver for the maritime sector

In his opening address, Bernd Aufderheide emphasised the great importance of SMM as an international and interdisciplinary platform for decision-makers and experts from the maritime world to share thoughts, ideas and experiences. In challenging times such as these, he said, the industry demonstrates its determination to pull together, discuss solutions for the future, and deliver impetus for long-term political decisions. The 13 exhibition halls present a wide range of current technologies and tangible innovative solutions for greener as well as more efficient ship operations, he pointed out: "Apart from digitalisation, green shipping is one of the main themes at SMM 2018. Exhibitors offering ‘green’ products cannot only be found in Hall A5, which is entirely dedicated to green propulsion. The Green Route likewise includes a very large number of ‘green’ companies, and many of them present innovative products that can truly make a difference in helping shipping become more eco-friendly," said Aufderheide. The exhibition is accompanied by segment-specific conferences, such as the global maritime environmental congress (gmec), the Offshore Dialogue, or the Tradewinds Shipowners Forum, which focuses specifically on the challenges facing shipowners and is held in conjunction with SMM for the very first time this year.

International cooperation of all stakeholders is essential

Kitack Lim stressed the importance of the International Maritime Organization’s ambitious ecological agenda: As soon as 2020, the global 'Sulphur Cap’ will come into effect, limiting the sulphur content in ship fuels to 0.5 per cent, said Lim: “The entry into force of the sulphur limit on 1 January 2020 is a landmark decision for both the environment and for human health. It demonstrates a clear commitment by IMO to ensuring shipping meets its environmental obligations. The major focus for IMO and the industry now is to ensure consistent, global implementation of the new limit,” Lim added. By 2050 the industry wants to cut its CO2 emissions in half, and by the end of the century ships are to operate entirely without emissions to contribute their fair share to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Lim commented: “To have this overall international framework within which the technical discussions can now take place is a truly historic breakthrough. The next step is to agree the precise measures that will enable these ambitions to be achieved. Communication and collaboration among Member States and all stakeholders is essential.”

Shipowners must invest enormous amounts of capital to meet the stricter emission limits and the ambitious climate protection goals, from scrubbers and other filter technologies to alternative propulsion technologies which will be needed in the medium term. At the same time, more than 50,000 oceangoing ships around the world are required to install ballast water management systems, as well.

Enormous investments

Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the global shipowners organization International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), took up the issue of the ‘Sulphur Cap’, highlighting the challenges the new limit brings about for the shipping industry: "ICS fully supports the implementation of the sulphur limit and accepts that postponement is not an option." What is crucial now is careful planning, he said. "It is important to consider that shipowners must begin purchasing compliant fuels as early as the middle of next year." A recent survey by the Swiss investment bank UBS among ship managers revealed what all this means: From 2019 until 2023, more than $250 billion of equipment investments and operating costs will have to be shouldered by owners to comply with green shipping requirements.

The IMO's climate protection strategy will require an even greater effort: “The goal for 2050 can only be achieved with radically new propulsion systems, such as hydrogen and batteries," said Poulsson. Engine manufacturers play a key role in making the maritime energy transition happen; and all the major players are exhibiting at SMM. Dr. Frank Starke, Global Product Manager Medium Speed Engines at the engine manufacturer Caterpillar, is well aware of the challenge. "The ambitious 2050 greenhouse gas target can only be achieved by combining several technologies, including innovative engine technology, various fuels, new fuel production methods – such as Power to X – and exhaust gas aftertreatment," the engineer predicted. Special applications will require special solutions, such as battery operation in short-sea shipping, he added. It is of paramount importance that all stakeholders act in concert, Starke stressed: "The required massive investments of creative intelligence and capital can only be justified if there is a predictable, globally harmonised emission regulation regime. Adherence to these regulations must be monitored effectively and enforced strictly to create a level playing field around the world."

Bernd Aufderheide then invited the panellists and journalists to join him for a tour of the exhibition halls: “Experience an industry that utilises all of its accumulated engineering prowess to steer shipping towards a sustainable future.” He said he was confident SMM would deliver the necessary encouragement. “I have no doubt that both, visitors and exhibitors will leave the trade fair with a sense of optimism after four information-filled days – and that they will return in 2020."

