Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the CEINEX D-Share Market today
Nov 08, 2018

- First official listed price at EUR 1.06 Euro, slightly above final placement price at EUR 1.05.

- Total gross proceeds amounted to EUR 278.25 million (equivalent to RMB 2,215.9 million)2 from base deal, with potential for an additional approx. EUR 41.74 million (equivalent to RMB 332.4 million)2, if the greenshoe option is fully exercised.

- The total number of share outstanding of Qingdao Haier will increase from 6,097.40 million A-shares by 265.0 million D-Shares to a total of 6,362.40 million A- and D-Shares before exercise of the greenshoe option.

- The listing shall further implement the globalization strategy backed by multiple funding resources to boost new growth drivers.

Qingdao / Shanghai / Frankfurt, 24 October 2018 - Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. (SHA: 600690, "Qingdao Haier" or "the Company"), a Chinese household appliance producer that ranks as the No.1 major household appliances company in the world by retail volume[1] and already listed in Shanghai (A-Shares), was successfully listed today on China Europe International Exchange AG D-Share Market (the "CEINEX D-Share Market") through admission to trading on the regulated market segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse) and, simultaneously, on the sub-segment of the regulated market with additional post-admission obligations (Prime Standard). Qingdao Haier is now the first company listed in the CEINEX D-Share Market.

The first official listed price was announced at 9:23 a.m. today and stood at EUR 1.06, which is slightly above the final placement price of EUR 1.05. As expected the Company was able to place all 304,750,000 D-Shares with investors, consisting of 265,000,000 D-shares from a base-deal offering and 39,750,000 D-Shares in connection with an over-allotment. Total gross proceeds amounted to EUR EUR 278.25 million (equivalent to RMB 2,215.90 million)2 before exercise of the greenshoe option, with potential for an additional EUR 41.74 million (equivalent to RMB 332.40 million)2 in gross proceeds if the greenshoe option is fully exercised.

A European capital markets listing is an important part of Qingdao Haier's globalisation strategy. By having a presence in Germany via a listing of D-Shares, Qingdao Haier intends to draw on capital markets to diversify its funding sources, optimise its capital structure and expand its investor base. Qingdao Haier also expects to leverage the D-Share listing to promote global recognition of its brand and to support the further expansion of its global footprint, including in the European home appliances market.

The successful listing on the CEINEX D-Share Market is an important step towards further implementing Qingdao Haier's globalization strategy through access into European capital markets, and thus anchors future growth for Qingdao Haier. The Company is very honored to receive wide support from new investors across the world and intends to continue to expand globally, to strengthen its presence in Europe, and to continue to enhance Haier brand value through technology innovation and new product development.

For the D-Shares the international securities identification number (ISIN) is CNE1000031C1 and the German stock code is 690D.

Retail investors that placed orders with syndicate banks were allocated approximately 0.1% of the total placement volume of, in aggregate, 304,750,000 D-shares (including 39,750,00 D-shares in connection with over-allotments). All orders placed by retail investors with syndicate banks were allocated according to the following allocation key: each retail order was allocated in full. The principles for the allocation of shares to retail investors issued by the ministry of finance's stock exchange expert commission were followed and the allocation to retail investors in connection with the offering followed the same criteria for Germany-based syndicate banks and their affiliated institutions.

[1] According to retail sales statistics on the major appliances by Euromonitor, Haier had a global market share of 13.3% in terms of retail volume in 2017, making it the top selling household appliances company in the world for the seventh consecutive year.

2 With a conversion rate of 7.9637 RMB to 1 Euro.

About Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. (SSE: 600690; ISIN: CNE1000031C1):

Qingdao Haier is a leading global household appliance manufacturer with a focus on smart home and mass customisation solutions for consumers. Qingdao Haier designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of household appliances including refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air-conditioners, water heaters, kitchen appliances and small household appliances under a global portfolio of leading household appliance brands including Haier, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA, Casarte and Leader. As the leading smart home solutions provider, Qingdao Haier has developed three platforms; U+ Smart Life (a cloud-based provider of integrated smart home solutions), COSMOPlat (a customer-oriented industrial internet platform that allows for mass customisation) and Shunguang (a platform that facilitates the integration of Haier's online, offline and micro-store businesses and promotes user interaction to further enhance the user experience).

Qingdao Haier has been the top selling major household appliances company in the world in terms of total global retail volume for seven consecutive years from 2011 to 2017, with a global market share of 13.3% in terms of retail sales volume in 2017, according to Euromonitor. According to the same source, Qingdao Haier was also the top seller in refrigeration appliances, home laundry appliances and interconnected air-conditioners in terms of global retail volume in 2017.

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Yao Sun (Sophie) - Qingdao Haier Germany
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Email: y.sun@haier.de

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Suntech Signs Global Partnership Agreement with Cyient
Oct 23, 2018

Cyient is a global provider of engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, digital, network and operations management solutions to industry leaders

Germany/India, October 23, 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Suntech, a leading provider of innovative OSS (operations support systems) solutions, has announced that it has signed a non-exclusive business alliance agreement with Cyient, a global provider of engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, digital, network and operations management solutions.

Through this agreement, Cyient and Suntech intend to jointly pursue business opportunities globally in the communications industry by leveraging both company’s technical proficiency, market reach, and domain knowledge. Cyient’s expertise in system integration, operational excellence and global delivery model combined with Suntech’s advanced and specialized technology will offer customers best in class OSS solutions.