The kick-off event for SMM 2018, the Maritime Future Summit, was held one day ahead of the fair, followed by a festive evening reception at the Hamburg City Hall. Apart from the official host of SMM, Hamburg First Mayor Tschentscher, speakers at the reception included State Secretary Dr. Ulrich Nussbaum from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, and IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim. Dr. Peter Tschentscher described how Hamburg’s vibrancy as a maritime hub benefits from SMM: “The 28th SMM brings all major engineering innovations of the value chain together under one roof, and its overarching themes are once again right at the core of the debate about the future of shipping, of ports and the oceans.”

Photo (l.t.r.): Frank Starke, Global Product Manager Medium Speed Engines, Caterpillar; Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS); Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO); Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (Credits: Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH/ S. Wallocha)

From Tuesday 4 September until Thursday 6 September, SMM opens from 9:30 am to 06:00 pm. On Friday 7 September the fair closes at 04:00 pm.

- ASIA TODAY News Global Distribution IFA 2018 - The Leading Global Consumer Electronics Trade Fair Opens in Berlin on August 31st
Aug 30, 2018

BERLIN, Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The IFA in Berlin is the global leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances and will take place from August 31 to September 5 at the fairgrounds of Messe Berlin.

The worldwide leading brands will present their latest consumer electronics and household appliances products and numerous innovations making their debut at IFA will draw visitors into the exhibition halls. From September 2 to September 5, the IFA Global Markets - Europe's biggest B2B-Sourcing-Platform in the location "STATION-Berlin" - will complete the exhibition.

Last year's big success - IFA NEXT 2018, the successful innovation platform for start-ups will be extended substantially. The six theme days will be dedicated to presentations, panel discussions and pitches. Innovative companies, research institutes and organizations will present their ideas for future markets.

This year's newcomer: Shift Automotive! The new Future Mobility Convention is a cooperation between Geneva International Motor Show, Palexpo, IFA, and Messe Berlin and will take place for the first time at IFA on September 4 and September 5. Here, it's all about new technologies which will change mobility.

The trend in 2018: Artificial intelligence. Smart and connected products are expected to become more convenient by speech recognition. Besides, the devices are supposed to become adaptive. There will be increased focus on personal health, too. The range of products for the improvement of well-being is increasing also.

The media partner, will be supplying journalists with comprehensive moving-image material covering IFA 2018. Material on the Opening Gala, trade fair impressions and interviews with exhibitors and industry experts will be obtainable at the Global Broadcast Center.

Dirk Ashauer GmbH, Oberlander Ufer 180-182, 50968 Koln
Tel.: +49-(0)221-78-87-95-52
Tel.: +49-(0)178-7921-90-69
Fax: +49-(0)221-78-87-95-90

Source: GmbH

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Innovations and know-how for reliable and efficient parts cleaning – now and in years to come
Aug 28, 2018

Hannover, Germany --( ASIA TODAY )-- In all sectors of modern industry, the effective cleaning of parts and components is essential for ensuring consistent, high-quality manufacturing results. But new trends are posing fresh challenges for parts cleaning technology. In order to remain competitive in tomorrow’s world, manufacturers need to know now what standards of surface cleanliness will be demanded in future in specific industry sectors. They can find all the information they need at parts2clean, the leading international trade show for industrial parts and surface cleaning, which takes place from 23 to 25 October in Stuttgart.

“parts2clean not only has the world’s largest range of exhibits for efficient and reliable parts cleaning, but also pays particular attention to coming trends and future challenges,” says Olaf Daebler, Global Director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe AG. The supporting program that accompanies the exhibitor displays is likewise designed to offer expertise and know-how to meet all present and future cleanliness requirements.

Some six weeks ahead of the start of the show, now in its 16th year, more than 180 companies have already booked their stand space in Halls 3 and 5. This means that the net display area already totals approx. 6 500 square metres.

Innovative solutions and technical advances in all display segments

According to Daebler “many exhibitors use the show to present new and improved products and services to an international trade public for the first time”. Amongst other things, that includes a new solvent-based cleaning line with an integrated low-pressure plasma cleaning stage. This innovative development makes it possible to meet the highest standards for the removal of surface films – typically required prior to adhesive bonding, coating or sealing – in a single, continuous process. Various new developments and technical refinements for the dry cleaning of individual parts address the growing awareness that film-type contaminants can critically affect the quality of the finished product. Also on display will be various innovative, cloud-based solutions for the digitization of cleaning plant and processes. These ensure that the production process remains stable, while helping to increase productivity and reduce costs. Exhibitors at this year’s parts2clean will also be showing solutions for deburring and cleaning parts in a single work stage. And participating companies will be unveiling their latest products and systems in all other display segments, too, including cleanliness checks following the removal of particulate residues and surface films, cleaning media, bath monitoring and bath maintenance, cleaning baskets and workpiece carriers, and accessories.

Wide-ranging supporting program: a key knowledge resource

The supporting program at this year’s parts2clean offers more new solutions and valuable know-how. The organizers of the special presentation “Automation and Digitization of Cleaning Processes”, for example, will be demonstrating with the aid of a Stäubli TX2-CS9 industrial robot how easily process and equipment data can be made available. Visitors will also be shown how these data can be defined and edited for specific requirements and purposes. And experts will explain how operating and teaching interfaces can be flexibly adapted to specific production goals and employee profiles, and how helpful “smart data” can be for sustainable production.

The special presentation “Process Flow in Parts Cleaning, Including Cleanliness Checks”, organized in conjunction with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center), has live coverage of the different process stages, from deburring and cleaning to cleanliness checks in clean-room environments and the logging of results. Another special presentation, organized by the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT), has as its theme “QSRein 4.0 – Opportunities for Industrial Parts Cleaning”.

“Our English-speaking guided tours led by industry experts give visitors the opportunity to gather information about specific areas of interest in industrial cleaning by talking directly to selected exhibitors,” explains Daebler. The three-day Industry Forum that forms part of parts2clean, and whose program is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance and FiT, functions effectively as a further training event for industry professionals. The talks by senior industry experts and research scientists will be given in simultaneous translation (German <> English), and offer new knowledge and field reports on various aspects of industrial parts and surface cleaning, as well as on innovative developments in cleaning technology. Admission to the Industry Forum is free of charge for visitors attending parts2clean.

Deutsche Messe AG

As one of the world’s foremost organizers of capital goods trade fairs, Deutsche Messe (Hannover, Germany) stages a rich array of events at venues in Germany and around the globe. With 2017 revenue of 356 million euros, Deutsche Messe ranks among Germany’s top five tradeshow producers. The company’s portfolio features such world-class events as (in alphabetical order) CEBIT (digital business), CeMAT (intralogistics and supply chain management), didacta (education), DOMOTEX (carpets and other floor coverings), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), INTERSCHUTZ (fire prevention, disaster relief and safety & security), LABVOLUTION (lab technology) and LIGNA (woodworking, wood processing, forestry). The company also regularly hosts a number of internationally renowned events by third parties, among which are AGRITECHNICA (agricultural machinery) and EuroTier (animal production), both of which are staged by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), EMO (machine tools; staged by the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, VDW), EuroBLECH (sheet metal working; staged by MackBrooks) and IAA Commercial Vehicles (transport, logistics and mobility; staged by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDA). With more than1,200 employees and a network of 58 sales partners, Deutsche Messe is present in more than100 countries.

## #

Your contact for further information:
Tel.: +49 (0) 711 854085

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Water for All - Leybold strengthens a long-term project of the Atlas Copco Group
Aug 28, 2018

Cologne, 22 August 2018 - Leybold Managing Director Johan Van der Eeken and Project Manager Stephan Hohenadl today handed over a donation cheque for 5,930 Euros to Eva Heemann and Cemre Altinsoy for the employee initiative `Water for All´. Since 1984, Water for All has supported projects that provide people in need with access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. It is Atlas Copco's most important non-profit initiative and is funded through employee volunteer contributions. In total, more than two million people have now gained access to clean drinking water thanks to Water for All. The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh were also recently supported with donations from the Welthungerhilfe. In the long term, the focus is on supporting sustainable water supply and hygiene projects, especially in Africa.

Every company knows this: over time, articles accumulate which are not sold to the extent that their manufacturer would like. And without incentives, little will happen. The sales teams of Leybold found a threefold original way. "It was important to us to find a lever to make the benefits clear to everyone involved. When we presented the concept to the sales department, I was very pleased with the immediate support for this project," says Stephan Hohenadl, who is responsible for this unusual campaign: "To reduce inventories, we launched a so-called 'Red Tag' campaign, which offered corresponding products on the market at special conditions. The articles were then sold at a very attractive price and our warehouse was cleared," explains Hohenadl.

That alone was nothing special - but the sales team's highlight was a percentage share if the minimum sales price was exceeded and, linked to this, the second highlight: the sales team thereby made a percentage contribution to the renowned social project Water for All of the parent company Atlas Copco.