Cyient will become a global sales and systems integration partner for Suntech’s world class software products, benefiting its clients with enhanced OSS portfolio and maintenance capabilities. Cyient’s global presence and established leadership in network inventory and asset management will provide Suntech access to newer markets.

Expressing confidence in the partnership, Sanjay Krishnaa, Senior Vice President, Communications, and President, Asia Pacific at Cyient said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Suntech to further expand the solutions we offer. Suntech’s technology will enable us to support global OSS transformation initiatives that will improve asset and network optimization for our clients.”

Commenting on the association, Piotr Saczuk, CEO, Suntech, said, “The combination of our ingenious technology with Cyient's mature engineering, design, and delivery capabilities presents new opportunities for both companies within the communications industry, as well as other markets, such as manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, and transportation.”

About Cyient
Cyient (Estd: 1991, NSE: CYIENT) provides engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, network and operations management services to global industry leaders. Cyient leverages the power of digital technology and advanced analytics capabilities, along with domain knowledge and technical expertise, to solve complex business problems. As a Design, Build and Maintain partner, Cyient takes solution ownership across the value chain to help clients focus on their core, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve.

Relationships form the core of how Cyient works. With nearly 15,000 employees in 21 countries, Cyient partners with clients to operate as part of their extended team, in ways that best suit their organization’s culture and requirements. Cyient’s industry focus includes aerospace and defense, medical, telecommunications, rail transportation, semiconductor, utilities, industrial, energy and natural resources.

For more information, please visit www.cyient.com.

Follow news about the company at @Cyient

About Suntech
Suntech is a leading supplier of OSS/BSS applications for cable operators, mobile network operators, and internet service providers. The company was formed in 1996. Suntech solutions are available under the SunVizion brand name.

The flagship product, SunVizion Network Inventory & Planning, is an innovative system for inventory of both logical and physical network elements combined with support for network planning process. This solution works with any network technology and with all types of networks. In-built workflow engine supports the processes related to network management and the sale of services. Intelligent discovery and reconciliation mechanisms improve the accuracy of network data. SunVizion solutions bring value to millions of subscribers worldwide.

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3 October 1948 – the starting point on the road to becoming a global player
Oct 22, 2018

Trade fairs have been held in Frankfurt for the last 800 years or so. The roots of the modern-day Messe Frankfurt can be found in the Export Fair that was held in Frankfurt in 1948. This event, which will have taken place 70 years ago on 3 October of this year, was also a pioneering force behind the company’s sustainable international development. From an economic and psychological perspective, the effects of this autumn trade fair – the first to be held after the Second World War – were enormous when it came to stimulating German foreign trade and reconstructing and expanding the exhibition grounds. And in helping Messe Frankfurt to develop into a market leader in the international trade fair sector.

3 October 1948 saw the official opening of the Autumn Fair, and therefore the first event following the end of the Second World War. Some 2,000 exhibitors from 32 industrial sectors from Germany and Europe presented an international range that included all kinds of goods. One exhibitor at the very first event that is still a fixture at consumer goods fairs today is Koziol, a German company that produces awardwinning, high-quality design objects for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Stephan Koziol, CEO of the family company, says: “Our company has made very successful use of the international consumer goods fair in Frankfurt, from the very first event in 1948 right up to the present day. The trade fair is indispensable, particularly when it comes to securing new international customer contacts and cultivating existing ones.”

Messe Frankfurt’s final report on its 1948 Autumn Fair counted 300,000 visitors, some 1,500 of whom were buyers from Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Iran and India. Two visitors came from China. Orders in the amount of DM 600 million were placed, equivalent to at least ten percent of the economic output of the three western zones of occupation at the time. Export orders were received from all over Western Europe, the USA and Canada, South America, Iran, South Africa, India, China and Afghanistan. This paved the way for Messe Frankfurt’s rise to become one of the world’s leading trade fair companies.

In summer 1945, plans for rapidly rebuilding the exhibition grounds and introducing new trade fairs and exhibitions were already being discussed in Frankfurt, pushed ahead by mayor Walter Kolb. On 4 December 1946, Kolb took over as chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board. The concrete plan for an Autumn Fair had already been finalised. Following a Supervisory Board resolution, the first post-war Frankfurt trade fair was scheduled for autumn 1948. The interim time was used to rebuild the exhibition grounds, 95 percent of which had been destroyed during the war.

Working closely with the city and its people, 12,000 beds were viewed and inspected in private accommodations and new employees taken on. In 1948, the trade fair company had two managing directors and 35 employees.

As a result of the rapid economic growth and the importance of trade fairs as a reliable means of stimulating business, the increasing diversity of the products on offer created a trend towards greater specialisation of trade fairs. As Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Messe Frankfurt, sums up: “The ‘Frankfurt principle’ that had been established in the 1920s – whereby individual events were organised based on product groups – was developed systematically further. Product areas were able to support themselves and associations sought out independent platforms. Deliberately separating and focusing on strong industry sector themes brought new and independent trade fairs onto the market.” The trend was set in motion in 1959 by Interstoff, a trade fair for apparel fabrics, with the first ISH (Sanitation and Heating) following suit in 1960. With Heimtextil, home and household textiles received their own trade fair in 1971, spun off from the 1971 Spring Fair. When the IAA was cancelled in 1971, the Automechanika event for automotive workshops and suppliers was put together within a few short weeks. Musikmesse followed in 1980. In 1982, the company was renamed Messe Frankfurt GmbH. The 1990s saw major developments in consumer goods fairs. Light + Building came into being in 2000. While Messe Frankfurt Group events profiled themselves as the flagship events of their respective industry sectors, the guest event business also went from strength to strength at the Group’s Frankfurt base. Today, Messe Frankfurt is an established partner for some 240 guest events per year.