5930,- Euro turn into a donation of 17,790,- Euro for a good cause

"Our cooperation with Welthungerhilfe makes it possible for institutional donors to double the donation and ultimately raise 17,790 Euros for our joint aid projects,” Eva Heemann and Cemre Altinsoy from the Atlas Copco employee initiative were delighted when they accepted the cheque.

"Leybold has been part of the Atlas Copco Group since 2016 and I am very pleased that this initiative has been so positively received and supported by our staff," emphasizes Johan Van der Eeken, who has known Water for All from the Group for years. This campaign is a win-win situation for everyone: "It supports sustainability to a special degree and serves to make life easier for those in need in a direct way," says the Leybold Managing Director.

# # #

For further information, please contact:
Christina Steigler
Corporate Communications
T: +49 221 347 1261
F : +49 221 347 31261

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SMM, the world's leading maritime trade fair An industry steers towards digitalisation
Aug 28, 2018

This year’s SMM motto, "Trends in SMMart Shipping”, is right on track: The maritime sector is driving the use of digital solutions. From network-integrated fleets and smart ship control to 3D printing and autonomous shipping, smart next-generation technologies will be showcased at exhibition stands along the Digital Route and discussed in the accompanying conferences.

Hamburg, 28/08/2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Across the maritime industry, the digitalisation process is in full swing. Most companies involved in shipping, shipbuilding and related disciplines are busily investigating ways of using smart solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability, and optimise work processes. As a topic relevant to all parts of the value chain, digitalisation was chosen as the overarching theme for SMM 2018: Apart from high-tech products enabling sensor-based remote monitoring of ship operations, satellite-supported platforms and control modules interlinking all ships of a fleet are high on the agenda, as well. Mobile tracking and booking apps as well as customer portals are now being developed to streamline the logistics chain. "Digitalisation is not the goal, nor is autonomous shipping; these are tools and ways you might develop it. The goal is maritime transport systems that meet the needs of the next generation,” says Clarkson Research president Martin Stopford.

The 2,289 exhibitors from 69 countries present at SMM will provide interested companies with plenty of choices to custom-tailor product packages that will bring their digital capabilities to a new level. “From agile start-ups offering specialised software applications, to market-leading suppliers of maritime technology offering entire portfolios of digital systems, our 13 halls and 93,000 m2 of exhibition space address every aspect,” says Claus Ulrich Selbach, Business Unit Director – Maritime and Technology Fairs & Exhibitions at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The main focus is on practicable solutions delivering true added value to users.

Unmanned ships and printed spare parts

One of the most fascinating topics is unmanned shipping. According to the SMM Maritime Industry Report, more than one-third of market players believe it to be a realistic option for the future. A shining example, the “MV Yara Birkeland” designed by the Norwegian technology company Kongsberg will soon be the world’s first autonomous, electrically-powered container ship. She is being built by the Norwegian Fincantieri subsidiary Vard. Delivery is scheduled for early 2020. The vessel is to begin operating entirely without a crew in 2022, relying on GPS, radar, cameras and many sensors only, and replacing roughly 40,000 lorry trips per year. This is just one example of how the two SMM themes, “Smart Shipping” and “Green Shipping”, interlink.

For the world of industrial production, the “fourth industrial revolution” and the Internet of Things are key initiatives. Efficient and network-integrated process control allows manufacturers to meet customer needs faster, and deliver bespoke solutions with ease. Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is beginning to play a key role, opening up entirely new options for suppliers and manufacturers. In future, things like urgently-needed spare parts for a ship could be manufactured at the next port of call, or even directly on board. This would reduce the logistical effort while avoiding costly laydays.

For the first time ever, SMM will present a special exhibition on 3D printing, arranged jointly with the Northern German Maritime Cluster (MCN). In addition to seeing various exhibitors specialising on additive manufacturing, visitors will be able to listen to intriguing lectures and watch live presentations, including those from member companies of the newly-established “Forum 3D Maritim”. The SMM exhibitors specialise on specific aspects of the 3D printing process and will demonstrate the entire value chain of additive manufacturing, from the first sketch to the finished product. The process of 3D-printing blades for controllable pitch propellers can be watched directly at the fair. Manufacturing these marine components the conventional way is a complex, time-consuming process. Using a printing machine by Gefertec, the blades will be made from duplex steel in an additive production process that is estimated to take eight to then hours per blade. “Our 3DMP process can be used with a wide range of materials. This opens up vast new possibilities for the manufacture of maritime components,” says Gefertec CEO Marcus Ortloff.

Inspiring conferences, improved guidance

The Maritime Future Summit conference will likewise explore how advanced technologies can create new opportunities for the industry. Held on 3 September, the day before SMM opens its doors, it will set the stage for the leading maritime trade fair and its high-profile conferences. Science and industry experts will discuss what the maritime sector can do to prepare for the future, and which technologies will play an essential role. Digitalisation, autonomous shipping, artificial intelligence, 3D printing: All these visionary concepts have already become part of industrial reality, as many exhibition stands at SMM will demonstrate in tangible ways. “We will offer SMM visitors a perfect mix of theory and practice,” says Claus Ulrich Selbach. “Our Digital Route guides interested fair visitors directly to exhibitors who focus on future-looking topics such as digitalisation. This means people can get a direct impression of what shipping will look like tomorrow – something you can only find at SMM,” Selbach adds.

Press contact: Nora Ebbinghaus, ph. +49 40 3569 2445; e-mail:

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Ecoclean: The choice of the right cleaning technology decides Solvents are often a superior alternative in terms of cost efficiency and sustainability
Aug 10, 2018

Filderstadt, Germany. When it comes to obtaining oil and grease-free surfaces in a stable process, a solvent-based part cleaning method will commonly provide benefits at the process technology, economic and ecological levels. Given the polar nature of both the contaminant and the cleaning medium, cleaning will be achieved quickly and reliably. With their extensive range of solvent-based cleaning systems, Ecoclean can offer a suitable solution to whatever challenge.

The task of industrial part cleaning is to achieve the cleanliness required for high-quality downstream processes – e.g., coating, adhesive bonding, welding, curing – in a reliable, but also cost-efficient and resource-saving manner. The success of this operation is critically dependent on the use of a suitably adapted approach in terms of chemicals, equipment and process technology.

Contamination, materials and part geometry are critical

For selecting the cleaning fluid, the chemical principle "like dissolves like" may be taken as a guide. Aqueous detergents are typically employed for water-based (polar) contaminants such as aqueous coolant and lubricant emulsions, salts, abrasion residue and other solid matter. To make sure that the medium will not attack the product surface, it is recommended to test the material compatibility and achievable results through cleaning trials beforehand. For mineral oil based (non-polar) contaminants such as machining oils, greases, waxes and resins, a solvent (chlorinated hydrocarbon, non-halogenated hydrocarbon or modified alcohol) will normally be the right choice. Chips and particles present on the product will lose their adhesion to the surface once the oil is removed and are then eliminated via an operation such as, e.g., injection flood washing and ultrasound.
Depending on the contamination to be removed, the optimum solution will be a non-halogenated hydrocarbon, a chlorinated hydrocarbon, or a modified alcohol. The latter media have lipophilic and hydrophilic properties enabling them to remove both non-polar and, to a certain extent, polar contaminants. Solvents exhibit a high degree of material compatibility. No oxidation, discoloration, dulling or other impairment of the part surface is caused by the cleaning treatment. Another advantage of solvents is their ability to dry off quickly and completely, even in difficult product areas such as blind holes and undercuts.

Forward-looking solutions adapted to the task

For solvent-based cleaning, Ecoclean's product portfolio comprises fully enclosed machines carrying the fluid in a closed circuit. All solvent-based cleaning systems come equipped with an integrated distillation system and filtration systems for continuous automatic reconditioning of the solvent. As a result, operator exposure to the solvent is virtually eliminated and an unchanging cleaning quality and long solvent life is ensured.

The EcoCcore, working under a full vacuum, is designed for efficient cleaning of large quantities of parts to exacting cleanliness standards. It can be operated with non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols (polar solvents) and it is easy to change from one solvent to another. This ensures its future viability even if the part range or specifications should change. Moreover, this solvent cleaning system shines with an extensive standard equipment level that includes, e.g., two flood tanks, heat recovery, full-flow and bypass filtration, plus a number of detailed features minimizing idle times. The innovative preliminary steam degreasing function which delivers the oil-laden solvent straight into the distillation circuit (instead of into the flood tank, as is commonly the case), and the ability to use ultrasound and filtration at the same time, help to reduce per-unit cleaning costs while also enhancing cleaning quality. Contaminant particles are thus discharged while the cleaning process is still ongoing and will not settle at the bottom of the work chamber pending filtration.