As Wolfgang Marzin emphasises: “With courage and foresight and with the support of our shareholders, Messe Frankfurt was – in the wake of 1980s globalisation – the first trade fair company to resolutely expand its internationalisation and globalisation strategy.” In 1987, Messe Frankfurt organised its first ever foreign trade fair: Interstoff Asia in Hong Kong. This early move into global growth markets paved the way for a development to which the company owes its leading international position. Today, Messe Frankfurt is the world’s highest-grossing trade fair company with its own exhibition grounds. With its high sector knowhow, the company covers a wide brand portfolio with over 140 leading trade fair formats at some 50 locations worldwide. Messe Frankfurt invests successfully in developing new worldwide events and services – both physical and digital – and enhancing existing ones. The Frankfurt exhibition grounds are among the best in the world. Between 1998 and the current day alone, the company has invested more than a billion euros in its halls and infrastructure.

Background information on Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds. With over 2,400 employees at 30 locations, the company generates annual sales of some €669 million. Thanks to its far-reaching ties with the relevant sectors and to its international sales network, the Group looks after the business interests of its customers effectively. A comprehensive range of services – both onsite and online – ensures that customers worldwide enjoy consistently high quality and flexibility when planning, organising and running their events. The wide range of services includes renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel and food services. With its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, the company is owned by the City of Frankfurt (60 percent) and the State of Hesse (40 percent).

Media Contact
Markus Quint
Tel. +49 69 75 75-59 05

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DeburringEXPO 2019 – Strong Demand for Booth Floor Space
Oct 22, 2018

Neuffen, 22 October 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Roughly one year before DeburringEXPO opens its doors for the third time, more than 70 companies have already made firm bookings for their booth floor space. This is a strong indication of growth for the trade fair for deburring technology and precision surface finishing, which will be held in Karlsruhe from the 8th through the 10th of October, 2019. Even greater attention will be focused at the upcoming event on the optimisation of deburring processes for sheet-metal components and additively manufactured parts, as well as parts cleaning after deburring. Added value will be provided by the DeburringEXPO expert forum which is in great demand as a source of knowledge and will offer simultaneously interpreted (German<> English), highly practical presentations.

DeburringEXPO’s exhibition spectrum, which is consistently aligned to deburring, rounding and the production of precision surface finishes, deals with processes which are becoming more and more important in parts manufacturing: despite all of the optimisation measures implemented prior to workpiece processing, residues remain which have to be removed for high quality downstream processes, and in order to assure flawless functioning.

After only two events, the trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surface finishing has already established itself as an international information and procurement platform in this area. This is not only confirmed by the visitors’ high levels of decision-making authority, 94% of whom are involved in company decision-making processes, but rather by the exhibitors’ experience at the trade for as well: “We were able to establish contact with numerous tier 2 and 3 companies and smaller businesses from the automotive and aviation industries at DeburringEXPO, as well as from the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics, with whom we weren’t previously familiar – not only with companies from Germany, but from many other countries as well such as Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, the USA, India and Brazil. Participation at the trade fair has paid off for us and we’ll be back again in two years,” reports Keisuke Kaga, Head of Europe Sales at Sugino Machine Limited from Japan.

Numerous other exhibitors at the last trade fair for deburring technology and precision surface finishing arrived at this conclusion as well, and have thus already made firm bookings for their booth floor space at DeburringEXPO 2019. “Thanks to a high exhibitor return rate, frequently associated with increased booth size, as well as new exhibiting companies who have already decided in favour of participating at the upcoming event, the exhibitor list already included more than 70 companies in mid-October 2018,” says Hartmut Herdin, managing director of trade fair promoters fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG. These currently registered exhibitors will occupy nearly 70% of all exhibition floor space rented out in 2017, which is a good indication that exhibition offerings will once again be significantly increased.

A Single Trade Fair for All Materials and All Industry Sectors As a technology platform for deburring, rounding and the production of precision surface finishes, DeburringEXPO provides a representative overview of the relevant systems, processes, tools and equipment, as well as measuring, test and analysis systems. The exhibition portfolio covers processing of workpieces and components made of practically all technical materials and from nearly all industry sectors. “At the upcoming trade fair, even more attention will be focused on the deburring of sheet metal components than at previous events, in particular lasered parts and stampings, flame-cut and fine-blanked parts, as well as additively manufactured workpieces. Furthermore, we’ll also place more emphasis on parts cleaning after the deburring process”, adds Hartmut Herdin. Further issues covered by the exhibition portfolio include training and technical literature.

Knowledge as Added Value – Bilingual Expert Forum Offerings presented by the exhibitors will be rounded out by the integrated 3-day expert forum at DeburringEXPO, which has established itself as a highly popular source of knowledge. With simultaneously interpreted (German <> English) presentations, it provides visitors with the opportunity of expanding their knowledge in the fields of deburring and rounding, as well as the production of precision surface finishes. Beyond this, examples based on actual practice and benchmark solutions provide ideas and stimulation for the optimisation of processes at one’s own company.

Further information, the entire exhibition programme and a preliminary exhibitor list are available at www.deburring-expo.de.

Contact persons for the editors, and for requesting image files:

SCHULZ. PRESSE. TEXT., Doris Schulz, Journalist (DJV), Landhausstr. 12
70825 Korntal, Germany, phone: +49 (0)711 854085, fax: +49 (0)711 815895,
ds@pressetextschulz.de, www.schulzpressetext.de

fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG, Rita Herdin, Hauptstr. 7, 72639 Neuffen,
Germany, phone: +49 (0)7025 8434-0, fax: +49 (0)7025 8434-20,
info@fairxperts.de, www.fairxperts.de

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Atlas Copco presents innovative screw vacuum pumps at Glasstec 2018 in Düsseldorf
Oct 09, 2018

Glass production: Central vacuum supply reduces energy consumption by 50 percent

The functions and properties of glass are becoming increasingly diverse and smarter. The demands placed on glass production systems are also increasing accordingly. This not least includes vacuum technology, which forms a central component in the production and processing of glass products: For example, the evacuation of glass moulds, the coating of architectural glass or bottling under vacuum ensures high product quality and process productivity. In addition, vacuum lifters guarantee the safe internal transport of heavy and sensitive glass parts. Atlas Copco will be presenting its new variable speed drive vacuum pump series GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ at the Glasstec in Düsseldorf (Hall 15, Stand C03) precisely for such applications with a high vacuum requirement.

With the introduction of these new screw vacuum pumps, Atlas Copco underlines its commitment to sustainable glass production. In December 2017, the vacuum supplier therefore expanded its portfolio with the modern GHS 3800- 5400 VSD+ vacuum pump series. Thanks to their long service life and greatly improved oil cooling and retention, these robust pumps contribute to savings in production processes. Compared with existing technologies, their use has resulted in significantly reduced life cycle costs.

Predestined for integration into central vacuum systems
The GHS VSD+ series was developed according to Atlas Copco's proven philosophy and is therefore designed as a durable plug-and-play system in a single housing. "The energy-efficient units deliver higher volume flows per hour and kilowatt power consumption than vacuum pumps with comparable performance," explains Christoph Angenendt, Communications Manager Industrial Vacuum at Atlas Copco. It therefore makes particular sense to convert several decentralized pumps to a central vacuum supply. With a GHS VSD+ system, users can significantly increase their productivity; Atlas Copco reports that energy savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved in glass production compared to conventional rotary vane vacuum pumps. "The payback time for a converted system is correspondingly short," adds Christoph Angenendt.

Cleaner, cooler working environment
During development of the GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ Atlas Copco's design engineers drew from the experience with the established GHS 350-900 VSD+ and GHS 1300-1900 VSD+ series. They also feature high efficiency and reliability and are available as a compact, user and service-friendly package. The screw element at the heart of the pumps offers a lifetime guarantee, while intelligent turbo and humid versions ensure trouble-free performance even in the most difficult application environments. The coarse vacuum pumps are optionally equipped with air or water cooling. An energy recovery option makes it possible to use the work of the IE3 high-efficiency motor. A clear advantage in ergonomics: the oil retention improves the quality of the exhaust air compared to alternative technologies. "This results in a cleaner and cooler working environment," says Christoph Angenendt, explaining the benefits for users.

Minimal energy consumption, low maintenance requirements
The Elektronikon® Mk5 control system and the speed-controlled drive system (VSD+) make pump operation extremely economical: The pressure setpoint control function ensures that the pumps deliver the lowest possible vacuum flow to maintain the required vacuum. This minimizes energy consumption and reduces operating costs over the lifecycle. The low maintenance required by the series also contributes to efficiency: "There are no rotary vanes that need to be replaced, and the screw element is also maintenance-free for years. In addition, suction filters and oil separators can be replaced without dismantling the piping“, Christoph Angenendt explains the simple handling of the pumps. Via SMARTlink software, the operator can dial in and inform himself in good time about the necessary maintenance work. The system displays all relevant information on an intuitively understandable, graphical user interface. The operating vacuum can be adjusted or changed by pressing a key. This allows users to easily adapt the pump's performance to the respective process requirements.

Ideal solution for remote monitoring
While the Elektronikon® Mk5 system allows integration into the user's plant management system, Atlas Copco's SMARTlink provides the ideal solution for remote monitoring. It simplifies maintenance and the provision of data also for service technicians to adjust operating settings in real time. Equipped with customer-oriented plug & play design principles and a compact design, the GHS VSD+ series is quick and easy to install. All necessary components are supplied to the users as a complete package. Trained Atlas Copco engineers are available to ensure smooth commissioning.