The EcoCcompact, with two flood tanks as standard and a space-saving modular configuration, is suitable for cleaning and preservation processes using polar solvents or non-halogenated hydrocarbons. Operating under a full vacuum, this unit can be ordered with diverse options supporting a broad range of applications – from high-speed degreasing through intermediate cleaning to specification-compliant final cleaning. To assist with such challenges, a third flood tank can be retrofitted. The machine's design focus lies on a targeted reduction in per-unit costs combined with maximum cleaning efficiency.

Heat treating contractors, metalforming shops and companies from the automotive and aircraft industries in particular require cost-efficient part cleaning and degreasing equipment capable of handling high capacities. The solvent-based large-chamber cleaning system EcoCduty was developed to address this demand. This machine is designed for loads measuring up to 1250 x 840 x 970 mm and weighing up to 1 tonne. It uses hydrocarbons or polar solvents and operates under full vacuum. Its modular design provides adaptability to individual user needs. Configured as a vapor-degreaser in its standard version, the system is additionally available with one or two stainless steel flood tanks – e.g., for a process comprising vapor degreasing and injection flood washing or vapor degreasing, injection flood washing plus a preserving step. Vacuum drying is standard on all three versions. Chlorinated metalworking fluids can be effectively removed by means of appropriately stabilized solvents following oil compatibility testing. Moreover, the unit is perfectly suitable for cleaning off sulphur-containing oils.

A compact solution taking up minimum space, the Minio 85C provides reliable and economical de-greasing and cleaning with non-halogenated hydrocarbon media, either between or downstream of production processes. Both small businesses turning out low production volumes and large-scale operations using distributed cleaning stations will profit from its mature process technology involving the steps of immersion, steam degreasing and vacuum drying.

The ideal equipment and process technology as well as process parameters can be effectively and reliably determined through cleaning trials with real contaminated parts in Ecoclean's Technology Centers.

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parts2clean supporting program extensive know-how and added value for future-oriented parts cleaning
Jul 25, 2018

– Bilingual Industry Forum incorporating Innovations and QSRein 4.0 Forum
– New and established special presentations on a variety of topics

Hannover. Lightweight construction, changing manufacturing and coating technologies, new materials and material combinations, the digitization of production, electromobility and autonomous vehicles – these trends are putting pressure on manufacturers to clean parts and surfaces to ever higher standards. “The solutions on offer from exhibitors at this year’s parts2clean are designed to not only meet current standards for the cleanliness of parts and components, but also even more stringent requirements coming up in the future – and that with consistently reliable results, and at affordable cost”, remarked Olaf Daebler, Global Director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. But the products and services showcased by exhibitors at the Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning are not the only reason parts2clean is a must for cleaning technology users from every branch of industry; the show’s supporting program also offers an unparalleled wealth of know-how and added value. Among the supporting events are the information-rich, bilingual Industry Forum and the associated Innovations and QSRein 4.0 Forum as well as a special presentation on “Process Flow in Parts Cleaning, Including Cleanliness Checks”, one on QSRein 4.0 and another on the role of automation in parts cleaning.

Special presentations on hot topics

The special presentation “Process Flow in Parts Cleaning, Including Cleanliness Checks”, staged in conjunction with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center), provides live coverage of the deburring of workpieces, cleaning in a cleanroom environment, and the contamination-free transfer of parts to a Class ISO 7-compliant clean room for cleanliness checks using a cleanroom-compatible transfer cart. These checks are likewise performed live and involve a series of processes: rinsing, filter drying, gravimetric analysis, visual checks using optical microscopy, and protocol generation. Specialists in industrial cleanliness will be giving visitors guided tours of this special presentation on all three days of the show (mornings and afternoons).

Visitors to the special display on the role of automation in parts cleaning will discover what solutions are already available for these applications, such as robots for parts handling, and what future trends are starting to emerge. Another special presentation is entitled “QSRein 4.0 – Opportunities for Industrial Parts Cleaning”. Here the focus is on new approaches and possibilities in plant engineering, and on process solutions for parts cleaning in the future.