The advantages of the GHS VSD+ series at a glance:
- Significantly reduced energy consumption; typical energy savings of around 50 percent.
- First-class performance, optimized in the coarse printing area, with the lowest energy requirement per m/3h flow of a coarse vacuum pump.
- Adaptive high-performance variable speed drive (VSD) with pressure setpoint control
- Innovative, actuated input control valve
- State-of-the-art 3-stage oil separation for ultrapure exhaust air over operating ranges from atmosphere to 5 mbar final pressure
- Ergonomic maintenance and service access
- Variable temperature control through innovative VSD cooling fan and active oil control
- Quiet operation: noise level far below that of alternative technologies (-7dB)
- Sustainable productivity through high performance and efficiency. Conformity with energy management and environmental obligations according to ISO 50001/14001.
- Integrated Atlas Copco MK5 control system with intuitive graphical user interface.

To learn more about the new GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ range of oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps, please visit our website www.atlascopco.com/vacuum
If you have any questions, please contact our team at Glasstec in Düsseldorf, Atlas Copco booth in hall 15, booth C03.

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AM Alpha Enters Portugal with Office Acquisition
Oct 04, 2018

• Latest acquisition for AM alpha’s real estate investment fund for institutional and private investors
• Successful investment in Lisbon’s CBD
• Southern Europe remains in the focus for further acquisitions

Munich, 04th October 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- AM alpha, a Munich based Real Estate Family Office servicing private and institutional clients, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the acquisition of an office building in the CBD of Lisbon, Portugal.

The building is situated in the heart of the city center of Lisbon halfway down Rua Castilho and just behind the main Marquês de Pombal Square. This prestigious area belongs to the prime CBD office market (known as Zone 1) and enjoys a good mix of office space, some of the city’s best hotels, restaurants, high street retail and luxury residential use. Rua Castilho is immediately parallel to Avenida da Liberdade, the capital’s main high street pitch which houses most of the luxury brands present in Portugal.

The property, also known as Edificio Mapfre, was built in the nineties and has since been the Portuguese headquarters of the Spanish insurance group Mapfre. It comprises approx. 3,500 sq. m of office area over nine floors and features a large garden terrace as well as approx. 70 parking units in its 2-storey underground car park. AM alpha purchased the property with a very short WALT and will subsequently seek to reposition the asset.
The acquisition is AM alpha’s first in Portugal and is in line with its strategy to acquire core and value-add properties located in the main European cities. AM alpha will continue to seek investments with repositioning opportunities all over Europe and Asia Pacific. Martin Lemke, Managing Director at AM alpha commented: "Our recent successful investment in Portugal illustrates AM alpha’s ability to execute quickly if opportunities emerge. We are very happy with this transaction that perfectly fits our strategy to identify investment opportunities with the potential of delivering enhanced returns for our investors. Within Europe, the Iberian region will continue to be a main focus for us and we will actively seek value-oriented investments across all sectors.”

AM alpha was advised by RPE and RRP Advogados. The seller was advised by JLL.

AM alpha is a Munich based privately owned real estate family office that focuses on global investments in prime real estate on its own account and on behalf of family offices, private clients and endowments in Europe and Asia. Its Asian operations are headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the gateway cities in the Asia Pacific region. AM alpha has also received all necessary licenses from German regulator BaFin acting as a German regulated capital management company (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft – KVG) and Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). The real estate firm is currently managing a substantial Asia Pacific and European portfolio.

- End -

ISSUED BY AM alpha Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

AM alpha Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Sendlinger Strasse 7 | 80331 Munich | Germany
Tel: (+49) 89 550 6989 89, Fax: (+49) 89 550 6989 99
Martin Lemke, m.lemke@am-alpha.com

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SMM: Maritime Sector Shows Strength and Innovative Power
Sep 07, 2018

Today, Friday, is the final day of SMM 2018. The trade fair brought together around 50,000 industry visitors from more than 120 countries, once again highlighting its importance as the leading international maritime trade fair. Under the motto "Trends in SMMart Shipping", the fair focused on digitalisation and ‘green shipping’ this year. Featuring a total of 2,289 exhibitors from 69 nations, and five accompanying conferences, SMM more than met the industry's high expectations, setting new standards for internationality and innovation.

Hamburg, 07/09/2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Thirteen halls covering a total of 93.000 m2 exhibition floor: SMM has again demonstrated in impressive ways that it is rightly called the biggest and most important trade fair of the global maritime sector. Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, is highly pleased with the outcome of the four-day event: “SMM 2018 was a full success, not only for us as the organisers but also, and especially so, for the exhibitors and visitors. We again welcomed the Who's Who of the maritime world to our exhibition halls this year, and we have seen again that there is nothing that can replace the person-to-person interaction between the key players of the sector. We successfully addressed the shipping community’s most pressing issues, delivering fresh impetus for the future." Aufderheide was also extremely pleased about the fact that Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), was able to attend SMM. Lim participated in the SMM opening ceremony at the Hamburg City Hall as well as the opening press conference and was a guest speaker at one of the special conferences where he explained the environmental agenda of IMO.

Furthermore, SMM 2018 welcomed 15 business and 12 political delegations from Germany and other countries.

The digital revolution – a maritime reality

It was not by accident that the organisers of SMM had chosen the motto "Trends in SMMart Shipping": Digitalisation is one of the key drivers of the industry, along with environment protection. Many exhibition stands gave evidence of this, frequently using touchscreens, simulators and virtual reality goggles to make their innovative technologies more tangible for visitors. "This year you can really see the digital revolution entering the maritime sector. SMM is a great place to meet up with this," said Frank Coles, president of Transas Group, a Wärtsilä company. Other exhibitors agreed: "As the digital revolution becomes maritime reality, SMM 2018 has proved to be the ideal opportunity to launch the ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control dynamic positioning (DP) system as part of the journey towards autonomous shipping," explained Mikko Lepistö, Senior Vice President at ABB Marine & Ports, PG Digital Solutions. "All of our major customers are here, and the organisers of SMM have worked tirelessly together with our team to make this possible."

Hamburg hosts the maritime world

SMM reflects the entire value chain of the maritime industry: From lube oil filters offered by the specialist Bollfilter to the signal horn by Zöllner through to Furuno's radar system and a ship engine manufactured by the global market leader, MAN Energy Solutions, the diversity of exhibits was breath-taking. The fair's roughly 50,000 visitors were able to choose Theme Routes guiding them to specific exhibitors, including the new Cruise & Ferry Route. Interior design for ships, and in particular, cruise ship cabin design, was especially popular this year: “Being here is extremely valuable for us. We had countless great conversations with partners from around the world," reports Thomas Töpfer, CEO of RReinhold & Mahla.

New business contacts, new products, new strategies

The opportunity to network is something both, exhibitors and industry visitors appreciate particularly at SMM: "Attending this fair every two years is a must for us since it is here we can meet up with all our partners and customers in one place," said Jan-Christoph Lötzsch, Director After Sales & Service at Raytheon Anschütz.

New products, new people, new strategies – SMM was once again the industry's top platform for presenting novelties to the world and negotiating deals. "Rolls-Royce Power Systems, with its core brand MTU, is developing at an aggressive pace, transforming from an engine manufacture into a provider of integrated solutions. There is no better platform two showcase that than SMM, the leading trade fair of the maritime sector," said CEO Andreas Schell.

Innovation was also a key theme at the Siemens stand. "To us, SMM is always a good way to gauge the mood in the market and look for new trends and topics," said Matthias Schulze, Executive Vice President Marine at Siemens. Alfa Laval for the first time presented an especially powerful ballast water management system to its customers at SMM. "Customers are especially interested in products addressing the new environmental regulations," stressed Klaus Maak, Divisional Manager Marine MidEuropa.

As always, many great business deals were finalised at SMM. For example, GEA announced an order from P&O Cruises for its innovative industrial refrigeration technology. Other exhibitors likewise expressed their satisfaction about major new orders. For example, the classification society DNV GL reported having been contracted to supervise and classify a 2,750-TEU containership newbuilding project at the Chinese shipyard Huangpu-Wenchong (HPWS), and the ship propeller manufacturer MMG seized the day to deliver the world's biggest containership propeller on occasion of SMM.

Successful debuts

An event that received plenty of attention was the "Maritime 3D-Printing Show Area”, something that had never been seen at a maritime trade fair before. "3D printing is a technology that really catches on, and our conversations have been going very well," summarised Lina Harms who represented the Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland, one of the partners of SMM. SMM was again complemented by high-profile conferences covering specific topics such as digitalisation (Maritime Future Summit), environment protection (Global Marine Environmental Congress), ocean research (Offshore Dialogue) as well as security and defence (Maritime Security & Defence). With an attendance of more than 500 guests, the response was excellent. Another grand premiere at SMM 2018 was the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum, which had prepared a multifaceted programme featuring renowned speakers.

There is a great demand for young talents and skilled experts in the maritime sector. This is why SMM hosts the Maritime Career Market (MCM) as a job exchange and a platform highlighting career and training opportunities within the industry. The Career Forum, a series of presentations about maritime professions and careers, was another first at this SMM.

Maritime industry shows optimism

All in all, the general mood has clearly improved, compared with the year 2016 where the effects of the shipping crisis were still felt very strongly: For example, as the four-day SMM came to an end, Trond Rolstad Paulsen, Sales Manager Sensing & Digital Solutions at the Norwegian technology company Kongsberg, summed up his impressions: “It's very good this year, very well visited, especially on the opening day. People seem to have a positive mindset and appear willing to invest." Bernard Meyer, CEO of Meyer Werft, one of the world's leading cruise ship yards, arrived at a similar conclusion: "It was once again an outstanding show of the maritime industry." It is heartening to see the sector's economic situation being assessed in much more positive terms than in recent years.

The next SMM will take place from 8 to 11 September 2020 in Hamburg.

For further information as well as high-resolution photos and footage from SMM 2018, visit https://www.smm-hamburg.com/presse/

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Innovative solutions for fine cleaning, digitalization and services Effective fulfilment of changed demands in part cleaning
Sep 04, 2018

Filderstadt / Monschau Apart from the particulate cleanliness of industrial components, the removal of film-type contaminants is moving ever more sharply into the focus. The digitalization of cleaning systems also plays an increasingly important role. Addressing these altered requirements in part cleaning, Ecoclean will be presenting diverse new developments at this year's parts2clean (Hall 3, Stand B 31), including some live displays and forward-looking service solutions.

Manufacturing processes such as coating, adhesive bonding, sealing, painting, welding or even heat treatment call for very clean part surfaces.

Even minimal residue of film-type contaminants – e.g., oils, greases, metalworking fluids, corrosion inhibitors, preservatives, mould parting agents – and other auxiliary production compounds have a quality-impairing effect.