Knowledge and innovations for parts and surface cleaning

The three-day Industry Forum at parts2clean, organized by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance (FAR), is one of the most internationally respected knowledge resources for parts and surface cleaning. The talks by renowned experts from industry and science will be given in simultaneous translation (German <> English), and are grouped together under the following topic clusters: “Cleaning processes”, “Maintenance and operation of plant and process chains”, “Analytics”, “Field reports and examples of best practice from various sectors”, and “Automation/robotics and Industry 4.0 in parts cleaning”. “Thanks to the excellence of its guest speakers and the quality of the information provided, the parts2clean Industry Forum effectively serves as a high-caliber seminar”, comments Daebler, adding “And the forum is open to all parts2clean visitors.” Also part of the Industry Forum is the successful “Innovations for parts cleaning” session held by the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT). The agenda features talks about innovative products and solutions in chemistry and processes, plant engineering and equipment, measuring, testing and control, as well as consultancy, applications and services. Also organized by FiT is the session “QSRein 4.0 – Opportunities for Industrial Parts Cleaning”.

The complete program for the Industry Forum and the special sessions will be available from about mid-September on the parts2clean website under the “Supporting program” menu.

Guided Tours – the shortest route to the ideal solution

The Guided Tours program enables visiting professionals to gather information on everything of particular interest to them, while at the same time being exposed to the very latest technical developments at selected exhibitor stands. As such, the tours cover every link in the parts and surface cleaning process chain. The tours will each take about two hours, and are available for groups of up to 25 persons (max.) on all three days of the show. Each tour is led by a trained guide, with commentary in English.

Deutsche Messe AG

As one of the world’s foremost organizers of capital goods trade fairs, Deutsche Messe (Hannover, Germany) stages a rich array of events at venues in Germany and around the globe. With 2017 revenue of 356 million euros, Deutsche Messe ranks among Germany’s top five tradeshow producers. The company’s portfolio features such world-class events as (in alphabetical order) CEBIT (digital business), CeMAT (intralogistics and supply chain management), didacta (education), DOMOTEX (carpets and other floor coverings), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), INTERSCHUTZ (fire prevention, disaster relief and safety & security), LABVOLUTION (lab technology) and LIGNA (woodworking, wood processing, forestry). The company also regularly hosts a number of internationally renowned events by third parties, among which are AGRITECHNICA (agricultural machinery) and EuroTier (animal production), both of which are staged by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), EMO (machine tools; staged by the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, VDW), EuroBLECH (sheet metal working; staged by MackBrooks) and IAA Commercial Vehicles (transport, logistics and mobility; staged by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDA). With more than1,200 employees and a network of 58 sales partners, Deutsche Messe is present in more than100 countries.

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Augmented Reality Startup RE'FLEKT Opens Multi-million Euro Series a Financing Round with BASF Venture Capital as Lead Investor
Jul 12, 2018

BASF Venture Capital has invested in RE’FLEKT, a Munich and San Francisco-based Augmented Reality startup that provides enterprise customers content creation and remote expert solutions. BASF Venture Capital’s opening investment of 3,75 million Euro ($4.4 million US Dollar) follows Bosch’s investment in the company in 2015.

“The investments from two of the world’s largest industrial companies validate our leading position in the Augmented Reality market. With the new funding, we will continue our strong growth and further invest in our team and products,” says RE’FLEKT CEO and founder Wolfgang Stelzle.

“Digital technologies are a high priority at BASF. We see significant benefits in using Augmented Reality for a variety of key simulation, communication, and digital learning use cases, especially related to operations and industrial processes,” says Markus Solibieda, Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital. “Our partnership with RE’FLEKT further establishes value for our customers, who will be able to use Augmented Reality to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing and industrial processes.”

RE’FLEKT has been developing its enterprise Augmented and Mixed Reality ecosystem since the company was founded in 2012. Consisting of a multi award-winning content creation platform and a remote expert solution for maintenance, training and operations, the RE’FLEKT ecosystem intelligently projects step-by-step instructions directly onto complex machines and systems using Augmented Reality. “The RE’FLEKT platform helps machine operators and maintenance personnel eliminate mistakes and significantly in-crease uptime,” says Wolfgang Stelzle, founder and CEO of RE’FLEKT.

Industrial companies use the RE’FLEKT Ecosystem to transform their existing CAD drawings and data from traditional technical documentation into interactive Augmented Reality applications for mobile devices and smart-glasses. These applications can be used regardless of location to provide interactive user support and standardize learning and education for complex machinery and processes.

The 2020 global market potential for AR applications is estimated at more than one-hundred billion dollars. Market trends such as knowledge society, connectivity, and globalization are just a few of key factors that expected to drive the opportunity for enterprise AR solutions that improve communication and knowledge transfer.


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