For the ultra-fine degreasing treatment that commonly follows wet chemical cleaning with a solvent or aqueous medium, Ecoclean (formerly Dürr Ecoclean) has developed an innovative solution. It permits an additional low- pressure plasma cleaning step to be performed in the working chamber of the wet cleaning system. By means of this combination cleaning cycle, the free surface energy that is key to optimum adhesive strength can be raised from 60 to 80 mN/m in virtually one single process. At the upcoming parts2clean this breakthrough will be presented by way of example on an EcoCcore solvent-based cleaning system.

Another innovation at the cleaning equipment manufacturer's booth will be an automated compact application carrier for diverse uses in the partial cleaning and activation of metal and plastic workpieces. Depending on the objective, this lean platform can be fitted with plasma, EcoCsteam, laser, CO2snow jet or EcoCbooster technology for integration into a production line. It can thus be employed to perform various tasks – e.g., in the electromobility, supplier industry and medical equipment segments – efficiently using a partially dry process.

When it comes to fine and ultra-fine cleaning, e.g., in the optical industry, precision mechanics, medical equipment making and machine tool production, the ultrasonic cleaning systems made by UCM AG, a member company of the SBS Ecoclean Group, shine with diverse advantages at both the machine and process technology levels.

Over and beyond these highlights, an innovative cloud-based solution for the digitalization of cleaning systems will be exhibited. It is designed to deliver optimized process reliability, plant availability and overall equipment efficiency. This digitalization solution is also capable of generating an batch- or part-specific end-to-end documentation of equipment and process conditions of the kind required in the aircraft, medical equipment and automotive industries. To the plant operator, it thus yields a range of value-adding benefits that include improved productivity and superior production planning.

Another prime subject at the Ecoclean booth will be forward-looking service solutions. On the “Service Island”, experienced after-sales support staff will provide information on aspects such as predictive maintenance, tailor- made service concepts, trainings for customer employees, and equipment modernization / adaptation.

Hall 3, Stand B31
Ecoclean GmbH, 70794 Filderstadt, Germany, www.ecoclean-group.net UCM AG, 9424 Rheineck, Switzerland www.ucm-ag.com

Photo Caption: Ecoclean_Nass-Plasma
Image source: Ecoclean GmbH

By adding low-pressure plasma cleaning to a wet chemical cleaning system, film-type contamination can be minimized for unsurpassed cleanliness.
Image source: Ecoclean GmbH

By adding low-pressure plasma cleaning to a wet chemical cleaning system, film-type contamination can be minimized for unsurpassed cleanliness.

About SBS Ecoclean Group
The SBS Ecoclean Group (formerly Dürr Ecoclean) develops, produces and markets forward-looking machinery, systems and services for industrial part cleaning and surface treatment applications. Its globally leading solutions help companies around the world in conducting efficient and sustainable manufacturing to high quality standards. The client base comes from the automotive industry and its suppliers in addition to a broad range of market sectors ranging from medical equipment, micro technology and precision devices through mechanical and optical engineering to power systems and aircraft industry. Ecoclean's success is based on innovation, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, closeness to the customer, diversity and respect. The Group employs a workforce of approx. 800 at its 12 sites in nine countries worldwide.

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SMM 2018: Leading international maritime trade fair launches with high-profile guest speakers
Sep 04, 2018

At today’s opening press conference of the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, political and business leaders discussed current challenges facing the shipping industry. The focus of the debate was on the 0.5per cent sulphur limit for ship fuels which will take effect on 1 January 2020, and the industry's goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping in half by the year 2050. Roughly 2,300 exhibitors and the extensive conference programme accompanying the trade fair will deliver answers to the industry's complex questions. Roughly 50,000 visitors are expected to attend. SMM is open to the international industry audience from today until Friday 7 September.

Hamburg, 04/09/2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- A press conference featuring a panel of highly distinguished speakers opened the leading international maritime trade fair today.
The expert panel included:

• Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO):

• Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS);

• Frank Starke, Global Product Manager Medium Speed Engines, Caterpillar; and

• Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, which organises SMM.

SMM an important driver for the maritime sector

In his opening address, Bernd Aufderheide emphasised the great importance of SMM as an international and interdisciplinary platform for decision-makers and experts from the maritime world to share thoughts, ideas and experiences. In challenging times such as these, he said, the industry demonstrates its determination to pull together, discuss solutions for the future, and deliver impetus for long-term political decisions. The 13 exhibition halls present a wide range of current technologies and tangible innovative solutions for greener as well as more efficient ship operations, he pointed out: "Apart from digitalisation, green shipping is one of the main themes at SMM 2018. Exhibitors offering ‘green’ products cannot only be found in Hall A5, which is entirely dedicated to green propulsion. The Green Route likewise includes a very large number of ‘green’ companies, and many of them present innovative products that can truly make a difference in helping shipping become more eco-friendly," said Aufderheide. The exhibition is accompanied by segment-specific conferences, such as the global maritime environmental congress (gmec), the Offshore Dialogue, or the Tradewinds Shipowners Forum, which focuses specifically on the challenges facing shipowners and is held in conjunction with SMM for the very first time this year.

International cooperation of all stakeholders is essential

Kitack Lim stressed the importance of the International Maritime Organization’s ambitious ecological agenda: As soon as 2020, the global 'Sulphur Cap’ will come into effect, limiting the sulphur content in ship fuels to 0.5 per cent, said Lim: “The entry into force of the sulphur limit on 1 January 2020 is a landmark decision for both the environment and for human health. It demonstrates a clear commitment by IMO to ensuring shipping meets its environmental obligations. The major focus for IMO and the industry now is to ensure consistent, global implementation of the new limit,” Lim added. By 2050 the industry wants to cut its CO2 emissions in half, and by the end of the century ships are to operate entirely without emissions to contribute their fair share to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Lim commented: “To have this overall international framework within which the technical discussions can now take place is a truly historic breakthrough. The next step is to agree the precise measures that will enable these ambitions to be achieved. Communication and collaboration among Member States and all stakeholders is essential.”

Shipowners must invest enormous amounts of capital to meet the stricter emission limits and the ambitious climate protection goals, from scrubbers and other filter technologies to alternative propulsion technologies which will be needed in the medium term. At the same time, more than 50,000 oceangoing ships around the world are required to install ballast water management systems, as well.

Enormous investments

Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the global shipowners organization International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), took up the issue of the ‘Sulphur Cap’, highlighting the challenges the new limit brings about for the shipping industry: "ICS fully supports the implementation of the sulphur limit and accepts that postponement is not an option." What is crucial now is careful planning, he said. "It is important to consider that shipowners must begin purchasing compliant fuels as early as the middle of next year." A recent survey by the Swiss investment bank UBS among ship managers revealed what all this means: From 2019 until 2023, more than $250 billion of equipment investments and operating costs will have to be shouldered by owners to comply with green shipping requirements.

The IMO's climate protection strategy will require an even greater effort: “The goal for 2050 can only be achieved with radically new propulsion systems, such as hydrogen and batteries," said Poulsson. Engine manufacturers play a key role in making the maritime energy transition happen; and all the major players are exhibiting at SMM. Dr. Frank Starke, Global Product Manager Medium Speed Engines at the engine manufacturer Caterpillar, is well aware of the challenge. "The ambitious 2050 greenhouse gas target can only be achieved by combining several technologies, including innovative engine technology, various fuels, new fuel production methods – such as Power to X – and exhaust gas aftertreatment," the engineer predicted. Special applications will require special solutions, such as battery operation in short-sea shipping, he added. It is of paramount importance that all stakeholders act in concert, Starke stressed: "The required massive investments of creative intelligence and capital can only be justified if there is a predictable, globally harmonised emission regulation regime. Adherence to these regulations must be monitored effectively and enforced strictly to create a level playing field around the world."

Bernd Aufderheide then invited the panellists and journalists to join him for a tour of the exhibition halls: “Experience an industry that utilises all of its accumulated engineering prowess to steer shipping towards a sustainable future.” He said he was confident SMM would deliver the necessary encouragement. “I have no doubt that both, visitors and exhibitors will leave the trade fair with a sense of optimism after four information-filled days – and that they will return in 2020."

The kick-off event for SMM 2018, the Maritime Future Summit, was held one day ahead of the fair, followed by a festive evening reception at the Hamburg City Hall. Apart from the official host of SMM, Hamburg First Mayor Tschentscher, speakers at the reception included State Secretary Dr. Ulrich Nussbaum from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, and IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim. Dr. Peter Tschentscher described how Hamburg’s vibrancy as a maritime hub benefits from SMM: “The 28th SMM brings all major engineering innovations of the value chain together under one roof, and its overarching themes are once again right at the core of the debate about the future of shipping, of ports and the oceans.”

Photo (l.t.r.): Frank Starke, Global Product Manager Medium Speed Engines, Caterpillar; Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS); Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO); Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (Credits: Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH/ S. Wallocha)

From Tuesday 4 September until Thursday 6 September, SMM opens from 9:30 am to 06:00 pm. On Friday 7 September the fair closes at 04:00 pm.

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TVT.media: IFA 2018 - The Leading Global Consumer Electronics Trade Fair Opens in Berlin on August 31st
Aug 30, 2018

BERLIN, Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The IFA in Berlin is the global leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances and will take place from August 31 to September 5 at the fairgrounds of Messe Berlin.

The worldwide leading brands will present their latest consumer electronics and household appliances products and numerous innovations making their debut at IFA will draw visitors into the exhibition halls. From September 2 to September 5, the IFA Global Markets - Europe's biggest B2B-Sourcing-Platform in the location "STATION-Berlin" - will complete the exhibition.

Last year's big success - IFA NEXT 2018, the successful innovation platform for start-ups will be extended substantially. The six theme days will be dedicated to presentations, panel discussions and pitches. Innovative companies, research institutes and organizations will present their ideas for future markets.

This year's newcomer: Shift Automotive! The new Future Mobility Convention is a cooperation between Geneva International Motor Show, Palexpo, IFA, and Messe Berlin and will take place for the first time at IFA on September 4 and September 5. Here, it's all about new technologies which will change mobility.

The trend in 2018: Artificial intelligence. Smart and connected products are expected to become more convenient by speech recognition. Besides, the devices are supposed to become adaptive. There will be increased focus on personal health, too. The range of products for the improvement of well-being is increasing also.

The media partner, TVT.media will be supplying journalists with comprehensive moving-image material covering IFA 2018. Material on the Opening Gala, trade fair impressions and interviews with exhibitors and industry experts will be obtainable at the Global Broadcast Center.

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Source: TVT.media GmbH

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